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Brandi and nick's power point Brandi and nick's power point Presentation Transcript

  • ContemplatingWakes up thinking about what he hasdone. Suffocating Mary until she dies.
  • Questions about jobBigger gets questioned about his job byhis mother. Not out of suspicion strictlyquestions!
  • Meeting at the pool roomBigger is meeting his friends at the poolroom. Giving them money for cigarettes.
  • Dalton houseHe went back to the house. They all findout that she is not in the bed room.
  • Peggy and the furnaceBigger was so cautious about thefurnace around Peggy. He thought thatshe was suspicious about Mary beingdead in there.
  • Marys disappearanceEveryone is still waiting for Mary toappear. While bigger is lying about hertelling him to leave the car out all night.
  • Seeing BessieBigger goes to see Bessie about thesituation. He tells her about thekidnapping.
  • Bessie Agrees To Kidnap Note● Bessie succumbs to Biggers asking and eventually agrees to do the kidnap note.
  • MeetingBigger goes to the Dalton residence andmeets Mr. Britian. He gets interrogated
  • Jan is the Suspect● Bigger tells Mr. Britten that Mary was last with Jan. Blaming Jan because he is part of the discriminated “Reds”
  • Bigger Creates Note● Bigger writes the kidnap note and rents out a house owned by Dalton for the $10,000 transaction.
  • Evidence of Bigger Killing Mary● Bones and earrings fall on the floor in the basement when the coal is taken out. Bigger leaves through the upstairs window.
  • Runs to Bessies House● Bigger goes to Bessies house to prevent her from going to the hide-out house. Bessie wants out.
  • Bigger Rapes and Kills Bessie● Bessie doesnt want to go with it. Bigger rapes her and kills her while she sleeps. Bigger runs and finds a vacant house.
  • Bigger hides out, Gets Caught● Bigger hides in a vacant house. Then gets caught by the police, taken in handcuffs.