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    Cassie power point Cassie power point Presentation Transcript

    • Native Son; nts E ve ant ort o. mp Tw 5 I ok 1 Bo ● In By: Cassandra Kocaj Period 8 → Mr.Miller
    • Event 1: Bigger woke up in his own house & he is determined to get rid of Marys purse & the Communist pamphlets. ● Bigger needs to get rid of the evidence that he leaves behind. By placing the pamphlets in his room he is planning to blame the disappearance of Mary on Jan.
    • Event 2: Bigger goes to the Daltons to check on the fire & runs into Peggy.● Bigger is curious to know if Marys body is completely burned. He wants to examine the furnace but he runs into Peggy making it so that he has to hide his reasoning for being in the basement.
    • Event 3: Bigger blames Jan for the disappearance of Mary. ● Mr. Britten questions Biggers where abouts with Mary and Bigger changes his story throughout the process. He finally reveals that Mary never went to the school and that he brought Mary to Jan. Thus the idea of blaming Jan emerged in his head and he made up a new story to correspond with the disappearance.
    • Event 4: Bigger writes a letter to the Daltons saying that they have their daughter.● Bigger convinces Bessie to help him with the note. He says that the Daltons will pay to get Mary back.
    • Event 5: Jan is currently in jail. ● Cops suspect Jan to be the murderer of Mary. When he is free to go, he rejects the offer and stays at jail. His reasoning for staying is that he can prove he had nothing to do with the murder because when the outside events keep happening, it wouldnt trace back to him.
    • Event 6: The press find Marys bone in he furnace.● When the press scattered around the Daltons home, they were invited inside to talk about the curious events that have been occurring. As Bigger is trying to clear out the ashes from the furnace, smoke floats through the air making a man from the press get up and clear the ashes himself. When the man finds the bone, Bigger quickly tip toed upstairs and escaped out of the window.
    • Event 7: Bigger runs away to Bessies house. ● Bigger tells Bessie the truth about Mary and that they have to move quickly in order to keep from going to jail.
    • Event 8: Bigger finds an abandoned building.● Bigger and Bessie stay at the abandoned building for the night. Bessie sobs about the situation. It is so cold outside they both are freezing.
    • Event 9: Bigger kills Bessie. ● Bigger starts to think about how Bessie will continue to whine and sob throughout the journey so he kills her with a brick. With no remorse, he tosses her body to the side beneath the window so no one would be able to see her. Then he realized that he should get rid of her and he throws her body down the air shaft.
    • Event 10: Bigger steals the newspaper.● After Bigger throws Bessie down the air shaft, he realized that she kept the money in her dress pocket. Refusing to go back, he doesnt want to see her face so he continues to leave. His curious mind controls his actions of stealing the newspaper. He figures out that the cops are close to him and he is trying to find a place to hide.
    • Event 11: Bigger breaks into a home. ● Bigger find a place to hide. He stays there to warm up and then he is on the move. He buys bread from the bakery and then he gets a newspaper. Bigger hides his face from the people so they dont realize who he is.
    • Event 12: Bigger breaks into another home.● Bigger updates himself on the newspaper. He realizes that the police are close by and he should be cautious of whats going on.
    • Event 13: Bigger goes to the roof of the building. ● Bigger knows the cops are in the area and he prepares to hide from them. He climbs to the trapdoor and he hides on the roof.
    • Event 14: Bigger kills the police man Jerry and tries to run to a different roof.● Bigger sees that the roofs are connected and tries to escape when the time is right. He waits for the cops to go downstairs so her can make his move.
    • Event 15: Bigger is finally caught. ● Bigger gets captured. The police sees him try to escape to the other roof and they call backup.