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  • The word Jazz came from western slang for music
  • Fact Armstrong said he was born on July 4th 1900


  • 1. Jazz
    By: Ben Mancini
    Garrett Scanlon
  • 2. Origins of Jazz
    African American Communities
    Combination of African and European music
  • 3. Types of Jazz
    - Scatting
  • 4. Outside Forces
  • 5. Louis Armstrong
    Born on August 4. 1901, died July 6, 1971
    Played Trumpet
    Vocal as well
    Pioneer in scat
  • 6. Scatting
    Improv singing
    Random syllables and vocals
    Playing an instrument with voice
  • 7. Duke Ellington
    Born April 29, 1899, Died May 24, 1974
    50 year career
  • 8. Billie Holliday
    Born April 7, 1915, Died July 17, 1959
    One of First Female Jazz musicians
  • 9. Miles Davis
    Born May 26, 1926, Died September 28, 1991
    Bebob, cool jazz, modal jazz, and hard jazz
  • 10. New Orleans
    Were Jazz originated
    Racism made musicians leave
  • 11. Chicago
    Savoy Ballroom
    Arcadia Ballroom
  • 12. New York Jazz
    Influenced by ragtime
    Harlem Renaissance
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