The Next Step for BusinessWorks


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Many BusinessWorks users are finding that it's the right time to explore their options for the next step in their ERP roadmap. If you are seeking the right technology step for your company's future, join us to learn more about the options available to you.

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The Next Step for BusinessWorks

  1. 1. The Next Step for BusinessWorks April 23, 2014
  2. 2. Welcome! Housekeeping Introductions The Future of BusinessWorks Areas of Focus What are the options? Q&A Next Steps
  3. 3. Introductions Alicia Anderson Facilitator Blytheco’s Atlanta office Marketing
  4. 4. Introductions Charles Rogers Sage Solution Architect Blytheco's Laguna Hills, CA office. Specializes in training and solution design for Sage 100 ERP, BusinessWorks, Distributing and Manufacturing, Crystal Reports and Financial Report Writing. Over twenty years of Sage 100 ERP experience as an end user, consultant and Certified Trainer. He is a Certified Trainer for Sage 100 ERP, Sage Intelligence, BusinessWorks, Crystal Reports, FRx. Has received numerous awards, including National Trainer of the Year.
  5. 5. While Sage HAS announced their decision to sunset BusinessWorks, they have NOT released an official retirement date of the product. Sage HAS classified BusinessWorks as a "non-core" product. Following version 2013, new features and functionality will be released within service packs. This new "On-going Update" format will replace the ANNUAL upgrade. On plan customers can purchase add on modules/users and renewals until the retirement date. Customers can purchase support through the retirement date. Sage Business Care plans will be prorated if purchased during the final 12 months prior to retirement. The Future of BusinessWorks
  6. 6. Are you starting to feel the pains of the limitations of BusinessWorks in your business? Yes, we feel those pains. We are not feeling those pains now but might in the future. No, no pains, just curious. Audience Poll
  7. 7. Natural Progression Sage 100 ERP is the most comprehensive feature-rich management suite by Sage for mid-sized companies looking to streamline operations in a cost-effective and accessible way.
  8. 8. Inventory Manufacturing Mobility Analytics Security/Scalability Today’s Areas of Focus
  9. 9. I NVENTORY
  10. 10. Costing method is assigned at item level in Sage 100 Additional costing methods available, including lot and serial Valuation/Costing
  11. 11. Distribution Physical Count Manufacturing and Job Costing Bar Code Integration
  12. 12. MRP Inventory Advisor Forecasting - MRP
  13. 13. Forecasting – Inventory Advisor
  15. 15. Not just Component Management Multi-Level Assemblies Option Bills Bill of Materials Module
  16. 16. Work Centers Operational Step management with GL Control Routing Scheduling True work-in- process (WIP) Work Order Module
  17. 17. MOBI LI TY
  18. 18. Browser, Tablet, Phone Streamlined interface Full functionality bly:Mobile
  19. 19. Sage Cloud Services
  20. 20. Sage Cloud Services
  21. 21. Sage Mobile Sales
  22. 22. Sage Billing and Payment
  23. 23. ANALYTI CS
  24. 24. Business Insights Reporter Explorer Dashboards Business Insights
  25. 25. Business Insights Explorer
  26. 26. Business Insights Dashboard
  27. 27. Sage Intelligence Dashboard
  28. 28. Sage Intelligence – Report Designer
  30. 30. Roles Based Security - Easier management and deployment ODBC Security - Control data of ODBC compliant programs, i.e. Excel, Access … Field level control via Sage 100 Customizer Module - Control access and visibility of individual data fields by user and/or user groups Allow greater concurrent user access - on- premise and remote Security/Scalability
  31. 31. The Sage Investment Protection Program (SIPP) allows customers to receive a per-user trade-in credit for their current Sage ERP licenses. This credit can be applied against the purchase of user licenses for a new Sage ERP solution. Protect your BusinessWorks Investment! Trade-in credit varies from $500 to $1,500 per user based on Subscription Plan status and date of trade-in.
  32. 32. Features:  Customizable modules and scalable solutions.  Business intelligence tools.  Addresses wide variety of industry needs.  On premise or online deployment. Empower your team to exceed your goals with Sage 100 ERP Sage 100 ERP provides the critical data you need to grow your business. What are your options? Sage 100 ERP Benefits:  Create exceptional customer experience and loyalty.  Gain instant visibility across your operation.  Make better decisions that increases your bottom line.
  33. 33. Web Portal Visual Processes Workflow & Alerts Business Intelligence Document Management MS Office Integration Search Engine Customer Service Manufacturing Accounting & Finance Sales PurchasingInventory Web-Native Choice of platforms Rich Functionality Enhanced Usability Highly personalizable Built to Extend X3 is modern, comprehensive and robust. What are your options? Sage ERP X3
  34. 34. What are your options? NetSuite AfterBefore  Siloed information  Disparate processes  Limited visibility and access for decentralized employees  One version of data enterprise-wide  Streamlined, integrated processes  Complete visibility and insight into your company for all employees
  35. 35. Next Steps? Top Ten Wish List for Modern ERP Learn more about the technology capabilities that enable greater efficiency in today’s business. Get the Top 10 Wishlist.
  36. 36. COMING SOON: Special Offer for BW to Sage 100 Migration Your choice of service level at a fixed price Get on the mailing list: Next Steps?
  37. 37. Please type your question into the GoToWebinar Dashboard Questions?