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  • 1. 15 Facts Book Two (Native Son)Jennie and Kate
  • 2. Fact One Bigger wakes up at his house after he killsMary. When he wakes up he acts like nothing ever happened.
  • 3. Fact TwoBigger goes to the Dalton’s house. That’s when theDalton’s & Peggy realize Mary is not there.
  • 4. Fact ThreeThe Daltons search for her but still cannot find her. They hire a private investigator, Britten.
  • 5. Fact FourBigger goes to Bessies house and kind of tells her about what he did. He decided to make a ransom note to send to the Daltons.
  • 6. Fact FiveBritten brings Jan and Jan finds out that Bigger is lying to them. Britten interviews the both of them.
  • 7. Fact SixBigger goes outside and points his gun at Jan. Jan gets scared and runs away.
  • 8. Fact SevenBigger goes to Bessies and tells her that he killed Mary. They plan the ransom note and what theyre going to do. He drops the ransom note off at the Daltons.
  • 9. Fact EightBigger goes to Dalton and they find the ransom note. A day later reporters are interviewing and questioning the Daltons about Marys disappearance.
  • 10. Fact Nine Everyone is in the basement and the furnaceexplodes and gets very smoky. The reporters try tofigure out why it just did that.
  • 11. Fact Ten The reporters end up seeing Mary’s bones inthe furnace. They also notice a ring whichbelongs to her.
  • 12. Fact Eleven Bigger decides to run away and goes toBessie’s house. They continue to talk aboutthere plan to run away.
  • 13. Fact Twelve Bigger and Bessie decide to run and theytake all there stuff with them. They end up inan abandoned house.
  • 14. Fact Thirteen When they get to the abandoned house Biggerrapes& kills Bessie, he’s own girlfriend. Hedoes that because he wants to feel in control.
  • 15. Fact FourteenBigger starts to think about death. He believesthat he is better of dead then alive. Bigger alsosee’s the article about Mary’s death in thenewspaper.
  • 16. Fact FifteenThese 2 white man end up capturing Bigger.They sink him into the snow as if they weregoing to kill him.