Introduction to Eleets Transportation


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Ever wonder what a full service 3PL can do for your bottom line? See why the Eleets Transportation advantage can work for your business-no matter the size of the shipment. For more information check out

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Introduction to Eleets Transportation

  1. 1. OVERVIEW Asset-Light 3PL & Licensed Freight Forwarder Sales $120 million in 2011 Year 4 Sales Projected at $125M Growth of over 179% since 2007 Multimodal Transportation Solutions: Highway, LTL, Refrigerated, Expedited, Rail, Drayage
  2. 2. ELEETS VISION As a world-class provider of customer-driven logistics solutions, Eleets strives to pioneer new and inventive approaches, define industry standards and deliver optimum service.All while maintaining conscientious consideration for our environment, community and workforce.
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE TEAMUnique Talent. • Al Steele President and Chief Executive Officer, PrincipalProven Leadership. From driving trucks to running a multi-million dollar logistics operation, Steele has truly seen every side of the industry. After a decade as an over-the-road, owner-operator driver, he joined Stonier Transportation Group in 1982 as a freight coordinator. His responsibilities quickly grew as the company expanded, and he was appointedWith dozens of years in president in 1994. Stonier later became VEXURE, a full-service logistics company, which was then acquired by NYKthe transportation Logistics (Americas) in 2003. In recognition of Steeles leadership and industry acumen, he was retained by NYK in the Office of the President and remained in the position for four years before leaving to start Eleetsindustry, our principals Transportation.are battle-testedveterans who know how • Stephen Davieto manage innovation Senior Vice President, Officer, Principaland grow a company. Mr. Davie has been a key component of executive management in three logistics companies over 15 years – all of which experienced significant growth during his tenure. His first exposure to the industry was with Al Steele and Stonier/VEXURE from 1994 – 2001. As cofounder of Momentum Logistics in 2002, he helped guide the start-up to become one of Landstar’s premier agents in just two years. From 2004 – 2007 he applied his experience inTheyve assembled a logistics to aircraft charter and founded and developed Florida HeliJet into a premier provider of aviation servicesteam of top people from in Northeast Florida. In 2009 he reunited with his long-time business partner, Steele at Eleets.industry giants andempowered them to • Bret Holmes, CPAtake entrepreneurial Chief Financial Officerownership of their Holmes has more than 20 years of accounting experience in various disciplines. His accounting career grew after he became a Certified Public Accountant, working at a regional firm. He then entered private accounting andrespective business served as CFO for various companies in the hospitality, manufacturing and distribution, transportation, homeunits, setting the stage building and real estate development industries prior to joining Eleets in 2009. He also served as Vice President of Finance at VEXURE prior to the acquisition by NYK.for continued success.
  4. 4. OFFICES & STAFFCorporate office based in Jacksonville, FLOne of the leading ports on the East CoastFull Service branch offices and sales officesEleets has branch office locations in Cleveland, Orangeburg andCharleston as well as sales offices in Atlanta and Philadelphia.Multi-National Staff located in over seven statesSpanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, German, Vietnamese &Cambodian
  6. 6. NATIONWIDE STAFF Eleets Transportation values employees as its greatest asset. Our staff of over 100 people and over 90 drivers are committed to providing customers with a combination of consistent competitive pricing, uncompromised service and the most advanced logistics technology solutions available anywhere in the country.Corporate office basedin Jacksonville, FLOne of the leading ports on theEast CoastFull Service branchoffices and sales officesEleets has branch officelocations in Cleveland,Orangeburg and Charleston aswell as sales offices in Atlantaand Philadelphia.Multi-National Stafflocated in over sevenstatesSpanish, Russian, French,Portuguese, German,Vietnamese & Cambodian
  7. 7. FINANCIAL HISTORY • 2011 Revenues at $120M • 2012 Forecast at $125M • Fully Insured at the shipment level •Excellent payment schedule to suppliers and partners • Profitable
  8. 8. TECH ADVANTAGE The PEMR model for SMARTSCM outlines our activities that deliver the most value to the customer and door- to-door supply chain services for freight. Plan Execute Manage Report • Exceptions • Visibility• Optimization • Scheduling • Compliance • Performance• Rules • Adjusting • Carriers • Key Metrics• Routes • Tendering • Capacity • Industry Trends• Rates • Tracking • Service• Requirements • Tracing • Technology
  9. 9. In forming Eleets Transportation, a strategy built for growth was envisioned by creating the framework for a versatile, asset-light transportation services company built on Three Key Strategy Components: Provide Service through a multi-vertical business model, Operate under an asset light Philosophy, Be first in providing SMART solutions for customers. Strategy Multi- Smart Vertical Solutions Asset Light
