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Everything you need to know in order to use and abuse Facebook for your business's advantage's.
Four Major Take-aways: Why use Facebook to promote your business?
What’s the right Page for me?
How do we manage our Page?
How do you get customers from FB?

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  • On Facebook, these kinds of connections are being built at unprecedented scale. On any given day, 500M users are logging in daily, and 250M photos are being uploaded and commented on, including many great pictures from SMBs.
  • 2B posts are liked and commented on, including many posts by small and medium businesses.
  • AND 46% of Facebook users talk about or recommend products
  • We are all consumers.B2PWhere are your customers’ customers?Bottom line – be where your customers ARE, and where THEIR customers are.
  • The real strength of FB lies in it’s power to Amplify messagesComScore report on FB Ad EffectivenessFan pages = your posts appear on your Fan’s news streams = their Friends see themData imply that fans and friends of friends of those brands increased the frequency of their purchases by 21 and 38 percent, respectively, after four weeks. So it isn't all about immediate click-through rates, but rather increased purchasing over time. The report also emphasizes the importance not just of fans, but friends of fans.Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/heres-comscores-massive-report-on-facebook-ad-effectiveness-2012-6?op=1#ixzz1y3X5JxtU
  • FB is for INTERACTION. Making connections.
  • First you have to build your page. With the new Timeline redesign, you can express your business’s identity in ways that you never could. We really tried to build a place that’s like your store front on the web. The cover photo expresses your identity and brand, and the content on the timeline reflects what’s happening with your business on a daily basis. It’s not static like a web-site. Instead it changes on regular basis as new things happen with your business. This is the way you can reach your connections and engage your customers, prospects, and their friends in a conversation.
  • You can set up FB to automatically pull in news from other social sources so FB becomes the hub for your company’s news and updates.
  • This is the first thing people will see when they visit your Page. Choose a unique photo (851 x 315pixels) and change it as often as you like. Some examples might include a popular menu item, album artwork, or a picure of people using your product. Be creative and experiment withimages your audience responds well to.* Set milestones to define your key moments over time. Examples of milestones include reaching a certain number of fans, opening a new store, or winning an award. Dimensions for milestone photos are 843 x 403 pixelsAnchor the most important story to the top of your Page for up to seven days.The admin panel appears at the top of all Pages you manage. It offers a quick snapshot of who you should respond to, and gives you access to your Page and post performance. View notifications, Page Insights, and edit your content here. You can also hide and expand the admin panel from view.Respond to people when they message you privately
  • Let’s look at some examples of companies doing it wellCisco – reward and spotlightsuperfans – people who spread the word about you. Your customers can be your best marketers.
  • ClearRisk, an online provider of risk management solutions, uses the HubSpot Facebook Welcome application to encourage new visitors to their Facebook page to become a lead for their business.Read more: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/25498/6-Ways-B2B-Companies-Are-Using-Facebook.aspx#ixzz1y3JIUJL0
  • Dell is doing a great job promoting a series of Summer events – Bonnaroo, Lollapolaooza, New Orleans Jazz Festival – with contests, lots of Twitter integration, live streaming on YouTube
  • FB enables pay per click advertising – very easy to setupComScore report on Effectiveness of FB Advertising – early June 2012
  • The same principles apply to FB ads as to traditional ad formats – magazines, TV, Radio. FB Study of professional marketers evaluating over 400 FB ads for effectiveness.
  • Good ad - This ad includes many of the elements Facebook says are key to driving performance. It has a strong focal point (the image) and a strong brand link (AT&T is clearly identified as the advertiser). The tone hews to the AT&T brand tone. And there are two "rewards": the happy family makes the viewer feel happy, and the promise of saving money draws the reader in.
  • This ad falls down on a number of criteria. It doesn't have a strong focal point, and it takes some effort to identify the Disney as the brand. The tone is fine, but it doesn't have a strong "reward."
  • Will link your searching of non-FB pages to FB sidebar adsEnabled by cookiesA real-time bidding (pay per click) systemhttp://techcrunch.com/2012/06/13/facebook-exchange/Visitor to Ford’s Escape SUV page tagged with a cookie, then shown Escape ads on FB.
  • Facebook for Business

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    2. 2. Alicia Anderson, BlythecoBlytheco Advanced Marketing@aliciakanderson@blythecollcThink.blytheco.com – blogwww.blytheco.com/BAM
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    4. 4. What will you learn?1. 4 Take-a-ways Why use Facebook to promote your business?2. What’s the right Page for me?3. How do we manage our Page?4. How do you get customers from FB?
    5. 5. Today, and every day… 500M USERS LOG IN #FB4BIZ
    6. 6. Today, and every day… 2B POSTS ARE LIKED COMMENTED ONON & #FB4BIZ
    7. 7. Facebook Is More Effective for B2C; LinkedIn Is for B2B
    8. 8. Amplification
    9. 9. What’s the Diff? ●Groups ●Profiles ●Pages
    10. 10. Groups have members
    11. 11. Profiles have Friends
    12. 12. Pages have fans
    13. 13. Why Use a Fan Page?● Unlimited “Fans”● Analytics● Connect to a physical location● SEO optimized● Messages post to Fans’ news streams● Vanity URL available● Set up multiple admins● Customize with apps
    14. 14. How to use Facebook● Build brand awareness● Connect with customers● Promote events● Build your sales pipeline● Promote thought leadership● Get consumer feedback
    15. 15. You are given an empty canvas: Business Name X Likes – Y Talking About ThisCategoryTwo concise sentences about your business should beenough for users to know more about you
    16. 16. FB is your company’s online “newsroom”● Photos● Blog posts● Tweets● YouTube videos● Online articles from others via Delicious
    17. 17. Quick Tips● Use and update images● Set milestones● Anchor the important stuff at the top● Measure!● Respond
    18. 18. Reward Fans
    19. 19. Generate Leads
    20. 20. Promote Events
    21. 21. Recruiting
    22. 22. Advertising● 70 percent of brand campaigns showed a return on ad spend (ROI) of 3x or better● 49 percent of brand campaigns showed an ROI of 5x or better● In the four weeks after seeing an ad on Facebook from a major offline US-based retailer, fans and their friends bought 56 percent more frequently online from this retailer.
    23. 23. Highly Targeted
    24. 24. “Traditional” works● ONE focal point● Tone fits brand personality● Clear direction/Call to action● A Reward
    25. 25. Good Ad • Strong focal point • Strong branding • Good rewards
    26. 26. Not-so-good Ad • No strong focal point • Hard to id the brand • No strong reward
    27. 27. Coming soon – Facebook Exchange
    28. 28. What Have You Learned? 1. Why Facebook to promote your business? 2. What’s the right Page for me? 3. How do we manage our Page? 4. How do you get customers from FB?
    29. 29. ● Don’t know where to start? ● We can help www.blytheco.com/BAM
    30. 30. Thank you for joining me •aanderson@blytheco.com •@aliciakanderson •@blythecoLLC •949-583-9500 X 2204
    31. 31. Want More?● Twitter for Business – Tuesday, June 26.● LinkedIn 102 – Tuesday, July 10.● Pinterest for Business – Tuesday, July 17.● Finding the ‘Hot Spots’ on your Website with Real-Time Traffic Monitoring – Tuesday, July 31.● If you like it then you shoulda put a click on it: A look at content creation and the magic of CTAs - Tuesday, August 7. Sign up at www.blytheco.com/bam