Blue Medora Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM12c) Plug-in for VMware vSphere


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Overview presentation for the Blue Medora Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Plug-in for VMware vSphere. The plugin provides Oracle EM12c-based monitoring, management, and provisioning capabilities or vSphere based Datacenters, Clusters, ESX Hosts, and Virtual Machines.

Version 8, Released in December 2013 introduced a new EM12c 'VMware Management' target that extends EM12c's native DBaaS and MWaaS capabilities to VMware based infrastructures

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Blue Medora Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM12c) Plug-in for VMware vSphere

  1. 1. Oracle  EM12c  Plugins  for   VMware  Overview   The leader in extending Oracle Enterprise Manager
  2. 2. EM12c  Plugins  for  VMware  –  Solu7on  details   !   Extends  Oracle  EM12c  capabili7es   to  VMware   !   Monitoring  and  Aler7ng   !   Power  management  of  virtual   machines   !   BI  Publisher-­‐based  repor7ng   !   Virtual  machine  provisioning   !   Enables  EM12c-­‐based  MWaaS  on   VMware   !   Enables  EM12c-­‐based  DBaaS  on   VMware  
  3. 3. Plugin  for  VMware   adds  contextual  views   to  Oracle  workloads   and  the  health,   performance,  and   availability  of  the     VMware  layers  those   Oracle  workloads   depends  on     Oracle  EM12c-­‐based  visibility  into  VMware  
  4. 4. •  Provisions  VMware  virtual   machines  from  EM12c   •  Extends  EM12c-­‐based   Database-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service   (DBaaS)  to  VMware   •  Extend  EM12c-­‐based   Middleware-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service   (MWaaS)  to  VMware   •  Execute  power  opera7ons   for  VMware  virtual   machines     Oracle  EM12c-­‐based  management  of  VMware  
  5. 5. From  directly  within   the  Oracle  Database   Instance  page,  be   no7fied  when  VMware   performance,  health,   and  availability  related   incidents  are  affec7ng   your  Oracle  workload     Removes  the  VMware  “fog”  around  Oracle  
  6. 6. Plugin  for  VMware  adds   contextual  views  within   the  EM12c  Topology   navigator  that  explains   the  rela7onships   between  Oracle  targets   and  the  underlying   VMware  targets  that   the  Oracle  targets   depend  on       Remove  the  mystery  of  the  VMware  layers   Oracle  Database   Instance  running  on   VMware   VMware  virtual  machine   the  Oracle  Database  is   running  within   VMware  ESX  Hypervisor   the  virtualized  Oracle  DB   is  running  on   VMware  Datastore  that   the  Oracle  Database  data   lives  on  
  7. 7. OEM  Plugin  for  VMware   Overview  
  8. 8. Oracle  on  VMware  challenges   !   No  out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐box  EM12c  integra8on  with  VMware   !   Lack  of  awareness  of  cri7cal  VMware  alarms/alerts  in  real-­‐7me   !   Tradi7onal  OS  performance  counters  are  inaccurate  in  a  VMware  VM     !   Oracle  admins  forced  to  become  VMware  vCenter  Console  experts   !   Inability  to  provision  VMware  VMs  from  with  EM12c   !   Inability  to  exploit  Oracle  MwaaS  and  DBaaS  on  VMware   !   You  can’t  manage  what  you  can’t  see  -­‐    VMware  memory  &  CPU   reserva7ons,  virtualized  storage,  and  hypervisor  conten7on  all  affect   Oracle  workload  performance  