  10. 10. MULTI-VERTICALBy providing services in multiple verticals, We can say yes to just about every customerand bring added stability to the business plan, as an especially strong showing in onevertical can offset a slow start in another.This strategy also enables Eleets Transportation to leverage its multiple strengths andservice capabilities. For example, a customer that needs truckload shipping might alsohave less-than-truckload shipments, and intermodal service may be substituted for truckservice when capacity is tight in a given traffic lane.Most importantly, working in multi-verticals provides a vehicle for accelerated growth, apoint made abundantly clear in Eleets Transportation‘s first year.
  11. 11. ASSET LIGHTMost customers are not comfortable turning their businesses over to brokerage-onlyservice providers, because it limits their options and potentially increases risk.We operates under an asset-light philosophy, where trucking assets comprise a strategic -but not predominant - part of the business model. The mantra is "we truck to broker."This mix of assets with brokerage enables the Eleets Transportation Logistics brand to bepresent at the customers shipping dock when necessary and allows access to assets,without encumbering the company with an excessive investment in them.We believe there is more profit potential in managing assets as opposed to owning them.
  12. 12. THE YES NETWORK Eleets Transportation provides the unique advantage to say “Yes” in handling freight of all kinds.o Leverage in the transportation marketplace - Eleets manages $120M in transportation spendo Well-trained transportation specialists focused on serving customer requirementso Unique initiatives for a smarter transportation network (Enviromodal™)o State-of-the-art transportation management technologyo Flexibility – able to support seasonal peaks and growtho Solution services designers available to provide supply chain diagnostics or analytical supporto Leading practices in carrier management, load planning and shipment managemento Continuity of operations – consistent management and operational support – fully-trained backup personnel cover when primary contact is unavailableo Multi-Modal Service Options: Highway, LTL, Refrigerated, Expedited, Rail
  13. 13. SMART SOLUTIONS While most logistics companies focus only on getting goods from one place to another, Eleets Transportation decreases "empty miles" by connecting two or more clients with empty cargo space that are heading in the same direction - a greener and more cost-effective way of moving freight.Enviromodal is Eleets’ brand-neutral, financial- and environmental-focused transportation initiative that offers another means of handling freightmore efficiently.Enviromodal will yield manage rail intermodal and truck drayage assets, thereby increasing asset utilization and reducing empty miles – meaningless consumption of fossil fuels and a decrease in air pollutants.As a logistics partner in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Transport Partnership, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissionsand improving the fuel efficiency of ground freight transportation are among Eleets’ primary goals.In addition, Enviromodal clients will be able to access real-time equipment availability and billing information, reserve equipment on a round-the-clock basis, manage shipments, submit questions about charges in real-time and utilize a one-stop rail billing feature.
  14. 14. BENEFICIAL PARTNERS With the unique partnerships we have, Eleets is able to offer almost 400k square feet of warehouse space with quick access to North/South or East/West corridors on Interstate road systems in heart of South Carolina.•Warehouse is located on 388,300sq feet warehouse space in the building. 40,000sq feet of that is climatecontrolled and also on 172 acres of fenced property•Secured inside and outside storage that is open 5 days a week•One-stop-shop warehouse and can accommodate the needs of its clients by creating custom action plans forevery customer•Flatbed and hopper truck loading with indoor loading during inclement weather•Daily switch from Norfolk Southern rail line•Great relationship with the Port of Charleston and the Port of Savannah•Rail Spur has a capacity of 13 rail cars per day. Trac-mobile available for switching railcars on property•Handle inbound/outbound and domestic cargo with drive in bay doors
  15. 15. INTERMODAL & LTL While most logistics companies focus only on getting goods from one place to another, Eleets Transportation decreases "empty miles" by connecting two or more clients with empty cargo space that are heading in the same direction - a greener and more cost-effective way of moving freight. Through our relationships with all Class I railroads, major intermodal asset providers and steamship companies, we can bring you a flexible, reliable and cost efficient intermodal solution.•With Eleets, you will access to 40 foot and 45 foot international containers as well as 53 foot domestic containerand trailer rail service throughout North America.•Our offering includes full container, less-than-container, hazmat and expedited services. We also have our owntrailers and containers on the rail that are all 53-ft.•Our intermodal team works as a Door to Door carrier set along side our Eleets trucking dray group and with ourrail contract with CSX, Union Pacific and many more•Eleets utilizes carriers such as Con-Way, Pitt Ohio, Southeastern Freight Lines and many more to handle yourpartial shipments.
  17. 17. HOW CAN WE WORK TOGETHER? Contact us now for more informationJames Bagwell Corey Joyner Brian MannVP of National Sales National Sales VP of Sales Email Email Email904-997-1616 x8083 904-997-1616 x8053 904-997-1616 x8011Smart SCM