Three ways to solve the IT perception problem


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And free up IT to work on the "big stuff"

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  • Many customers tell us that the market-leading BMC Remedy ITSM suite has a rich set of capabilities, and that the BMC solutions can do many things better than competitive solutions. But customers always look for easier ways in how to leverage these great features in BMC Remedy and they continue to push us, BMC, to be cutting-edge in terms of ease of use and ease of administration. In support of this customer demand, SIMPLIFICATION is a key focus for the new BMC Remedy 8.0 release. But we listen to advice from smart people like Albert Einstein. We have simplified many aspects of BMC Remedy, but we have not simplified is so much that it limits our customers in implement the processes that works best for their organizations. Simple, but not too simple is the mantra for BMC Remedy 8.0.Let’s look now at where we deliver simplification with BMC Remedy 8.0:
  • Three ways to solve the IT perception problem

    1. 1. Three ways to solvethe IT perceptionproblemAnd free up IT to workon the “big stuff”
    2. 2. Imagine whatyour business coulddo if you couldrecover hours and hoursof lost productivityfor every employee?
    3. 3. We’re talking about thehidden costs of ITfriction…
    4. 4. It’s the time lostraising or chasingIT requests…
    5. 5. It’s finding andconnecting toprinters, WiFi andother facilities inthe office...
    6. 6. It’s having to waitaround to get yourPC fixed, take on anew hire orcommission a newbusiness service...
    7. 7. IT friction means wasted time for thebusiness and inefficiency for IT.
    8. 8. So what can we do about it?
    10. 10. REMOVE I.T. FRICTIONMake self-service easy.
    11. 11. Why is resistance to self-service ITso high and adoption so low?
    12. 12. Because mostbusiness users stillfind portals hardto find and use.
    13. 13. But why?
    14. 14. EXPECTATIONS.
    15. 15. Employeeexpectationsare high asthey see anduse cuttingedge appsevery day.
    16. 16. The moreeffective andaccessible yourself-service is,the more likelyusers are to useand embrace it.
    17. 17. End users demand aneasy-to-use andfamiliar app experience.We built MyITwith this in mind.
    18. 18. REMOVE I.T. FRICTIONMake self-service easy.
    19. 19. REMOVE I.T. FRICTIONMake self-service easy.Let them choose where and when.
    20. 20. The modern workplace is frenetic, fastpaced and increasingly not restricted toa single physical location.
    21. 21. The major technology retailersunderstand the demands of modernworking life very well.
    22. 22. Many now offerin-person supportright in the store.
    23. 23. Your employees willrespond very well tobeing able to make anappointment at anagreed time andlocation.
    24. 24. For IT, it meansbetterpredictability,greater efficiencyand a closer morepersonal relationshipwith their customer.
    25. 25. Which is why weput appointmentdriven support intoour IT self service.
    26. 26. REMOVE I.T. FRICTIONMake self-service easy.Let them choose where and when.
    27. 27. REMOVE I.T. FRICTIONMake self-service easy.Let them choose where and when.Stay one step ahead.
    28. 28. When you know exactly whoyou’re supporting, you cantailor the content they see andthe services they access.
    29. 29. What if you also knewprecisely where that enduser was?
    30. 30. What if you knew thatAlice from the salesteam just stepped intoyour London office?
    31. 31. What if you knew thatAlice from the salesteam just stepped intoyour London office?
    32. 32. With this information, you canpresent the most relevantknowledge and services to her.
    33. 33. Location based service and supportis going to be one of the mostimportant factors to genuinelytransform end user experiences.
    34. 34. You can offer hersupport that’sspecific to thefacility shecurrently findsherself in.MeetingroomsLocal IThelpOfficebooking
    35. 35. You can provideconnectivityinformation, thelocation of keydevices and howto connectthem.PhonesWifiPrintersMeetingroomsLocal IThelpOfficebooking
    36. 36. You can even provide floorplans so she can orientherself in unfamiliarsurroundings.
    37. 37. Location-based servicesupport is a realityhere and now.
    38. 38. See how we’reusing locationinformation in MyITto deliver newcapabilities.
    39. 39. Try MyIT and seehow you cantransform the ITexperience.Try MyIT