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Kaitlyn Harriet Tubman Project
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Kaitlyn Harriet Tubman Project






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Kaitlyn Harriet Tubman Project Kaitlyn Harriet Tubman Project Presentation Transcript

  • Harriet Tubman
    Her Life
  • Young life
    She was born in 1820 on a plantation in maryland.
    Her mother was Old Rit and father was Ben.
    Her family were negro slaves.
    Her master was Edward Brodas.
    Her real name was Araminta,but was called Minty,Moses,and Harriet.
    She was sold to Miss Susan at 7 years old.
    She ran away from Miss Susan, but came back.
    She was brought back to Brodas.
  • Young life
    She was as strong as a man.
    A slave ran away,and she helped him get to freedom,but got hit in the head with an iron weight.
    She had odd sleeping spells for the rest of her life.
  • Adult life
    When she was well enough to work again,there was a new master.Brodas had died.
    The new master sent Harriet to work for John Stewart.
    The other slaves admired her.
    Soon after she met John Tubman, they were married.
  • Adult life
    She made plans for her and John to run away.
    John said he didn’t want to hear her foolish talk about running away.
    She realized she would have to run away by herself.
    While leaving, she sung:when that old chariot comes,I’m going to leave you.I’m bound for the promised land.Friends,I’m going to leave you.
  • Adult life
    She made it to freedom!
    She helped her sister’s family escape to freedom.
    She helped thousands of slaves escape to freedom.
    She helped the Union defeat the Confederacy by being a nurse and spy.
    She died around 90 years old.
  • acomplishments
    She survived getting hit with an iron weight.
    She made it to freedom.
    She was a conductor on the underground railroad.
    She helped thousands of slaves escape to freedom.
    She was never caught passing the underground railroad.
    She lived to be 90 before dieing.
  • Why I admire harriettubman
    I admire Harriet Tubman beacause of her bravery.The underground railroad was much longer than I expected.She cured men doctors said were too sick to be cured. She is amazing and forever free.
  • The end!