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Measurement That Matters
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Measurement That Matters


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In the ever-increasing fast-paced world of marketing and communications, measuring what worked, if at all, is becoming more and more challenging. But what to measure? How to determine if it’s …

In the ever-increasing fast-paced world of marketing and communications, measuring what worked, if at all, is becoming more and more challenging. But what to measure? How to determine if it’s important or just interesting?

Not everything that can be measured needs to be. But what matters MUST be.

Key Takeaways:

- Top strategies to measure marketing activities
- Developing metrics that matter
- Determining the priority of what you measure
- Developing a culture that shares

Presentation made by Elton Mayfield at BMA Carolinas on Sept. 18th, 2013.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Measurement that MattersJust because you can – Doesn’t mean you should @eltonmayfield
  • 2. Why BMA Community Conversation Collaboration Camaraderie Collective Cooperative #TheChad #Wolfpack
  • 3. Elton Mayfield VP Chapter Development – International BMA Board President KC Chapter of BMA – 2009-2013 Co-founder and Partner – ER Marketing Friends with #TheChad Love the BMA
  • 4. B2B Marketing Firm Founded 2001 Top Agency of the Year – BtoB Magazine Best of Show – BMA KC Best of Show – DMA KC B2s Winner – BMA National Best Places to Work – KC Business Journal
  • 5. John Wanamaker “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”
  • 6. @EltonMayfield #MeasureWhatMatters
  • 7. Determine the Metrics That Matter the Most @EltonMayfield #MeasureWhatMatters
  • 8. Where to Start? Phone calls Time on Site Open Rate Conversion Rate OS Mobile vs. Desktop Click Through Funnel Conversion Form completion Bounce Rate Lead Source Engagement Level Facebook Likes ReTweets Klout Score Blog Followers Attendance Coupons Scanned QR scans Sales @EltonMayfield #MeasureWhatMatters
  • 9. Keep the Boss Happy Where’s my report on the flux capacitor utilization by DeLorean owners? @EltonMayfield #MeasureWhatMatters
  • 10. Prioritization What Matters Most @EltonMayfield #MeasureWhatMatters
  • 11. The „So What‟ Factor Impact vs Effort Big Data Systems People Culture
  • 12. Establish a Strategy To Measure those Metrics @EltonMayfield #MeasureWhatMatters
  • 13. “A measurement strategy is an overall philosophy and approach to data brought to life through specific choices in how organizations capture, store, and analyze information for decision-making purposes. Defining this is no longer a luxury.”
  • 14. Steps to Consider Align the Plan Draft measurement plan Sell it Refine it
  • 15. Alignment and Execution What really matters? What will impact the business? What aligns with company goals? Who cares?
  • 16. Foster an Open Culture Come on in, the water‟s fine @EltonMayfield #MeasureWhatMatters
  • 17. Are you Ready? Capacity to learn Willingness to change Openness to failure Change the way you speak Change conversation about deadlines to conversations around actions.
  • 18. Make Life Easier. Use Existing Tools. Start with what you‟ve got Don‟t overcomplicate the process Google Analytics Email platform reports Social network reporting HootSuite or similar platforms Plug „n Play reporting Avoid anything that says „Enterprise‟ level Just get started… Look for existing tools to meet your needs. @EltonMayfield #MeasureWhatMatters
  • 19. Things That Are Dead Hits Traffic Visitors Clicks Page Views Social Share Likes
  • 20. You will mess it up  Determine what matters  Establish a strategy or plan  Prioritize  Foster an open culture  Review and repeat  Don‟t worry it will change
  • 21. @EltonMayfield #MeasureWhatMatters Goals are the reference to know if the target was reached. Measurement informs us of progress along the way.
  • 22. Discussion Elton Mayfield @eltonmayfield