Review of Mobile World Congress 2011


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Personal Review of Mobile World Congress 2011

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Review of Mobile World Congress 2011

  1. Review ofMobile World Congress 2011 Seungyun Lee, Ph.D.
  2. Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina, 08004 Barcelona
  3. 60,300 participants 1,300 companies 200 countries
  4. What there are?✓ Exclusive announcements✓ Leadership Conference✓ Exhibition✓ App Planet✓ Global Mobile Awards
  5. Leadership Conference
  6. Conference ThemeWhere the Mobile Industr y isLeading the Transformation Theme of the year
  7. 1 New Leadership ! Was it right decision? Stephen Elop, CEO Nokia
  8. Nokia’s Plan by the new leadership✓ Alliance with Microsoft to build the new ecosystem✓ New approach for developing growth market (10B)✓ Investments of next emerging technologies✓ A new leadership & organization for Speed, Results, accountability Do they able to overcome?
  9. 2 WAC | Wholesale Application Community
  10. MobileApplications Where is my money? How to develop? How to sale ?
  11. WAC 3.0, which is due to roll out in September, willunlock features such as in-app billing and userauthentication. Peters Suh, CEO WAC
  12. 3 Now, Android World more than 69 countries over 169 carriers, 150,000 apps
  13. Now, No.1 Smartphone OS
  14. Sales 33.3M units 615% Growth Source: Canalys 2011
  15. Top 4 vendors, 90% Samsung + LG = 34%
  16. “HTC, Quietly brilliant” Masayoshi Son, CEO SOFTBANK
  17. if you find a webpage, a photo, or a song that you want to share with your Facebook pals, you can post it instantly
  18. 500M active users200M by mobile 70% users are from outside of US. Mobile operators in 60 countries. 200M users by mobile.
  19. 4 Tablet WAR 1st step toward the N-Screen
  20. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)
  21. Some tablet products in MWC2011 Nokia The MeeGo Tablet Acers Iconia Series: The 3D LG Optimus Tab. Samsungs Galaxy Tab 10.1" Motorolas Xoom. The HTC Flyer. Blackberry Playbook
  22. Market Impacts of TabletPC TabletPC Market Bigger than ForecastN-Screen Driver? World TABLET PC Market will increase to US$ 46 billion in 2015 - Yankee Group, 2011
  23. 5LTE, a new opportunity
  24. Long Term EvolutionDemo First Ever LTE Solutions Based on CloudCommunication Center Verizon having completed the first VoLTE call on their network using the LG made deviceHuawei Device and ZTE are exhibiting new tablet PCs andsmartphones featuring LTE.
  25. “We are able to do more with LTE”New Generation AppsNew Business ChancesNew User Experiences Eric Schmidt, CEO Google
  26. RIM Playbooks, LTE supports
  27. 303.3M by 2014 LTE subscribers
  28. 6 What should be a new Strategy? Big Crisis or OpportunityAvoid becoming a ‘dump Pipe’
  29. What they have in mind?
  30. 5 Billion Subscribers, nowwill be 100% of People in the World in 2015. 7.4 Billion
  31. “Depressing Reality” Crisis for operators ! Masayoshi Son, CEO SOFTBANK
  32. ARPU is 42% down Average revenue per user
  33. Zero Growth ? Mobile Market Estimation No Market Value
  34. How to overcome? Mobile Internet through Data ARPU !
  35. “2010, Networked Economy” We need more smarter network to support mobile Internet, it will be able to a new business, not become a dump Pipe ! John Chambers, CEO Cisco
  36. John T. Chambers, CEO of CISOC
  37. “Needs of N-Screen Services” Randall Stephenson, CEO AT&T
  38. 50% consumers
  39. 4G + Cloud = ?
  40. HTML5, converging driver
  41. 7 Mobile Cloud & M2M Is this a new business opportunity ?
  42. Bring more potential
  43. Increase Revenue
  44. Expansion of M2M Market New Business Opportunity
  45. 8 Exhibitions & Events What is the hottest news & remarkable one?
  46. Samsung GALAXY S II
  47. LG Optimus 3D
  48. Windows Phone 7 Good Feeling, but still not much confident.
  49. bada  1.0 5Munits100,000developer 80Mdownloads
  50. bada  2.0NFC SupportMultitasking HTML5 ...
  51. 9Global Mobile AWARDS 2011
  52. HTC wins “Device Manufacturer of the Year” Peter Chou, CEO HTC
  53. Apples iPhone 4 wins “best mobile device” Last year, the HTC Hero won the best mobile device award.
  54. Summary ★ Expansion of Smart Devices | TabletPC, etc. ★ Re-form of mobile OS market | Android, WAC ★ New Opportunity for Operators & Vendors | Developing Growth Market + LTE + NFC + M2M + Mobile Cloud ★ more Socials on smartphone | Facebook, Twitter
  55. Some  Keywords  in  MWC2011 Social &MNFC Next  Generation   oney Machine-to-Machine New  Internet  BigBang Long Term Evolution Terminator  for  Future  Traffic  explosion Android A  new  giant  for  global  mobile  platform TabletPC Mobile Cloud World  war  of  future  device New  business  opportunity Wholesale Application Community Universal  App  Store
  56. The End
  57. Now Biding for MWC2013 Barcelona Milan Munich Paris
  58. Thank YouSeungyun Lee / Ph.D.Director  of  Service  Convergence  Standards  Research  TeamStandards  Research  Center,  ETRIManager  of  W3C  Korea  OfficeOffice.  +82-­‐42-­‐860-­‐5508,  Mobile.  +82-­‐10-­‐8720-­‐2954Email.,,    bluse2@gmail.comtwitter  @seungyun      facebook  @seungyun67