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Taking Sage 500 to Sage X3: Comparing the Solutions


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The next step for many Sage 500 customers is migrating to Sage ERP X3, the enterprise level ERP solution. …

The next step for many Sage 500 customers is migrating to Sage ERP X3, the enterprise level ERP solution.

Join the experts at Blytheco and RKL eSolutions to learn about your options - join us to see a direct comparison between the Sage 500 and Sage ERP X3, and the pros and cons of moving to X3.

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  • 1. Taking Sage 500 to X3 Comparing the Solutions and Finding the Best Fit For You December 10, 2013
  • 2. Agenda Today: • • • • Introductions and Agenda for today Panel discussion questions Solution Demo Q&A
  • 3. Introductions • Alicia Anderson – Facilitator ▫ Marketing, Blytheco
  • 4. Skip Hulme • X3 Practice Manager, Blytheco • 25 years of professional experience in application design and development, product management, and technology consulting • Senior Product Manager for both Sage 500 and Sage ERP X3 at Sage North America • Central role in developing the localized version of the X3 Standard Edition, including its Implementation Methodology and Kit.
  • 5. Joe Noll • • • • • President, RKL eSolutions LLC Sage ERP X3 Certified Technical and Developer Sage 500 ERP Certified Technical and Developer SQL Server 2008:Microsoft Certified Master SQL Server: MCITP Developer & MCITP Administrator
  • 6. Philip Laing • Solution Architect, Blytheco • Over ten years of experience crafting solutions for companies such as Archer Daniels Midland, Boeing, and Pepsi Cola. • Technical advisor and product advocate.
  • 7. Common X3 Misconceptions… • X3 does not provide support for standard US requirements, such as check printing and 1099 reporting • The X3 development platform is proprietary • X3 won’t run on my Mac • X3 cannot support my accounting and financial reporting needs
  • 8. X3 is Powerful Automation plus Integrated Business Processes Streamline operations with end-to-end process integration ACCOUNTING & FINANCE General ledger AR/AP Payments Cost accounting Budgeting Allocations Fixed assets Multi-currency, multicompany, multilegislation/multi-chart of accounts SALES Pricing, quotes & contracts Order entry Product configuration Inventory allocations Delivery scheduling & shipping Invoicing Customer returns Sales commissions PURCHASING Purchase requests Encumbrance accounting Requests for proposals Purchase orders Outsourcing/Subcontracting Multi-level approval processing Contracts Invoice tracking INVENTORY Multi-level warehousing and location management Movements and transactions RF data collection Quality control Costing Acquisition price tracing Inventory control Procurement CUSTOMER SERVICE Contact management Customer support Warranty management and service orders Knowledge base Campaigns MANUFACTURING Routings Discrete or process batch flow BOM/Formula management MPS/MRP Technical data configurator Costing Quality control Forward/backward traceability Shop floor control Capacity planning Manufacturing Accounting & Finance Web Portal Visual Processes Workflow & Alerts Customer Business Intelligence Service Document Management MS Office Integration Search Engine Inventory Purchasing Sales
  • 9. Are you looking for…? ▫ Global operations ▫ Growth ▫ More streamlined processes ▫ Real-time insights into performance ▫ Deployment options ▫ Specialized functionality
  • 10. Global Operations ▫ Multi-legislation ▫ Multicompany/site ▫ Multi-currency ▫ Multi-ledger
  • 11. Global Operations  Accounting Model  Legal Reports  Fixed Assets family  Fiscal Year end closing  Tax Management (e.g. - VAT)
  • 12. Head Quarter € Group $ £ ¥ Legal Company Financial Site Legal Company Financial Site
  • 13. Capacity for Growth  SQL Server and Oracle database support  Windows, Linux and Unix support  N-Tier Architecture
  • 14. Capacity for Growth – 2 tier
  • 15. Capacity for Growth – 4 tier
  • 16. Capacity for Growth • Scalability beyond 1000 concurrent users • Diversify server loads • Scale up processing capacity
  • 17. Processes •Drilldown •Workflow •Role-based •Visual Processes
  • 18. Processes ▫ Integrated workflow (notifications, process automation) ▫ Improves data flow and accuracy ▫ Streamlines common tasks to let staff focus on more complex problems ▫ Graphical editor for building interactive processes ▫ Links to ERP functions, reports, documents and procedures… ▫ Simplifies the user training, improves the efficiency
  • 19. Visual Process
  • 20. Workflows ORDER CREATION Amount > 30,000 ? yes - client code - products/items no • A real time tracking of your process • Compliant with the latest financial rules (SOX, LSF….) - total amount -… Automatic Message to the appropriate recipients Criteria Choice • increase your team’s reactivity • Secured and track your sensitive data
  • 21. Insights ▫ User portal customizable by drag and drop ▫ Dashboards ▫ KPIs ▫ Management by Exception (requesters) ▫ Direct access to detail
  • 22. Insights ▫ Critical information at a glance ▫ Publication of KPIs
  • 23. Insights
  • 24. Deployment options  Native web/browser client  Built-in web services for third-party integration  V7 (due May 2014) provides complete browser and operating system independence  Mobility
  • 25. • User-centric collaborative workspace • Secure access to functions and data via local and extended networks, including https mode • Fully Web services compliant (XML, UDDI, WSDL, SOAP)
  • 26. Deployment Options • Eliminates cost for terminal server to provide remote access. • No client install with the Web Client.
  • 27. Specialized Functionality
  • 28. Container Management •Global business •Shipping containers •Tracking floating inventory
  • 29. Quality Control ▫ Rules to enforce standards  Test a product on the basis of a technical sheet  Modify status of a product based on results  Update Lot characteristics following a control point (expiry information, lot name, user defined attributes)
  • 30. Compliance ▫ OSHA, 21 CFR Part 11 (medical devices, etc.), FSMA/HAACP (food and beverage)  Forward and backward serial number tracking  Forward and backward lot tracing  Audit trails, security, digital signatures
  • 31. Service ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ Service Contracts, Invoicing and Renewals Warranty Coverage and Association Service Callers and Service Contractors Tracking of “Units” Sold To Customers Service Requests    Assignments by Skill Groups    Use of Internal Servicemen or Contractors Assignments to Sites, Queues, Servicemen or Sales Service Contract Control Solution Knowledge Base Service Responses Qualification Control and Schedule Control Ability to Create New Business Opportunities
  • 32. Solution Presentation
  • 33. Q&A • Please type your question into the Questions pane on the GoToMeeting dashboard
  • 34. Next Steps? • January 14 Webinar: The Checklist for Modern ERP: ERP Made Sexy ▫ 52 • Additional Resources ▫ “What’s Next” Whitepaper ▫ A Look at the Verticals ▫ Both available here • 21 CFR Part 11 Whitepaper • Gap Analysis
  • 35. Thank you!