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In depth presentation of creating website assets and link building after Google's Penguin Update.

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Search Engine Optimization In 2013 By

  1. 1. Inbound Marketing In 2013
  2. 2. Know The Game Algorithms have changed. Your site must change.
  3. 3. Advertising Methods In 2013 There are better ways to advertise your website.
  4. 4. Important SEO FACTORS Most of the basics of SEO have not changed.
  5. 5. Case Studies • How do you know who to listen to about SEO factors? • So many different opinions make this guessing game hard. • SearchMetrics studied 10,000 keywords and looked at pages that ranked in the top 30 positions • The results were interesting
  6. 6. SearchMetrics Ranking Factors 2013 The top influencers of ranking are coming from social networking links. Download Report From Search Metrics
  7. 7. Ranking Factors Continued Keywords in external links are about 1/3 the power of social links.
  8. 8. Backlinks Are Important Rank Correlation Factors – 2013 - * Stop Words are words Google ignores
  9. 9. On Page Factors Still Matter
  10. 10. What Are Links? HTML = <a href=“”>Wedding Receptions</a> ANCHOR TAGS = <a></a> Anchor Text = Wedding Receptions
  11. 11. Two Sources Of Links • Internal Linking • External links Make sure the external anchor text is not “hard keywords”
  12. 12. Internal Linking Navigational links need to be written to enhance human understand in the easiest fastest way possible without unnecessary repetition. Internal links between pages can have soft keyword links to help customers.
  13. 13. External Links • Other sites mention you or your brand and give provide a link for their customers back to your site. • Anchor text needs to be more explanatory and less “hard keywords” • Important ranking factor in current algorithms.
  14. 14. Building Clickable Assets • Create “How To PDF’s” • Create “Information Guides” • Create “Videos” • Create “Blog Posts” • Conduct Interviews • Use Power Point Presentations - Animoto
  15. 15. Content Strategies
  16. 16. Be Creative When Producing Content
  17. 17. Power Of Images • Get people to share your content • On Facebook • On Pinterest • On Blogs • General Media
  18. 18. Backlinks From Image Shares A stunning, creative graphic can create a lot of interest, a lot of sharing.
  19. 19. Use Compelling Graphics
  20. 20. Graphic Design Grabs Attention
  21. 21. Use Infographics To Tell Your Story Provide coding that makes these easy to share with others.
  22. 22. Generate Content Worth Linking To One infographic can convey a large amount of information in a small space. This is the top of an infographic.
  23. 23. Different Ways To Build Authority Hours can be spent learning each of these three areas.
  24. 24. Non-Profits Have High Authority Consider your favorite charity and ask others to donate to it as well.
  25. 25. Avoid Gimmicks They aren’t long term strategies.
  26. 26. Media Use News worthy information and videos can be distributed easily.
  27. 27. Create Branded E-Books, PPT
  28. 28. How To Find Link Opportunities – generates lists of related search queries
  29. 29. Formatted Search Queries
  30. 30. Find Follow Links This is a nofollow link
  31. 31. Find Out Where Others Get Links • – Backlink analyzer • – Backlink analyzer • – Backlink analyzer
  32. 32. Use Google+ On Your Pages
  33. 33. Wordpress Plugin For Google+
  34. 34. Strong Market Indicators
  35. 35. Don’t Cut Corners On Your Site What helps you today may not help you next year.
  36. 36. Competition Is Tough More than 90% of all Internet business start-ups end in failure within the first 120 days.
  37. 37. But… **Just don’t think that partying all night, sleeping until noon and 3 or 4 hours with a computer will make you rich.
  38. 38. With The Right Ingredients Your website can move a lot of people.
  39. 39. Thanks For Watching Sherry Tingley Email: