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b-met Airport Transfers announces the opening of franchise opportunities in Spain. This British-based company is the only foreign-owned transport and airport transfer firm in all of Andalucia. Since 2006, b-met has been working hard to gain a reputation for outstanding service and exceptional reliability and are now offering others the chance to reproduce their own success in other regions.

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B-MET Airport Transfers Opportunities

  1. 1. lairport transfers s.l. -met.com TM AIRPORT TRANSFERSSpanish Franchise Opportunity a
  2. 2. Spanish Franchise OpportunityBackground and historyb-met was founded in 2006 and is now the longest established foreign owned transport/airport transfer business in Andalucia.Operating minibuses in the Malaga region, we have gained a reputation for reliability and excellentcustomer service and our company has grown rapidly throughout the recession.We have now developed a franchise opportunity which will enable the right candidates to reproduceour success in their designated region. 2
  3. 3. Spanish Franchise OpportunitySpanish airport transfersThe airport transfer industry has Most passengers now book We have also benefited fromseen enormous growth over their flights on the internet and the change in tourism trendsthe past decade as travellers b-met offer them the opportunity towards group holidays. A largebecome more independent to plan all their transportation proportion of our custom isand have been led away from in advance and usually with an made up of golfers, all male andtraditional package holidays. English speaking driver. all female groups who often visit us two or three times a year forAs a holiday destination, Spain Our customers prefer the fixed long weekends.continues to be extremely rates which we offer avoidingpopular. 130 million passengers unpleasant haggling with local Our services are particularlyflew in and out of Spanish taxi drivers. useful for customers arrivingresorts last year, a rise of 2% with sports equipment e.g. Also, families are now veryon the previous year. This is golf bags, for whom multiple safety-concious and aredespite the recession. You can taxis would work out as a very increasingly aware that unlikeimagine the huge opportunity expensive option. us, Spanish taxis do not offerthat this represents. child seats. 3
  4. 4. Spanish Franchise OpportunityAirports ofSpainThe b-met franchise formulaThere are 49 airports in Spain, (half of which could beconsidered major sites) and we are confident that our successhere in Malaga could be reproduced in any of these areas. Thefranchisee would be investing in an already proven businessconcept and would benefit from the large corporate customerbase and the strong relationship that b-met Malaga has forgedwith numerous travel agents and golf tour operators.b-met is the only British transport franchise available inSpain and it offers a unique opportunity to existing expatriateresidents or anyone looking to move to Spain and run their ownbusiness.b-met has enlisted BFA (British Franchise Association)approved professional consultants to be sure that everyelement of the franchise meets with their stringent guidelinesand therefore protects both the franchiser and the franchisee.We are very ambitious here at b-met and we are keen forour brand to be recognised throughout Spain as the leadingtransfer provider. We are looking for enthusiastic and hardworking people who are interested in sharing this common goaland who would have a similar attitude towards standards ofservice and work ethic to us here at b-met. 3
  5. 5. Spanish Franchise OpportunityWhat makes b-metdifferent?We are the only transport franchise availablein Spain, a country renowned for its massivetourism industry. This represents a hugeopportunity and our success is the proof of thisgrowing demand.Setting up a new business in a foreign countrycan be a long and arduous process and nomore so than in Spain, and not everybody issuccessful.Unlike many businesses, the b-met franchiseformat has been designed to be as simple andstraightforward as possible. It can therefore bemanaged by most people with the right attitude,the right training and a willingness to learn.Most importantly the b-met franchise is a solidbusiness with long term potential, which meansthat you and your family can be assured of asecure future in Spain. 4
  6. 6. Spanish Franchise OpportunityWhat qualities will I need? What does b-metWe are looking for people with either direct offer?business experience or with the drive, flair and The b-met franchise offers all of the initialentrepreneurial spirit necessary to establish and run training and support that you need to get your business off to a good start. The first twelvea successful business. months of any business are crucial, and ourIt will be as much about your character and comprehensive franchise support servicespersonality as it will about your business skills. This include:is a long term relationship and we need to be able  Use of our b-met corporate identity;to work well together.  Pre-opening support to assist in establishing your business;You will be ambitious, energetic and hard working,  Purchasing of Spanish Transport Licenseswith pride and commitment to service quality. (crucial if you want to run a transport- related business in Spain);You will be sales focused, attentive to detail and  An in-depth induction training programme;organised, appreciative of the need to develop your  Comprehensive local launch;business and focused on good service as a means  Marketing and promotional launch includingof building business levels. advertising and PR;  Ongoing advice and support to help you run the business effectively;  Access to our in-depth knowledge and experience;  Business operating manual (containing details of our operating systems, marketing and administration etc.);  Initial stationery pack. Remember, once you are up and running, we will be there to support you at all times. 5
  7. 7. Spanish Franchise OpportunityAm I a suitable b-metfranchisee?As a franchisee you will need to be enthusiastic aboutliving and working in Spain. This may mean moving yourfamily to a completely new location. If that’s what youwant, then we can help. Running a transport business isnot to be taken lightly and potential franchisees must notunderestimate the amount of hard work and dedicationthat will be required. A PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle)license will be required. This test can be taken in the UKin English and is a fairly simple test.In addition, there will be the necessary investment. Itis difficult to raise funds here in Spain (without Spanishproperty ownership) so we recommend that necessaryfunds be raised in the UK. Once these key issues havebeen dealt with, you are then in a position to look at b-metas a serious business option. What is my role in the business? The b-met franchisee will be responsible for the delivery of all services. You will be responsible for dealing with customer enquiries and bookings etc. and in the early days we envisage franchisees doing some of the driving themselves. Franchisees will be responsible for the management of the business on a day-to-day basis. There is also an accounts and administration role which you will need to deal with effectively to ensure that the business is run smoothly. We will provide the help and training necessary in the day-to-day delivery of services and it is important for franchisees to remember that whilst they are in business for themselves, they are not by themselves! 6
  8. 8. Spanish Franchise OpportunityDo I get a definedterritory?Everyone is allocated a defined,protected area. Each franchise operatesnear a specified airport. Only onefranchise will be allowed per airport,which means that franchisees havethe opportunity to build a substantialbusiness over the long term.How much can Iearn and is there amanagement fee?We have developed detailed financialmodels based upon our own experienceswhich will indicate income potential.Our management fee is a fixed fee asopposed to the usual 10% as we feelthat in the ‘cash culture’ that is Spain,this is the fairest and most realistic toimplement. Please see our financialmodels attached. our success is directly proportionate to yours 7
  9. 9. Spanish Franchise Opportunity Are you ready to make the leap?What do I need to do next?If you like what you’ve read so far, then please complete theattached b-met questionnaire. We will review it and contactyou to arrange an initial meeting. This is the first stage in ourrecruitment process and carries no obligations.This first meeting is an ideal opportunity for you to find out moreabout our business and about us. This way we can get to knoweach other a little better and of course, answer any questions youmay have.In the meantime, if you have any initial queries that you would liketo discuss by telephone, please feel free to call us.Wendy McGinty (Director) 0034 670 651 449.We look forward to hearing from you soon. 8
  10. 10. lairport transfers s.l. -met.com TM a