Ghana by Fabio Szepan- Afele
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  • 1. GHANABy Fabio Szepan-AfeleThursday, April 25, 13
  • 2. WHERE IS GHANA?Thursday, April 25, 13
  • 3. KENTE CLOTHThe  proper  kente  cloth  is  always  hand  made  and  woven  but  a  lot  of  kente  cloth  is  printed  with  ink  on  material.  The  kente  cloth  is  worn  at  special  events.  The  kente  cloth  was  made  in  the  17th  century  A.D.  Ashanti  tribe  still  makes  the  kente  cloth.Thursday, April 25, 13
  • 4. TRADITIONAL FOODSGhanas traditional food is fufu, plantain, rice andchilli. Fufu is made of ground rice. Plantain is banana,but bigger and you can cook it or bake it. It tastesbetter when you fry it.Thursday, April 25, 13
  • 5. GHANAIAN FLAGThe Ghanaian flag has four colours: red, black, yellowand red.The red is for the blood and dead people. Itrepresents wars.The yellow is for the gold and sand, the green is forthe nature and grass.The black is for the people.Thursday, April 25, 13
  • 6. GHANAIAN HOUSESNot  all  Ghanaian  houses  are  mud  houses  with  straw  on  the  top.  The houses in the villages are mud houses.Most of the houses in the cities are like the houses inGermany. A lot of the big houses have a small housenext to them. In the small house lives the home helpknown as the “house boy” or “house girl”.Thursday, April 25, 13
  • 7. GHANAIAN HOUSESThursday, April 25, 13
  • 8. GHANAIAN TRIBESGhana  is  divided  in  different  areas  each  area  has  a  tribe.  Each  tribe  has  their  own  language,  for  example  northern  region,  Ashan>  region  and  my  mum  is  from  the  Volta  region  and  they  speak  Ewe  there.Thursday, April 25, 13
  • 9. GHANAIAN LANGUAGEGood morning:- ndiGood afternoon:-ndoorGood evening:-fyayiMy name is:-nko nyeA boy that is born on Thursday is called:-YawA girl is born on Thursday is called:-Yawa.Thursday, April 25, 13
  • 10. QUIZ!Good morningGood afternoonGood eveningMy name is...A boy that is born on Thursday is called...A girl is born on Thursday is called...Thursday, April 25, 13
  • 11. GHANAIAN DRUMSGhana had meanings when they played the drums likebom bom means friend.A message by a drum could go faster than a horsesprinting.Those drums are called talking drums.The talkingdrums are communication.Thursday, April 25, 13
  • 12. DANCE AND MUSICGhana Cultural DanceKete- Dance and Music of the Akan peopleThursday, April 25, 13
  • 13. QUESTIONS?Thursday, April 25, 13