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Best Blu-ray Movies Of 2011
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Best Blu-ray Movies Of 2011


Looking for great Blu-ray movies to show off your Blu-ray Player and 1080p HDTV. Here are the best Blu-ray movie releases of 2011. Great Blu-ray movies to start your movie collection. More Blu-ray …

Looking for great Blu-ray movies to show off your Blu-ray Player and 1080p HDTV. Here are the best Blu-ray movie releases of 2011. Great Blu-ray movies to start your movie collection. More Blu-ray Movie Info: http://www.bluray-dvd-players.com

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    • Lindsay Anderson's "If...." is still controversial to this day. This allegorical story, taking place in a British private school during the late 1960's, is an attack on British society. It remains one of Britain's most powerful films. Criterion's high-definition digital transfer of this prophetic film is a considerable upgrade in both video and audio (English LPCM 1.0 soundtrack) quality of any previous release .
    http://www.bluray-dvd-players.com 20.IF ..
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    • A Christmas tale like no other. Based on Finnish lore, this movie's version of Father Christmas is the polar opposite of our modern day Santa Claus. You maybe surprise to find that this darkly humored horror tale portrays just as much emotion and family values as any other Christmas movie of the past 20 years. Perhaps even more. Delivered to us in stunning 1080p, AVC-encoded Blu-ray images with DTS-HD MA 5.1 soundtrack.
    http://www.bluray-dvd-players.com 19.Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
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    • An epic WWII film from the perspective of German soldiers manning a U-boat in the cold depths of the Atlantic ocean. One of the finest War movies ever made gets a decent 1080p video transfer. Plus it has an excellent 5.1 channel DTS-HD MA lossless soundtrack, which is especially impressive during the battle scenes. This Blu-ray release contains two cuts of the film - 149 minute theatrical version and a 208 minute director's cut.
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    • Everything about this Blu-ray release is fantastic. From the video and audio transfer to the extra features. One of the best movies of 2011, this Coen brothers remake of the John Wayne classic is just as compelling. It maybe one of the rare cases in which the remake is better than the original. The sharpness and clarity of both the video and audio is startling. Simply a must have for lovers of the western genre.
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    • Revealing a corrupt world of violence, masochistic, and madness behind the everyday lives of small-town American, David Lynche's masterpiece is still one of the most disturbing and polarizing movies of the last 25 Years. And it deserves a special place in everyone's Blu-ray collection. Great Extra Feature: 51 minutes of "Newly Discovered Lost Footage" (HD)
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    • Super 8 is one of the best movies to be releases in the summer of 2011. Its Blu-ray release holds up just as well, with excellent looking video and Dolby TrueHD 7.1 lossless soundtrack. A mixture of great visual effects, stunning production and a great timeless story, Super 8 is one of this years must have movies.
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    • A cinematic experience like no other, The Tree Of Life is a hard movie to define. It's a journey of human emotions and existence, this is high-concept moviemaking. Not a movie that will appeal to everyone, but for those who connect with the film, they will have the ultimate Blu-ray experience. The video and audio quality is the best you will find in any Blu-ray disc.
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    • Winner of a record 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture in 1959, this epic film gets the Blu-ray treatment for the first time. It Took two years to complete the frame-by-frame restoration with a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack track. This iconic film instantly becomes a "must have". Great Extra Feature: Has more than 4 hours of extra features, including a new High-Definition documentary.
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    • Any serious film collector will want to have Federico Fellini's Amarcord in their collection. It is a whimsical tale of a year in the life of a small Italian coastal in the 1930s. Academy Award Winner for Best Foreign Language Film in 1973, it arrives on Blu-ray thanks to Criterion. The high-definition transfer is the best this film has ever looked. Great Extra Feature: Fellini's Homecoming.(1080i)
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    • Frequently compared to Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, Solaris deserve a special place on its own. One of the finest and most significant science fiction films ever made; Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris is a cinematic sci-fi opera about love, truth, and humanity. Demands multiple viewings. Criterion has improved both audio and picture quality, plus tons of extra features including nine deleted and alternate scenes.
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    • The 1970's was a revival of great cinema, and Taxi Driver may have been the greatest achievement of them all. Looking extremely good from a 4K restoration, with pitch perfect DTS-HS MA 5.1 lossless soundtrack and an abundant of extra features; Taxi Driver delivers on all fronts. Great Extra Feature: Martin Scorsese on Taxi Driver (HD)
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    • Joseph L. Mankiewicz's All About Eve, just may have the best screenplay ever written for any film. One of the most beloved and acclaimed movies Hollywood has ever produced, it is worthy of a spot in everyone's film collection. This Blu-ray digibbook edition has excellent video and audio quality that tops any past release that came before it.
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    • The video and audio transfer is excellent on all three of the Jurassic Park movies. A landmark in visual effects and technological achievements. If you own a home theater surround system, then you will particularly like that all three discs have lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 tracks. This alone makes this package worth owning. Great Extra Feature: All-new six part documentary Return to 'Jurassic Park’(HD)
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    • The American Film Institute named Some Like It Hot as the greatest American comedy of all time. A fact that is hard to argue against. This Blu-ray release looks and sounds excellent. Low on extra features, but for anyone who is a fan of movies, the upgrade to High-Definition is a must for this Billy Wilder comedy classic.
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    • You can get all 5 of The twilight Zone seasons individually or get the bundle package. Which ever way you decide, you won't be disappointed. All 156 complete episodes are here from this groundbreaking and influential TV series. Presented in stunning HD, you will be amazed at how well the picture quality is for a TV show that dates back over 50 years. Plus it comes with new and exclusive extra features. Great Extra Feature: Conversations with Rod Serling
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    • Citizen Kane maybe the most discuss film in the history of cinema. Ranking near the top of most great movie lists. It can not be overstated enough, this is a must see movie. Whether it is for the 1st time or for the 20th time. Warner Bros. 4K restoration of the film delivers wonderful clear images and a pristine audio soundtrack. The difference between this Blu-ray version and any other version you have seen, is stunning.
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    • Considered by many to be the greatest movie ever made, The Rules Of The Game should be essential viewing for any movie fan. Renior's film takes a look at upper-class French society pre-WWII. The video and audio transfer show the films age but still provide a stellar viewing experience. And the exceptional supplements provide an enormous amount of information regarding the film and film makers. Great Extra Feature: Jean Renoir, Le Patron (1080i)
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    • Simply put, Pulp Fiction is the most influential movie of the last 20 years. And this Blu-ray release is the very best the film has looked and sounded. Fans should be very pleased with this release and for those who have not seen the film, well get ready for the most thrilling and coolest cinematic ride of your life. Great Extra Feature: Here are Some Facts on the Fiction (HD)
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    • Without question the most anticipated Blu-ray release of all time, Star Wars: The Complete Saga includes all 6 films on Blu-ray with perfect lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 6.1 surround tracks. The original un-tampered with trilogy is NOT included. However, that should not hinder you from missing out on what many believe is a defining moment in film history and some of your favourite films in glorious High-Definition. Great Extra Feature: Star Wars Archives
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    • This 3 Blu-ray disc release includes the 5 hour long TV mini series and the theatrical release; plus extras. A truly charming family drama that delves into human condition dealing with mortality and the very essence of our own existence. This Criterion release is an absolute wonder. U nquestionably beautiful to look at with excellent sound quality, free of any distortions. This is a film not only for fans of Ingmar Bergman, but for anyone who is a fan of movies.