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Mobile Muse demo of the Raincity Studios SIFT component - a social media aggregator and ad hoc mobile submission tool

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Muse Smaug Demo

  1. 1. Mobile Muse: SMA Demo Bridging Web 2.0 Tools with Ad Hoc Mobile Use Raincity Studios Boris Mann, Tylor Sherman
  2. 2. Agenda ‣ Introducing SMAUG ‣ Drupal implementation ‣ DEMO ‣ Bridging Web 2.0 Tools ‣ Ad Hoc Mobile Use: Microblogging
  3. 3. Text Introducing SMAUG Social Media Aggregator for User Generated content There is a treasure trove of user generated content for every event and topic Only people that know this space find it easy to track and gather this information SMAUG is a dashboard tool that makes it easy to setup and track user generated info for a particular event or topic Also integrates direction submission for ad hoc usage
  4. 4. SMAUG Current ‣ Create channel ‣ Add blog feeds ‣ Add video sources ‣ Add photo sources ‣ Microblog
  5. 5. SMAUG Futures ‣ Componentization: create channels on demand ‣ provisions channel, SMS ‘short tag’, email address ‣ automatically creates blog search feed, Flickr photo feed, and YouTube video feed ‣ Additional integration: MMS, VoiceXML, etc. ‣ Simplified dashboard: easily create a ‘clean’ feed of content Given a channel name and optionally a short tag, give back a long code, email address, and user/pass for channel MMS support VoiceXML
  6. 6. Drupal implementation ‣ Extended the SMS Framework module ‣ Created a MUSE gateway plugin ‣ Added SMS receive framework ‣ Implemented text to microblog, group routing on short tag ‣ Anyone can use: need a user / pass, and that’s it Delivers on the MUSE goal of enabling usage by anyone Anyone who can download and install a Drupal module can use this functionality Configuration over programming - everything modular and extensible, much of it usable through Web UI directly
  7. 7. Drupal Futures ‣ User registration via text back ‣ MMS support ‣ Extended short tag support ‣ blog tags ‣ multiple channels ‣ location tags user MMS location: MUSE, Yahoo Internet Location Platform, other
  8. 8. Web 2.0 Tools ‣ Blogging: anything that generates RSS ‣ Bookmarks: ‣ Video: YouTube, Blip.TV ‣ Photos: Flickr ‣ Microblogging: Twitter ‣ …and many, many, many more
  9. 9. Getting to users ‣ 100s of Web 2.0 Tools ‣ Need account sign up! ‣ How to provide a “no account” onramp ‣ Enable participation for the lowest common denominator with little to no barriers There are 100s of Web 2.0 tools where people can sign up for accounts Very hard to get people who don’t already “get it” to sign up for accounts When an event is going on / has already started, next to impossible to get sign ups for accounts -- especially as most require a laptop / wifi / full web browser How to enable ad hoc mobile use?
  10. 10. Ad Hoc Mobile Use: Microblogging ‣ Publish / promote a short or long code to text to ‣ Instant participation: everyone with a mobile phone can do SMS ‣ Display on web as a live updating widget ‣ Display on site via large screen, projector
  11. 11. Text DEMO Microblog
  12. 12. Email is next! ‣ Captures Blackberry and other smartphone users ‣ Great for full resolution video and photo submission ‣ Also works for laptop users