Capacity Optimisation: Use what you have. Buy what you need: Jim Waring, BMC Software


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Do you know which resources you already own are actually being used? How do you know what additional resources you need? Before you can plan and budget for additional infrastructure resources, you need to know what you have, what you are using, and how well your IT services are running on those existing resources.

This presentation will discuss how you can cost-effectively right-size your IT infrastructure to meet the changing needs of your business.

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Capacity Optimisation: Use what you have. Buy what you need: Jim Waring, BMC Software

  1. 1. Capacity Optimization Use what you have. Buy what you need. Jim Waring
  2. 2. Most organizations use 7-12 % Of existing server capacity Source: Gartne © Copyright 11/12/2013 BMC Software, Inc 2
  3. 3. <10 % of companies develop complete capacity plans Source: Gartne © Copyright 11/12/2013 BMC Software, Inc 3
  4. 4. BMC Capacity Optimization Capacity management addresses Key IT challenges Reduce Cost of IT - IT Supply IT Demand - Right-size IT resources Avoid over-provisioning Optimize IT resources Increase staff productivity Avoid Business Risk - Match supply with demand - Safely deliver services Prevent capacity-related outages Predict Business demand and impact on IT Ensure service levels Manage IT Complexity - Provide cross-domain, service-oriented visibility Enable good-practices and processes Align IT to Business Support IT Innovation © Copyright 11/12/2013 BMC Software, Inc Enable virtualization and cloud initiatives Consolidate and modernize data centres Support Decision Making with Analytics 4
  5. 5. BMC Capacity Optimization Capacity management addresses Key IT challenges -65% worked days by automating capacity mgmt -350K £ / year by automating IT reporting Labour Savings Cost Optimization -25% installed CPU and memory -10% overall HW / SW spending Reduced HW Overcapacity Deferred Capital Expenditure Risk Reduction $$ $ Avoided outages & SLA breaches !! $ $$ 6-12 months optimization in procurement -30% in unplanned outages elimination of capacity-caused SLA penalties cost justifiable investment decisions IT and Business alignment greater visibility on IT operations Intangible benefits focus on value-added tasks Quality of work (source: customer survey) © Copyright 11/12/2013 BMC Software, Inc 5
  6. 6. BMC Capacity Optimization Critical Capabilities Capability Why does it matter?  Provides capacity visibility for all Data Center components: physical, mainframe, virtual and cloud, databases, storage, networks and more Enterprise-wide  Manages virtually any system by means of OOTB/custom connectors (ETLs) to management tools or low-footprint direct data collection Zero impact  Provides comprehensive predictive analytics, by-exception reporting and automated notification of potential capacity issues Proactive  Integrates Configuration Management tools and supports correlation with business KPIs to estimate capacity needs with expected demand Service-oriented & BusinessAware  Provides automated chargeback reporting by Service/Tenant based on flexible cost models (e.g. fixed, allocation and utilization-based) Cost Visibility © Copyright 11/12/2013 BMC Software, Inc 6
  7. 7. BMC Capacity Optimization High-level architecture Capacity Manager Cloud Admin Storage Admin Operation Mgr Service Manager Service Owner IT Financial Manager Business Owner Automation Discovery Web Interface (with OOTB and customizable views) Predictive Analytics Automated Reporting Capacity DB Data Integration CLM CMDB Performance Metrics Business KPIs Configuration Metrics Events Financial Metrics Facility Metrics Data Collectors Physical/Virtual/Clouds © Copyright 11/12/2013 BMC Software, Inc Databases & Middleware Applications Storage Networks Data Center Facilities Business Drivers 7
  8. 8. Broadcasting Company: BCO will help to impress on business managers the importance of far-reaching capacity planning Avoided 20 major incidents with focused capacity management “BCO allows us to pull all the information from… about 10 different health tools…, and it puts all that in a database and then we can analyze that with a view to looking at long-term trends.” “… rather than talking in terms of megabytes or gigabytes we talk in terms of number of customers, or number of TV channels with active users – that's a much more mature conversation you can have with a business ,and that's our ultimate goal really.” – Head of Capacity Mgmt visit © Copyright 11/12/2013 BMC Software, Inc 8
  9. 9. Financial Services: Deliver higher quality of service based on business-aware capacity management for complete services Avoided capacity-based outages through proactive identification of service bottlenecks • Improved business planning and allocation of capital expenditures • Reallocated infrastructure and people to higher value activities to better meet business needs • Reduced time and cost to: • • • Identify problematic areas Maintain custom portal and warehouse Reduced reliance on employee tribal knowledge visit © Copyright 11/12/2013 BMC Software, Inc 9
  10. 10. Capacity Optimization Large multinational – home, personal care and food product manufactory   © Copyright 11/12/2013 BMC Software, Inc Increased time to value while lowering costs Reduced operating and capital expense 10
  11. 11. Large BCO Customers Number of devices managed 50K 100K 10K © Copyright 11/12/2013 BMC Software, Inc 10K 11
  12. 12. BMC Capacity Optimization Support the full Capacity Management process Business Level Capacity Management Business Owner Service Level Capacity Management Capacity Manager Service Owner Service Manager Process Maturity IT Financial Manager Component Level Capacity Management Operation Mgr Storage Admin © Copyright 11/12/2013 BMC Software, Inc 12
  13. 13. Questions © Copyright 11/12/2013 BMC Software, Inc 13
  14. 14. Learn more at © Copyright 11/12/2013 BMC Software, Inc 14