Harnessing the potential of the internet as a professional learning tool
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Harnessing the potential of the internet as a professional learning tool



Some of the basic tools for developing a personal learning network.

Some of the basic tools for developing a personal learning network.



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  • If they don’t work at school –o.k lots of other tools to use and these
  • Looking at tapping into people who can support our needs that don’t exist in our schools or immediate environment. There may be PDHPE teachers around the state who can support and share resources with me that are relevant to me and align with my teaching style, philosophy and student needs. How many people do we currently share resources with? Have deep conversations with around teaching and learning? There are likely to be teachers sitting with us today who may be a great future resource for you. Different for everyone.We will look at 3 tools today but it is important to understand the concept also. More about what the tools allow us to do than the tools themselves and there are lots of tools similar to these.
  • Hundreds of great sites out there but can’t keep checking for new content. RSS lets you subscribe to them so any new content comes to you. Thousands of great sites. Can’t keep checking – get them to bring new content to you.
  • When teachers ask – how do you have time to find all these things – I don’t they come to me. Key is finding the sites that have the good stuff – refine over time –don’t need them all now. Will grow and change over time.
  • Find great sites and share them with others. When you save bookmarks on your computer they are available to you on that computer only. Save on the web and available to everyone, anytime with internet access.
  • Feel free to wait if unsure – easy to set up later.
  • Start here and explore tags at the side to find a few things to save.
  • Hard to explain – facebook status update but no facebook to go with it. Bare bones sharing. Educators sharing lots of great resources. People who used to share with blogs 0 a lot are using twitter now. Resources from site above.

Harnessing the potential of the internet as a professional learning tool Harnessing the potential of the internet as a professional learning tool Presentation Transcript

  • Harnessing the web as a professional learning tool
    http://bit.ly/9f63IH- webinar resources
  • Goal
    Explore a range of tools to expand our professional learning network and harness the potential of the web.
    Walk through how they can be used
    http://bit.ly/9f63IH- webinar resources
  • http://bit.ly/9f63IH- webinar resources
  • Personal learning networks
  • RSS – get the web to come to you
  • Readers
    Google reader
    100’s of others
  • RSS
    Quality sites
    Send updated content to a ‘reader’.
    You only have to check one place for all new content.
    Organise content in folders here
  • http://reader.google.com
  • http://reader.google.com
    Getting started – go to wiki or type in address above
    Sign up –optional – can just watch and decide later.
    Adding ‘feeds’
    Organising feeds
  • Sign up - http://reader.google.com
    Click here
    If you have a google account then you will have access to reader.
  • Sign up - http://reader.google.com
    School email a good
    idea to start with.
  • Sign up - http://reader.google.com
    Confirmation screen
    Click here
  • http://reader.google.com
  • Add some RSS feeds
    Copy site into here
  • Some feed to add to begin with
    See the wiki for some links to get started with.
    (Add the wiki as well)
  • Add to igoogle?
    This link will let you change between igoogle and classic
    This link lets you add Reader and lots of other things!
  • HTTP://Delicious.com
    Social bookmarking
  • Find a good site
  • Saving bookmarks Toolbar buttons
  • Saving bookmarks
  • Saving
  • New post to top
  • TAGS Delicious
  • Delicious network
    Can also save from here
  • Subscriptions
  • Signing up
  • Sign up yahoo
  • Sign up form
  • Confirmation
  • Install add on – browser bookmark
  • Browser buttons
  • Add the buttons
  • http://delicious.com/bmcallis/pdhpe
    Explore and save some bookmarks
    Save own delicious address with the tag pdhpepln and we can all find each other.
    Questions / help
  • twitter
  • twitter
    Sign up for an account
    Follow people who share interesting and relevant things for you
    Share things yourself
  • Twitter interface
    Feeds from the people that follow you
  • tweet
    @ send a message to someone
    Name of person sending message
    Resend a message
    Tags to find information
  • Join twitter
  • Join Twitter
  • Write a post with a #pdhpepln
  • Find people to follow
  • Find people to follow
    Click on person’s name
  • Click on follow button
    All the people you follow
    Their tweets come into your feed
  • End note
    Will take discipline to establish these systems but once up and running will be invaluable.