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Omniture tips and tricks.

Omniture tips and tricks.

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    • 1. Site Catalyst Top TipsBarry Mann@UK_OmniMann
    • 2. Tall & Deep vs Wide and Shallow Wide and shallow • 100’s of report suites • Primary focus is traffic numbers - PV, MUV • Divergent settings • VISTA rule chaos • 2 x implementations per week • Different challenges ! •Commerce values irrelevantTall and narrow• Deeper integrations < 10 RSID’s• eCommerce• Large complex paid traffic acquisition• Genesis, Data sources, Paid trafficdetection
    • 3. Grab Omniture implementation by scruff of the neck by 4pmA. Client Care request: 1. 2. VIPER report 3. Raw data feedB. Kick off an Observepoint scanC. Ask for copy of Solution Design Reference (SDR)  (Go sob in bathroom !?)A. Ask for copy of Omniture Contract(s)B. Get setup with all your tools (Firefox/Firebug/Omnibug, Debugger(s)C. General observations (whilst waiting) 1. IP address filtering 2. 1st/3rd/Hybrid cookies 3. Any SAINTing ? 4. Read the scode 5. Internal and external link tracking. (utm_source internally? Tracking analyst?) 6. Any Genesis installations even to ESP? 7. Pet Peeves
    • 4. Anatomy • Props 50-75 not there! (2 years on from h.22) • Officially Omniture internal only 4-18 – Juicy stuff (time zone, commerce level , pathing service level , GeoSeg, DWH 121 – Prop On/Off , List var delimiter 170 – Evar On / Off , Subs 221 – Events on / off , counter 274 – Pathing on props, Heir 1,2,3,4 , s.server , channels, etc .. 868 – Visitor computation by prop: D,W,M,Q
    • 5. Expect to make large bulk changes• Some / Most changes can be made in the GUI• Email CC with long lists for Dr Teeth• Some changes only possible in GUI• Beware of tech limits esp. SC14• Some are manual labour (e.g.. Default metrics)• Do so with confidence and for the common good!
    • 6. SDR – The Rosetta Stone Maintenance and record keeping via this crucial document is vital for success and any newcomer. Period. • Ask CC to store • Work from a common drive • Thought and forward planning – Prop/eVar/event allocation – use sparingly. – Allocating 50>75 is lazy
    • 7. How an SDR should look, really
    • 8. no SDR? • Most likely to have a copy from implementation time or “something floating about” • How did this happen to me? • Enabled , not receiving data /Receiving data but not enabled • (props backfill , persisted vars do not) • DOOMSDAY SCENARIO: reconstruct by hand from a Data Feed.
    • 9. Data Feed .tsv files – raw & uncut
    • 10. VIPER – Why VISTA rule chaos really happens • ES 4-6 week lag. Frustrating. • Always better to populate in code, but not always possible e.g.. Digital Envoy • £300 - £500 for VISTA rule copy normally £1500 for a new rule • GeoSeg > prop most common • If you do go down this path you will have something else to maintain. • “Bank” 10 rsid’s , VISTA copy and Dr Teeth them to keep them “spare”. • Processing Rules aka “VISTA Lite” gaining traction but not a panacea
    • 11. Omniture Contract • Obtain, read , understand • Implementation may not reflect • ASI • DWH, Disco 1.5 /3 • Pathing limits • Understand contractual & tech limits • BE ASSERTIVE WITH CC
    • 12. ObservePoint
    • 13. ObservePoints Vendor rules DB
    • 14. Bye Bye Setup land• When SDR step is complete batch change menus.• Accept that users are intimidated by SC and “just want to use GA”• Empty menus & “Revenue” eCommerce reports are irrelevant, disorientating and foster distrust• Poll users before/after and measure increase in satisfaction• Issue “certificates” to demarcate leaving SetUp land > Insight Land• Omniture is all about the implementation.• Power ahead with dev to grow the installation and extract greater insight (that management probably thought they had paid for in the first place• And finally … best practice <> business win. Act with purpose. Optimal configuration is not necessary.