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So, Mobile is Big. Now What?
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So, Mobile is Big. Now What?


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A Practical Guide for Integrating Mobile into your B2B Business Strategy & Marketing Mix. Presented by Will Keible, Manager of Digital Sales and Marketing for, the digital arm of Charlotte’s …

A Practical Guide for Integrating Mobile into your B2B Business Strategy & Marketing Mix. Presented by Will Keible, Manager of Digital Sales and Marketing for, the digital arm of Charlotte’s NBC affiliate, WCNC-TV.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. So, Mobile Is BIG. Now What? A Practical Guide for Integrating Mobile into your B2B Business Strategy and Marketing Mix
  • 2. Sadly, this is not far from reality for many B2B organizations
  • 3. Todays Agenda Why Is Mobile Important for B2Bs
  • 4. Todays Agenda How to Get It Done
  • 5. Todays Agenda Getting the Word Out
  • 6. Why Is Mobile So Important for B2Bs?
  • 7. Source: Mobile Movement Study, Google Ipsos OTX Media CT, April 2011
  • 8. Your Customers Are Using MobileMobile will be theprimary internet accesspoint by 201440% of U.S. Mobile UsersOwn Smartphones(July 2011)49% of Small businessowners use smartphones70% of executives underthe age of consider mobiletheir primarycommunications tool
  • 9. More than 80% of professionals are usingsmartphones and other mobile devices in their jobs. 64% of professionals said they use their smartphone for business more than they did last year Source: MPIs FutureWatch 2011 Survey
  • 10. So, Forget the StatsHeres the Bottom Line
  • 11. If you have a website, you’re already in the mobile world.
  • 12. And, if you havent already optimized it for mobile consumption, you’re making a terrible impression with your customers.
  • 13. "Because your amped-up,tricked-out websites,replete with all thosebells, whistles, sub-navsand flash movies that singharmonies on laptop-sizedscreens, produce a chaoticcacophony to usersviewing them on theminiature screens of theirmobile devices."(Source: The Mobile Revolution & B2B)
  • 14. This is a new touchpoint
  • 15. It is a disrupter of other media
  • 16. Your customers are connected totheir smartphones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • 17. Business is not just conducted at your desk
  • 18. We are always connected
  • 19. We are always connected
  • 20. We are always connectedMobile is Anytime, Anywhere, Always-On Media and Business Platform
  • 21. Even If Your Current Clients Arent Connecting Through Mobile The Next Generation of Clients Will
  • 22. Mobile gives B2Bs a new set ofcapabilities and behaviors to exploit
  • 23. Your competitors are using mobile
  • 24. Mobile Is Not a Strategy
  • 25. It Is a Tactic That Helps B2B’sImplement Their Business Strategy Mobile Is Not a Strategy
  • 26. Theres a Real Need to Get It Right the First Time
  • 27. Two Key QuestionsWhat Is Your Organizations CoreValue Proposition to Customers?How Does Mobile Fit Into YourEfforts to Advance the Core ValueProposition and Strengthen YourCompetitive Position?
  • 28. 7 Steps to Taking Your Marketing Mobile
  • 29. #1 Look At What Youre Starting With Evaluate your existing website and determine what can and should be optimized What current marketing programs can be enhanced through mobile CK B2B Marketing
  • 30. Key Considerations for Mobile Content It doesnt need to look anything like your website Ease of navigation is important Page load speed is critical
  • 31. Key Considerations for Mobile Content Not Everything on Your Website Needs to be here Keep it brief. Avoid lengthy text. Video in lieu of text - product demos work better than product descriptions
  • 32. #2 Determine What Your Customers Need Identify your customers External (Existing, Potential) Internal (Sales, Marketing, Logistics, etc) How can my mobile website or app... 1. Help improve your performance? 2. Save you time? 3. Make your job easier? 4. Reduce your costs?
  • 33. What Platforms Do They1 Currently Use? What Mobile Apps, Tools,2 Widgets, and Features Do They Currently Find Useful? What Are Their Informational3 Needs? Product Updates Specs Pricing Customer Service Promotions Catalogue
  • 34. Identify Their Needs?Pain Points Challenges? Customer Pressures? Problems?
  • 35. #3 Perform A Competitive AnalysisBenchmarkCopy the good stuffIdentify what theyre not doingDifferentiate
  • 36. #4 Match Customer Needs to Mobile ToolsLocation Video Social QR Augmented Based Media Codes Reality
  • 37. Augmented Reality
  • 38. Augmented Reality Regus • Global supplier of temporary office space • Most customers were on-the-go with limited access to PC. Their mission is to "aid business professionals in working whenever and wherever they want." • Developed a mobile app that uses augmented reality (AR) and location-based services to help users to find office space near them • By scanning the area in front of them with their phone camera, the office options populate their phone screens. The Results • 19,000 Downloads in 85 Countries in less than 6 months • Huge buzz and positive press coverage • Universally hailed as more useful than their PC website
  • 39. Location Based Technology Hoovers Near Here • Location-based sales prospecting tool enabling sales forces to identify, filter, contact and get directions to their targets. • Goal: "...provide the best possible mobile experience to traveling sales professionals, who need to make use of every minute when they’re on the road"
  • 40. Location Based TechnologyPerfect for Tradeshow MarketingReward those who check-into yourbooth on Foursquare:• schwag• free downloads• special discount• one-on-one with the CEOWord spreads as other attendees see visitorschecked-in at your booth "Is Foursquare the Next Killer App for Tradeshow Marketing?" (Source: Tradeshowguy Blog)
  • 41. Video User Mini Video Business HighGenerated Webinar Infographic Casual Production Value
  • 42. Social MediaMake sure your content can be easily sharedPull in Twitter Feeds – Official Twitter Feed, Executives, Industry News
  • 43. A Few More Examples Accenture Mack trucks • Podcasts for professionals on the go • Leverages geo-locating capability to • Outlet for News and Updates let drivers know where they can get service
  • 44. #5 Develop It• Determine which devices and operating systems your customers use - formal survey of clients - informal survey - analytics• Four major smartphone platforms• How many platforms will you support?• Is Mobile Web Enough or Do I Need an App?
