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Presentation for beginning teachers conference.

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  • Introduce self and supporting resources (wiki?)
    Exploring integrating learning technologies into PDHPE for around 6 years - not expert but lots of experiences to share.

  • Be critical of presentation today - what works in my context may not in yours and vice versa.
    I am not an expert.
    Calling BS on the textbook story.
    Discussion time will be provided to examine some of these areas/issues.

  • Most powerful lesson last year. Movie enabled me to open students eyes to discrimination where classroom activities and traditional methods had struggled.
    Simple but powerful use of technology.
    (watch 1:30mins of ch 2)
    Why use it?
    potential to connect with students & bring the outside world into our classrooms. Access to a huge range of resources that provide powerful learning opportunities. (Tech here was in finding the video and being able to display immediately in other classes as the need arose).
  • kids want to make more bubbles??

    Simple but engaging. - low time cost, 30 second explain. Low risk.

  • Movie was created by a student of Marco Torres
    Create - publish
    give their work wings
    Meaningful and relevant

    Does this show a deep understanding or shallow of road safety? Depends on the work around it. Pedagogy and planning is so critical.

    Movie projects have been most engaging activities we have done but time consuming? Cost v benefit.
  • Collaboration - how can we get students working together to enhance their understanding?
    critical skill for school leavers
    google docs

  • Google heart rate activity - good eg of collaboration to develop a shared understanding. Great discussion opportunity.

    Many uses including getting students to work together, discussion tool, share work samples and have students mark each others work. limited by imagination with a lot of apps.
  • ability to build a class set of notes that is critiqued by peers. Class built text book that teaches them to critically evaluate sources of information.
    Usable in the future - give their work wings - great for motivating.
  • Call BS on what has been covered so far.
    What would not work for you?
    Can you see potential in any tools? What issues and challenges do you see with these tools.
    Tools that you have used that are worth sharing?
  • High Impact - teaching - what impact have I had on my students?
    Not about shocking them all the time but how can we engage their emotions to make what we cover meaningful and relevant?
  • We have new opportunities to allow students to show their understanding. Differentiate learning.

    What mark would you give this? What outcomes are covered here?
  • Make learning fun!
    If we can make something fun while achieving our learning goals then why not?
    Little twist on learning to make it fun.

    movie projects - engaging and fun - capture and show understanding in different ways.

    Watch next movie as an example
  • attentive vs learning - quiet classroom does not guarantee learning. Classroom mgt essential but obedience does not mean quality learning and teaching.
    engaged vs learning - can have students engaged but not learning anything either. Pedagogy and thinking behind activities is essential.
    Quality teaching must lead technology - not the other way around.
  • Brainstorm a range of challenges we face in integrating technology into our classrooms?
    Share your experiences and identify common issues.
  • Teachers as risk takers - can we move outside our comfort zone to try new things with the risk of failure?
    Mistakes - an essential part of learning - often condemned in schools. Surfing analogy.
    Students in general are prepared to make mistakes and play around with technology - not afraid to break it.
    It is only a part of the puzzle but can be a really powerful ally in achieving learning goals and I would encourage you all to explore further and make learning technologies a long term professional learning consideration.

  • Achper PDHPE ICT

    1. 1. INTRO Connecting PDHPE & Technology
    2. 2. The critical use of technology to enhance learning & teaching. Why use technology in PDHPE? What is available and how can it be used? What challenges do we face?
    3. 3. Be Critical
    4. 4. a class divided
    5. 5. BUBBL.US
    6. 6. CREATE & PUBLISH parents movie
    7. 7. COLLABORATION Collaboration
    8. 8. Google docs
    9. 9. WIKIS
    10. 10. BS
    11. 11. IMPACT
    12. 12. Ally
    13. 13. fun theory video
    14. 14. Engaged and attentive? ENGAGED & ATTENTIVE?
    15. 15. Challenges of integrating technology
    16. 16. Challenges of integrating technology Kids get too much screen time already. Cost v benefit of using ICT. Time Infrastructure Reliability
    17. 17. RISK TAKERS
    18. 18. RESOURCES USED - hoop pole vaulter nun snowball fight A class divided - fun theory parents - google docs heart rate activity