  9. 9. Why  does  VMware  integra7on  ma]er?   !   Eliminates  finger  poin7ng   between  Oracle,  VMware  team,   and  Storage  teams   !   Enables  faster  7me  to  resolu7on   !   Stop  wai7ng  for  the  VMware   team  to  tell  you  if  there  is   problem  or  not   !   Provides  contextual  Oracle  on   VMware  health,  performance,   and  availability  views   !   Significant  cost  reduc7ons  when   integra7ng  the  Oracle  on   VMware  provisioning  processes   EM12c  based  VMware  visibility  with  the   Blue  Medora  EM  Plugin  for  VMware  
  10. 10. VMware  vCenter  Console  is  inadequate   !   Designed  for  VMware   administrators,  not  Oracle  admins   !   Requires  deep  VMware  knowledge   to  be  useful   !   No  na7ve  integra7on  with  Oracle   EM   !   Zero  awareness  of  Oracle   workloads   !   Metric  overload  –  there  are  1000s   of  raw  performance  metrics   VMware  vCenter  Console  
  11. 11. EM12c  Plugin  for  VMware  highlights   VMware  ESX  Server  “Drill  Down”  View  in  EM12c   !   Oracle  Validated   Integra7on   !   Support  for  VMware   vSphere  4.1,  5.0,  5.1,  5.5   !   Support  for  EM12c  R3   !   Remote  agentless   monitoring  of  VMware   from  a  single  OMA   !   300+  VMware  metrics  and   60+  thresholds   !   VMware  provisioning  and   power  management  
  12. 12. Complete  EM  integra7on  for  VMware   single  pane  of  glass  visibility   Enables  all  Oracle  EM  func8onality:     !   Performance  monitoring   !   Availability  monitoring   !   Thresholds   !   Incidents   !   BI  Publisher  based  repor7ng   !   Jobs  &  Management   !   Configura7on  monitoring   !   VMware  provisioning   !   Database-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service   !   Middleware-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service   For  all  VMware  components…     !   Datacenters   !   Cluster   !   ESX  and  ESXi  hosts   !   Datastores   !   Resource  Groups   !   Events   !   Alarms  
  13. 13. At  a  glance,  know  which  VMware  layer  has  a  problem  
  14. 14. Oracle  on  VMware   Provisioning  and   DBaaS  /  MWaaS  
  15. 15. Enables  fully-­‐automated   provisioning  of  any  #  of   VMware-­‐based  Oracle   DB  or  WebLogic  servers   using  EM12c     Oracle  MWaaS  /  DBaaS  on  VMware  value-­‐add  
  16. 16. Adds  new  ‘VMware   Management’  target  to   Oracle  EM12c   Create  Oracle   WebLogic  on  VMware   provisioning  profiles   and  link  VMware  VM   templates  to  them   Determine  how  many   WebLogic  on  VMware   servers  to  deploy,  which   Oracle  Cloud  zone  and  pools   they  should  go,  and  kick-­‐off   the  deployment   Clone  VMware  VMs  or   deploy  from  templates   outside  of  the  Oracle  MwaaS   process   Power  on,  power  off,   suspend,  etc  VMware   VMs  from  within  EM12c   New  in  v8  –  Oracle  DBaaS  /  MwaaS  on  VMware  
  17. 17. Comparison   VM   Template   Clone  VM   outside  of   EM12c   Push  Agent   Promote   Oracle   Home   Create  PaaS   Zone   Create   Sonware   Pool   Setup   MWaaS  /   DBaaS   VM  Template   One  7me   Plugin   configura7on   Setup   MWaaS  /   DBaaS   Clone  VM   Push  Agent   Promote   Oracle  Home   Create  PaaS   Zone   Create   Sonware  Pool   Fully  Automated  with  the  VMware  Plugin     Before  the  Plugin  for  VMware     Aner  deploying  the  Plugin  for  VMware   How  the  plugin  automates  Oracle  on  VMware  deployments  
  18. 18. Enables  up  to  95%  reduc7on  in  deployment  7mes   Without  the  plugin,  VMware   VMs  must  be  provisioned   ‘out-­‐of-­‐band’  by  the  VMware   opera7ons  team   With  the  plugin,  VMware  VM   provisioning  is  fully  automated   within  the  WebLogic  or  Oracle  DB   provisioning  workflow  
  19. 19. What’s  new  in  the   Oracle  EM12c  Plugin  for   VMware  v9?  
