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Ji yong korean hl

  1. 1. Republic of Korea (South Korea) Jiyong Lee 3b
  2. 2. Kimchi 김치 • Kimchi is a Korean traditional food. • There are about two hundred types of Kimchi such as Cabbage Kimchi, Radish Kimchi and Young radish Kimchi. • Main ingredients of Kimchi are: red pepper powder, scallions, garlic, shrimp sauce and fish sauce.
  3. 3. Bulgogi 불고기 • Bulgogi is another Korean traditional food. • Bulgogi is a grilled beef dish. • Main ingredients of Bulgogi are: beef, soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, scallions and onions.
  4. 4. Taek-won-do 태권 도 • Taek-won-do is a Korean martial art. • There are 10 ranks of level in Taek-won-do. • You get different belt as your rank rises. • To get higher rank, you must take a test. • You get healthier and stronger when you play Taek-won-do.
  5. 5. • http://youtu.be/ pQ_GxyG9G4s
  6. 6. Hanbok 한복 • Hanbok is the Korean traditional dress. • Men and women wear different style of Hanbok. • There are different parts of Hanbok: Jeogori (top), Chima (bottom for women), Baji (bottom for men), Magoja (outer cloth)
  7. 7. Samsung 삼성 • Samsung is a Korean company that makes a lot of products such as ship, refrigerator and phone. • Samsung was founded in • 1938 by Byung-chull Lee. • Samsung is now world- wide served.
  8. 8. The Persimmon FruitOnce upon a time, mom and child lived 옛날 옛날 어느마을에 , 엄마와 아 이가 산속에서 살고있었어요 . 그리 in deep forest. And a tiger lived in deep 고 호랑이도 산속에서 살고 있었지forest, too. One cold winter night, the 요 . 어느 추운 겨울 밤 , 호랑이는 tiger sought some food somewhere. 먹을 것을 찾아다녔어요 . 그러다But accidentally, it heard childs a cry. 가 , 아이의 울음소리를 들었어요 .So it 그래서 호랑이는 입맛을 다시며 아 licked his lips and went to the childs 이의 집으로 향하였어요 . 엄마는 말했어요 . “ 너 계속 울면 , 무서운 house. Then, his mom said "If youll 호랑이가 와서 잡아먹는다 .” 하지continue to cry , a scary tiger will eat 만 아이는 울음을 그치지 않았어you.“ But the child didnt stop his cry. 요 . 엄마는 , “ 내가 곶감을 하나 Then, his mom said, "Ill give you a 줄테니 , 그만 울으렴 .” 그러자 아 이는 울음을 그쳤어요 . 아이의 울dried persimmon, please stop crying.“ 음이 그친 것을 들은 호랑이는 , 곶 Then, the child stopped his cry. Then 감이 자신보다 더 무서운 것이라고 the tiger heard the cry again, it thought 생각했습니다 . 그래서 호랑이는 다the 시 아이의 집에서 나가였습니다 .dried persimmon was scarier than the cry. And it stepped backwards, and it ran away from the childs house.
  9. 9. Gangnam style• http://youtu.be/S1x1_ZnXE2Q
  10. 10. Let’s learn Korean words!• Hello – 안녕하세요 Annyeong-haseyo• Thank you – 감사합니다 Gamsa-hab-nida• Goodbye – 안녕히계세요 Annyeong-hi-gye-se-yo 안녕히가세요 Annyeong-hi-ga-se-yo
  11. 11. Quiz!!!!•5 minutes Korean mini-quiz!Hello Annyeong-haseyoThank you Gamsa-hab-nidaGoodbye Annyeonghigyeseyo Annyeonghigaseyo