No more dead dogs


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No more dead dogs

  1. 1. By: GordonKormanBrittany FergusonCrystal FloydChristina MostellerAngela
  2. 2. Fact:Many middles school studentsacross the world have written playsincluding the following titles:O My LockerO The RunawayO Jimmy and MattO The World of FashionO Ice Joey
  3. 3. About theAuthorO Born in Canada on October 23, 1963.O First book at the age of 12O Published 5 books before graduating high school.O Received a BA from New York University in 1985O Dramatic and Visual WritingO Minor in Motion Picture and TelevisionO Lives in New York with his wife and 3 childrenO 75 books sold over 7 million
  4. 4. Fact:Dogs die at the end of all thesenovels:O Old YellerO SounderO Where the red fern growsO Marley & MeO I Am Legend
  5. 5. About theBookWallace Wallace can nevertell a lie. When he reads abook he hates because thedog died in the end, he hasto be honest in the bookreport. Old Shep, My Palhappens to be one of histeacher’s favorites that hehas even turned into ascreen play. In detentionuntil he takes back his badremarks about the story,Wallace is forced to sit inon the play rehearsals. It’s
  6. 6. Fact:You can write to julia roberts at thisaddress:Julia Robertsc/o Hirsch Wallerstein Matlof and FishmanLLP10100 Santa Monica Blvd.23rd FloorLos Angeles, CA
  7. 7. RelevantConnectionsO The struggle between being completely honest versus lying to protect peoples feelings.O Friendship, loyalty, honesty, and doing the right thing. Wallace believes in doing the right thing by telling the truth;which is a great lesson for young readers. People want the truth and Wallace tells it but they don’t like what theyhear so they tend to get upset. It’s the same in life; they rather deceive themselves and avoid the facts. Honesty istruly the best policy!O Wallace parents are like so many married couples in America today, they get a divorce because of lies and nothonoring their vows.O While sitting, watching, and listening at rehearsals, Wallace started to pay attention to the dialogue and thought thatit was, "old school." He told the drama club and Mr. Fogelman that it was too "old school" and that they shouldchange it to the way people of the present spoke. Wallace is connecting with the how people are currently usinglanguage through songs, dance etc… in the twentieth century.O Parker Schmidt was the schools reporter who wrote false articles about Wallace. The use of newspaper articles inthis story allows us to see the media influence and the effects it has on our opinions of people and events. Much likethe tabloids does in our society today. Even if youve never read a tabloid, the headlines probably grab your attentionat the supermar-ket checkout. From celebrity scandals to the truly bizarre, tabloid newspapers seem to cover storiesthat are outside the realm of serious journalism.O Wallace meets students different from him and learns an important lesson about judging people. The stereotypes inthis book are that all football players are jerks and have bad teeth, and all the members of the Drama Club are nerds.The story shows that stereotypes are often false.
  8. 8. Fact:Several Middle schools still have schoolpapers.These are the names of some:O Raptor Vision – Rippowarm Middle School [Connecticut]O Courageous Bulldog – Winston Churchill Middle[California]O Gage’s Pages – Matthew gage Middle [California]O Chippewa 411 – Chippewa Middle [Illinois]O The Lewis Growl – Andrew Lewis Middle [Virginia]O What’s the rumble – tabb middle [virginia]
  9. 9. KnowledgeGained:Crystal Floyd
  11. 11. Fact:These People are the same boat as wallacewallace:O Lance Lance (Former high school wrestler)O Bradford Bradford (From a TV commercial)O Sebora Sebora (From the movie "Howling 3: TheMarsupials")O Joe Pao Pao (Former CFL QB)O Samoa Samoa (Former Washington State QB)O Murray Murray (A character from Bob and Tom)O God Shamgod (Former Providence U. basketball player)
  12. 12. Using literaturecirclesTaking an Active RoleGaining aDifferentPerspective DivingBelow
  13. 13. Fact:No ProfessionalFootball games haveever been won by anaccidental play.
  14. 14. Strengths ofCollaborationReal World ExperienceLeading and FollowingIndependence
  15. 15. Fact:The band themaulers drovebothmotorcycles andscooters onstage duringperformances
  16. 16. TheEnd