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Mobile Marketing 101 and Location Based Advertising
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Mobile Marketing 101 and Location Based Advertising


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Mobile Marketing 101 and Location Based Advertising by Sarah Hodkinson of Where, Inc. Presented to BMA Carolinas on August 17th, 2011.

Mobile Marketing 101 and Location Based Advertising by Sarah Hodkinson of Where, Inc. Presented to BMA Carolinas on August 17th, 2011.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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No notes for slide
  • SMS – 10 digit (legitimacy), shared code, dedicated code
  • Geo fences; flu index
  • Why our deals are different = + mobile, lower commissions
  • WHERE app becomes a platform for merchantsDeliver deals directMigrate customers & prospects to mobile
  • Mobile wallet, NFC, Starbucks app, PayPal in UK at Pizza Express
  • Transcript

    • 1. Mobile Marketing 101Sarah Hodkinson Head Of Merchant Marketing
    • 2. About WHERE
      • Founded in 2004
      • 3. An eBay/PayPal company
      • 4. Mobile location based services; 3 divisions:
      Consumer: Mobile App relied upon by 4MM+ consumer for local discovery & personalized place recommendations. Synchronized with
      WHERE Ads: The largest location-based mobile ad network with 350+ publishers and over 50MM consumer reach
      Merchant Services: making location-targeted mobile advertising and offer promotions easy and accessible for small businesses
    • 5. What We Do
      WHERE App &
      Brands & SMB Merchants
      Local Consumer Audience
      SMB Portal
      WHERE creates the conversation between local consumer audiences and the merchants that want to reach them
    • 6. Competitive Landscape
    • 7. Today’s Agenda
      The Growth of Mobile
      Why Mobile is Important for Businesses
      The Mobile Ecosystem
      Establishing a Mobile Presence for your Business
      “Location-based” mobile advertising
      How Businesses Can leverage Mobile Marketing
      Mobile Commerce and Mobile Payments
    • 8. Smartphone Use
      50% of Americans will have smartphones by year end
      Mobile use of the web is growing faster than desktop use in the 90’s
      Source: Nielsen
    • 9. How Consumers Use Phones
      Source: Pew
    • 10. Mobile, Location & Spending
      • Google: Over 1/3 of search is related to location
      • 11. Microsoft: 53% of mobile searches on Bing have a local intent
      • 12. Most PC based search-to-purchases take one week vs. one hour for mobile
      • 13. Ability to lead people from search to store & accelerate purchasing
    • Why Mobile is Important
      84% use their phones to find info on local businesses (Pew)
      88% of those who look for local info on their smart phones take action within one day (Google)
    • 14. The Mobile Ecosystem
      Device Manufacturers
      Operating Systems
    • 15. An App or a Mobile Website?
      Pros –
      Load quickly
      Don’t require connectivity
      Cons –
      OS Fragmentation
      Mobile website
      Pros –
      Works across all platforms
      Less development
      Cons –
      Load time
      Optimization for all devices
    • 16. Your Free Mobile Page
      • An optimized mobile presence
      • 17. Business listing page includes
      • 18. Click-to-call phone number
      • 19. Click-to-map directions
      • 20. Ability for consumer to save
      • 21. Constant Contact Join My Email List
      • 22. Customize by adding pictures; links (website, Facebook, menus, etc); business description; hours; etc
    • Business Owner Dashboard
      Manage Your Mobile Promotions in Minutes
      Customize and enhance your page
      Manage mobile ad campaigns
      Create offers – coupons & deals
      Analyze stats
    • 23. Mobile Marketing Channels
      Inbound / Pull:
      Outbound / Push:
    • QR Codes
      QR codes = 2D barcodes
      Scanning can direct a consumer
      • to a branded app or mobile website
      • 29. to a discount coupon
      • 30. to a contest
      • 31. from a sign in your window to reviews of your establishment
      • 32. to a video testimonial from a happy customer
      • 33. to a map to your nearby locations
    • Local Advertising is Changing
