Do I Need An EHIC Card For My Costa del Sol Holiday?


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Article discussing the EHIC card and information for those travelling to the Costa del Sol, Spain for their holidays this summer.

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Do I Need An EHIC Card For My Costa del Sol Holiday?

  1. 1. b-met .com by admin July 11, 2013 Do I Need An EHIC Card For My Costa del Sol Holiday? If you are travelling to the Costa del Sol this summer, you will want to make sure that you are covered in the event that yourself or a member of your f amily are taken ill during your holiday. For most of us, our holidays will be a happy and memorable experience, but f or thousands of holidaymakers each year, our holidays are blighted with illness and in some cases, serious accidents. In the unlikely event that you or a member of your f amily does require assistance, you will want to make sure that you are f ully covered and in a position to receive the medical treatment that you require without any undue stress and hassle. There have recently been stories highlighted in the media about the EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) and how it has been rejected by a number of hospitals here in Spain. ter-hospitals-ref use-EHIC.html So we wanted to put the record straight and help to alleviate any worries that you may have about the EHIC and its validity here in Spain bef ore you visit us this summer. Below we cover some of the most important questions that people ask about the EHIC. What is the EHIC Card? The EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is available to all UK nationals and covers you when travelling abroad within the EEA (European Economic Area). The card entitles you to emergency state health care treatment at a reduced rate and in many cases f ree treatment. The EHIC also covers you f or pre-existing conditions and maternity care. It is not valid f or health tourism, i.e. those looking to travel to another country just in order to receive medical treatment. Where is the EHIC Accepted? The EHIC card is only accepted in state run hospitals. You will not be able to receive treatment at private hospitals and clinics here in Spain. Do I Need Travel Insurance as well as an EHIC? Although the EHIC does cover you and your f amily f or most treatments, it does not cover you f or things such as getting emergency f lights home, mountain rescue and f or loss of personal belongings. This is why it is strongly recommended that you also take out travel insurance in order to cover you in all eventualities. How Can I get an EHIC Card? You can order your EHIC card in a f ew minutes online at the f ollowing address:
  2. 2. Are My Children Covered? Yes. When you order your EHIC online, just include your children as your dependants and they will also receive an EHIC card. How Long is the EHIC Valid for? The EHIC is valid f or up to 5 years, but can be renewed at the web address above once the card has less than six month’s to expire. What if I Lose My Card While Abroad? If you lose your card you will need to contact the Overseas Healthcare Team in order to get a Provisional Replacement Certif icate (PRC). You can contact the team on +44 191 218 1999. So remember. If you are traveling to Spain f or your holidays this year, you ARE covered by the EHIC card and all state run hospitals are obliged by European law to accept it. It is also advisable to purchase adequate private travel insurance in order to cover other aspects of your trip including lost property. For f urther details on the EHIC card, please see the f ollowing page If you are visiting us here on the Costa del Sol this year and need transf ers to and f rom the airport, please consider us here at B-MET. Our vehicles are f ully insured, are driven by prof essional drivers and can accommodate groups of up to 55 passengers. Hit the image below to receive an online quote.