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Sprite @ stadium
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  • 1. Free on demand video delivery
  • 2.
    • Sprite was one of the major sponsors for the sporting event, CLT20. CLT20 is a multi country franchisee cricket tournament similar to EPL
    • Sprite wanted to leverage innovations to directly connect with consumers and achieve a superior brand recall amongst all the sponsors to ensure better ROI
    Marketing Challenge
  • 3. Marketing Objective
    • To enable brand to connect with the ardent cricket fans by enhancing their experience through mobile
    • Brand wanted us to achieve Scale, innovation and connect!
  • 4. Target Audience Cricket fans inside the stadium
  • 5. Situation Analysis
    • Consumers watching matches In stadiums
    • Too many brands trying to grab their attention adding to clutter
    • Miss analysis, replays and gossips that are available on television as a media
    • Miss some elements of the TV experience inside a stadium
  • 6.
    • The entire stadium in all the three cities were converted to BluFi zones
    • BluFi enables
    • A mobile network away from the operator that works across the stadium
    • Delivery of rich media content including videos to consumers mobile at zero cost
    • Integration with the real time feed to deliver near LIVE TV experience on the mobile
    The Solution
  • 7.
    • Worlds first branded on demand video service
    • Delivered inside stadiums @ zero cost to consumers over Bluetooth
    • Video and rich media updates (action replays, analysis, and predictions) from the match as it happened
    • Sprite zone with contests and free downloads
    • Bridged the gap between TV & In-stadium Experience
    • Live feed from ESPN was processed, and converted to multiple mobile formats for delivery
    The Solution
  • 8. Before the match Main Menu Sprite download Section Content
  • 9. Real-time analysis of the match During the match
  • 10.
    • 200 Sq Kms of Stadium was converted into BluFi zone, a network away from the operator
    • 1.3 million+ downloads happened across 70 hours of cricket
    • 96000+ unique consumers engaged multiple times through the service
    • 35% of the consumers used the service repeatedly in more than 2 matches
    Scale of Execution and Results
  • 11.
    • World’s first ever, “ Real time on demand Sports Video content” was delivered to cricket fans @ the stadium
    • Demonstrated how a new engaging media can be built and leveraged in sporting events to deliver real ROI
    • Higher brand recall
    • Rich media engagement
    • Ability of users to take the video with them
    • An innovative extension to experience the event
    • The experience extended to what was happening on the ground, creating greater connect between audience, event and brand
    • Created a bench mark for mobile engagements for the brand with demonstration of scale, innovation and connect
    Uniqueness of the Innovation
  • 12.
    • Thank you