  • 45. App or Mobile Website? Mobile Websites Native App Cost Low Expensive Device Access Partial Full Speed Fast Very Fast App Store No Yes Approval Process None Yes Connectivity Required Not Required Real Estate on Phone Optional Automatic Coolness Factor Medium High User Feedback Difficult Easy (App Store) Ease of Location High Low
  • 46. #6 Monitor, Support, ImproveProcess of Continuous ImprovementKeep Content FreshConduct Ongoing Customer Needs AnalysisMonitor the CompetitionStay abreast of technological developments
  • 47. #7 Measure ROITrack App/Website Metrics Number of downloads Page Views Return Frequency Unique Visitors Section & Page ranking
  • 48. Track Social Media # of Mentions Who? Conversations How does this compare to the competition? Reviews in App store Sharing
  • 49. Leads RevenuesQuantity # of SalesCost Per Lead New Sales/ClientsClosing Ratio Revenue Per Sale Sales from Existing Clients
  • 50. Market FootprintMarket ShareBrand Awareness/Lift Subscriptions to Social Media Branded Search Volume
  • 51. Building It Is Not Enough This Is NotYou Need to Get The Word Out
  • 52. You Will Need To Aggressively Promote Your Mobile Offerings Through A Variety of Channels• Mobile Advertising• Targeted Email• Social Media• SEM & SEO• Direct Mail• Company Website• e-Newsletters• Trade Shows• Event Marketing• SMS• etc...
  • 53. Smartphone Owners Are Ad RespondersResults from a recent study conductedby Google:Over 70 percent have conducted searches ontheir smartphones after exposure to an ad(traditional, online, mobile).82 percent of smartphone usersnoticed mobile ads.Most half of the those seeing mobile ads tooksome form of action:• 42 percent clicked on the ad• 27 percent contacted the business• 35 percent went to a related website• 49 percent made a purchase Source: Google 2011
  • 54. Targeting allows for B2Bmarketers to achieve efficiencygoals • Retargeting • Geo-targeting • Demo Targeting • Behavioral/Interest Targeting • Channel/Vertical TargetingMobile Ad Networks • Blind Networks • Premium Blind Networks • Premium Networks Three facts you need to know about mobile ad networks: 1. No ad network is dominant. For a list of Mobile Ad 2. No one really knows what ad network is biggest. Networks scan the QR 3. Mobile ad networks are not created alike. code or visit: Source: MobiThinking -ad-network-guide
  • 55. Mobile Websites ofindustry trade publicationsmay offer advertisingopportunitiesGeographically focusedpublishers also make sensewhen your customers areconcentrated in a specific area
  • 56. OBEY
  • 57. Incorporate QR Codes Into Current Marketing & AdvertisingPrint Ads in Trade PublicationsTargeted Email MarketingPromotional Videos/TV SpotsDigital AdsBillboards "Mobile Action Codes In Print Advertising" Whitepaper. NellyMoser
  • 58. QR codes at trade shows: This can link to your Facebook page, your latest product sheet, your catalog, a mobile site, an after-event party invitation or a form to request a QR codes on business cards: QR codes on trade show follow-up call and information. This can be an electronic mailings: This allows you to contact entry, directions to download the latest your location, a link to your guidebook, daily updates blog, access to a video from and access to a mobile site you or your firm or direct or attendee interaction access to your mobile site. Put your latest catalog or hottest product on your business card. QR codes in catalogs: These canQR codes on product packaging: If link to specification sheets oryou sell a product that requires instructional videos, or dial ininstallation, include a QR code on the directly to your salesbox to drive users to online department.instructional videos. QR codes on direct mail: A postcard can become your catalog, a link to your Facebook page, a direct line to your sales department or a video message from your CEO. Source: MLT Creative
  • 59. For more great research on the adoption and use of QR Codes
  • 60. Trade Show (Printed Material)CienaQR Code connected to a mobile-friendly landing page.Landing page featured a synopsis of ahighly relevant paper and a simplifiedregistration form for lead capture.Once attendees completed the formthey gained instant access to the whitepaper.The QR code made it extraordinarily easyto give attendees high-value informationon the go and efficiently capture leads.
  • 61. Get Creative. Have Fun.Southern Resources - Scrap Metal Recycling CompanyCharlotte, NC Worlds Largest QR Code
  • 62. Standards Battle: QR Codes vs. Microsoft TagsConsiderationsOpen vs. Closed Source CustomizabilityAdoption Rates SecurityScanability
  • 63. QR Code MetricsImpressions. The number of times the QR code isviewed in its original context or surface. This is usuallythe same as the number of impressions the ad, in whichthe QR code appears, gets.Snaps. The number of people who snap a shot of the QRcode and are linked to the landing page or other content How To CreateSnap-through rate. Calculate the percentage of peoplewho take this next action by dividing the number of a QR Codesnaps by the number of impressions.Actions. This is the number of people who ultimatelybuy or take the next step. This should be in line withmarketing goals.Conversion rate. Calculate the percentage of people whoconvert from those who snap-through on your QR codeor actions divided by snaps.
  • 64. Questions?
  • 65. Will KeibleDigital Sales Manager, 329-3655 @willkeible LoikoDigital Marketing Consultant, 329-3689 @loiko71