  20. 20. New  in  VMware  Plugin  for  EM  v12.0.1.8  (v9)   !  Released  May  2014   !  New  in  this  release:   !  “Related  Incidents”  enabled  for  VMware  targets  that  are  affec7ng   Oracle  workload  performance   !  Oracle  on  VMware  topology  views  enabled  through  new  EM12c-­‐based   “associa7ons”  the  map  the  rela7on  of  VMware  targets  to  Oracle  targets   running  on  VMware   !  Ability  to  define  and  modify  thresholds  has  been  enabled  at  the   individual  VMware  target  (virtual  machine,  ESX,  datastore,  cluster,  etc)   level  
  21. 21. How  to  contact  us   !   Available  via  Trial  Download   !   Contact  us  for  more  info:         TwiPer:  h]p:// Facebook:  h]ps://­‐Medora-­‐ LLC/159103284124046 TwiPer:  h]ps://twi]   Email:  
  22. 22. Backup  
  23. 23. VMware  focused  BI  Publisher  Reports   !   Historical  VMware  metrics   available  for  Oracle  BI   Publisher  based  repor7ng   !   Tightly  integrated  with   Enterprise  Manager   !   Leverage  historical  data  in   Enterprise  Manager   !   Consumable  across  mul7ple   mediums   !   Automate  repor7ng  for   distribu7on  to  all  team   members  
  24. 24. Blue  Medora  EM  plugin  for  SSL  Cer8ficate  Expira8on   Blue  Medora  EM  plugin  ‘Oracle  on  VMware’  License  Monitoring   SSL  Cer7fica7on  Expira7on  plugin  remotely  interrogates  network   reachable  x.509  digital  cer7ficates  and  provide  EM  based  aler7ng   and  repor7ng  for  cer7ficates  that  are  going  to  expire   Monitor  Oracle  workloads  on  VMware  and  provides  metrics  and   aler7ng  for  ‘Oracle  on  VMware’  License  viola7ons  as  well  as  warnings   when  License  viola7ons  have  the  poten7al  of  occurring  due  to  Host   Affinity  or  vMo7on  configura7on  issues   Other  EM  plugins  useful  in  VMware  environments  
  25. 25. Screenshots  
  26. 26. VMware  plugin  screenshot  –  VMware  vSphere  overview  
  27. 27. VMware  plugin  screenshot  –  ESX  hypervisors  overview  
  28. 28. VMware  plugin  screenshot  –  ESX  hypervisor  details    
  29. 29. VMware  plugin  screenshot  –  Oracle  Database  on  VMware  
  30. 30. VMware  plugin  screenshot  –  VM  provisioning  
  31. 31. VMware  plugin  screenshot  –  VM  provisioning  (Part  2)  
  32. 32. Enabling  Oracle  DB  and  Weblogic  scale-­‐out  on  VMware            Define  the  #  of            WebLogic  or  Oracle   Database    servers  on   VMware  to  be  deployed        Complete  the            process  by  clicking   “Provision  Resources”                Select  the  Oracle  Cloud                          ‘Zone’  and  ‘Pool’  the  new   VMware-­‐based  WebLogic  or  DB   servers  are  to  be  deployed  to   1   2   3  
  33. 33.     Creates  new  VMware  VM   from  WebLogic  Template   2       Configures  VM   Networking  and  make   available  to  Oracle  EM   3       Push  and  configure   Oracle  Management   Agent  (OMA)   4       Promote  Oracle  Homes   within  Oracle  EM   5     Add  to  Oracle  EM   MWaaS  Zone  and  Pool   6     Automated  deployment   of  new  WebLogic  Server   on  VMware,  fully   managed  by  Oracle   EM12c,  in  less  than  40   minutes   7       From  the  new   VMware  Management   target  in  Oracle  EM12c,   choose  MWaaS   deployment  and  kick   off  a  provisioning  job   1   What  DBaaS  /  MWaaS  on  VMware  looks  like  end-­‐to-­‐end  
  34. 34. VMware  plugin  screenshot  –  VM  configura7on  
  35. 35. VMware  plugin  screenshot  –  Datastore  details  
  36. 36. VMware  plugin  screenshot  –  All  VMs  on  a  ESX  hypervisor  
  37. 37. VMware  plugin  screenshot  –  VMware  vSphere  Alarms  
  38. 38. VMware  plugin  screenshot  –  VMware  vSphere  Events  
  39. 39. BI  Publisher  Report  –  VMware  Virtual  Machine  Performance  
  40. 40. BI  Publisher  Report  –  ESX  Hypervisor  Machine  Performance  
  41. 41. BI  Publisher  Report  –  VMware  Tools  Status  
  42. 42. The leader in extending Oracle Enterprise Manager   INFO@BLUEMEDORA.COM · 1.616.719.4594 (NORTH AMERICAN) · 1.800.851.9485 (OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA)