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How I made magazine.

How I made magazine.

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  • 1. Making my Magazine
  • 2. I started off my adjusting my main cover image. I chose this image because she is looking directly at the camera, therefore giving good eye contact with the reader. It also shows off her Ocarina and unusual outfit.
  • 3. I then started to add the Masthead and basic images at the bottom. Compared to my mock up, I changed the position of some of the texts because I thought it would look better if they were all to one side.
  • 4. I then just simply kept adding texts and using a simple drop shadowed effect. I also added bordered around the images at the bottom.
  • 5.
  • 6. Creating My Contents Page
  • 7. I used the same font for “Contents” as I did for the masthead to keep it consistent. I then played around with the layout a bit, and decided to have rounded off shapes instead of square boxes as I felt that it was a bit boring. I used brush number 23 to create the white areas and to create a tape like effect over the corners of the pictures.
  • 8. I typed in each individual page on a separate layer so that I could mold them around the shape of the white blob behind it. I also added drop-shadow effects to help them stand out. I included a preview of the front cover in the top left too, which is a conventional thing that most magazines do.
  • 9. I changed the colour to a bright raspberry-pink with darker pink around the edges. I also erased some of the background to make it look like a piece of worn paper. I think that the pink background compliments the blue writing and blue flashes.