    • 34. Advertising Objectives
    • 35. Media to Reach Consumers
      Source: BIA/Kelsey
    • 36. Consumer use of Mobile LBS
      Consumers use mobile ads to find nearby stores, to map them and get directions – indicators of intent to purchase
    • 37. Mobile Advertising
      • Mobile Local Ad Spending will be the fastest growing medium over the next 5 years (Borrell)
      • 38. 82% of smartphone users notice mobile ads (Google)
    • WHERE Ads
      • Largest location-based mobile ad network in North America
      • 39. 50MM consumer reach
      • 40. All platforms – Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows
      • 41. 350+ publishers
      • 42. Pay only for performance
      • 43. View stats & measure performance
    • Relevancy Engine
    • 44. Targeting
    • 45. Case Study: Halls
    • 46. Case Study: McDonalds
    • 47. Case Study: TD Bank
    • 48. Case Study: Piperlime
    • 49. Self-Serve Mobile Ads
      • Easy-to-use for SMBs
      • 50. Location aware advertising
      • 51. Promote your business to nearby consumers targeting by
      • 52. Radius from your business
      • 53. Zip code
      • 54. WHERE self serve ads offer performance based pricing
    • Consumers Want Offers
    • 55. Daily Deals
      • Social commerce = group buying = online2offline commerce
      • 56. New customer acquisition
      • 57. No upfront costs; % commission of sales
      • 58. Fast revenue injection
      • 59. Drives foot traffic
      • 60. Social sharing = viral effect
    • Considerations
      • Your business model & margins
      • 61. Average transaction/sale amount
      • 62. Lifetime value of a new customer
      • 63. Commission % payable to deal provider
      • 64. Distribution – email only?
      • 65. Length of promotion period – daily?
      • 66. Audience – targeted?
      • 67. Flexibility in setting your terms & caps
      • 68. Prominence – main or “side deal”?
    • Use cases
      Filling empty seats/tables/appointments
      Bolster traditionally slow periods
      In real-time; boost a quiet lunchtime
      Perishable inventory
      Overstocked inventory
      Re-engage past customers that have become inactive
      Reward existing loyal customers
      Acquire new customers
    • 69. Self-Serve Deal Creation
      Create your own deal on your own terms
      Drive revenue when you need it:
      • Complete control & flexibility
      • 70. Promote via online, email, social & mobile
      • 71. Send to your Constant Contact list too
      • 72. Lowest commission rates available
    • Creating A Deal
      Create Deal
      Promote Deal
      Buy Deal
      Redeem Deal
    • 73. Case Study: NorthEast Nursery
      $40 of merchandise for $20 generated 469 sales in three days totaling $9400:
      Northeast Nursery selected the radius that they wanted to target and
      WHERE emailed that deal to opted-in consumers in those locations.  
      WHERE also ran a mobile ad campaign promoting the offer.
      Within 24 hours, we had sold 203 vouchers for Northeast.  
      NorthEast Nursery emailed the offer to their Constant Contact list.  Within hours, we saw the total sold raise to over 300.  
      The offer was shared via Social media (FB, Twitter): the deal increased to 469 total sales in 3 days
    • 74. Mobile Coupons
      • Don’t require advance purchase like a “buy it now” deal
      • 75. Performance-based pricing
      • 76. SEE how well it’s working
      • 77. Use coupons to
      • 78. Drive business on certain days/times, eg. 2 for 1 lunches
      • 79. Sell overstocked, perishable inventory, eg. buy one, get one
    • Coupon Redemption
    • 80. Creating a Coupon
    • 81. Creating a Coupon
    • 82. Consumer Coupon Experience
    • 83. Mobile Payments
    • Next Steps
      1. Claim your page at
      - FREE Instant, Customizable Mobile page for your business
      2. Location Targeted Ads to Drive Traffic
      - Advertise on consumers phones when they are close by your business
      3. Create and distribute offers
      - Create merchant-funded coupons or buy-it-now deals to drive sales when you need
      Use promo code NC30 before Sept 30th for $30 of free mobile advertising
    • 89. Keep In Touch!
      Follow us on Twitter @WHEREforBiz
      Call us at 1-866-649-4373
      THANK YOU!