Basic Beginning Search Engine Optimization 2013
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Basic Beginning Search Engine Optimization 2013



Fundamentals of SEO and site building. Basic concepts site owners should be familiar with.

Fundamentals of SEO and site building. Basic concepts site owners should be familiar with.



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Basic Beginning Search Engine Optimization 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. What Does SEO Mean In 2013? By Sherry Tingley
  • 2. SEO is the combination of all the factors listed above. It takes a delicate balance of many factors, including site design, usability, site architecture and advertising to bring visitors to your site and turn them into paying, loyal customers. “The success of a page should be measured by one criteria: Does the visitor do what you want them to do?” - Aaron Wall –
  • 3. Algorithm Changes Can Hurt “…The objective is not to “make your links appear natural”; the objective is that your links are natural.” - Matt Cutts – If you have been penalized, get to work to clean up your sites.
  • 4. 1. Do keyword research for your niche. 2. Buy a domain name. 3. Decide how you will build the site. 4. Create your content 5. Publish and promote ** Warning: Struggling May Occur 5 Steps To Build A New Site
  • 5. Site Building Requires Planning 2. Organize Your Site Structure 3. Use the Search Engine Starter Guide 4. Create Engaging, Compelling Content 1. Research Your Niche **Warning: Months may pass getting through these stages.
  • 6. Keyword Research You need to learn what keywords pull the most traffic and whether your niche is market worthy. **Warning: If your product selections suck, then your site will suck.
  • 7. **Warning: You can loose your shirt quickly with pay per click advertising.
  • 8. Results give you advertising costs and keyword ideas. **Warning: Keep an eye on your spending if you choose PPC.
  • 9. Plan Site Structure First • People sometimes skip this step • If you do this first, you will save yourself hours and hours of headaches • Think of all the possible pages you want now and then allow for the addition of pages for later • Draw out a map of how all pages will link together **Warning: Task takes complex thinking skills that some people lack. Get help.
  • 10. Clothing Nursery GiftsTravel Bedding Baby Boys Boys Girls Baby Girls Sleepwear Dresses Furniture Cribs Tables Decor Boys Girls Strollers One Seat Two Seats Car Seats Infant Toddler Cradle Bedding Sets Boys Girls Crib Bedding Sets Boys Girls Baby Showers Boys Girls Gift Baskets Boys Girls The third row actually should be on the second row. PPT has limitations.  Site Architecture – Keep It Simple
  • 11. Naming Pages • Page naming is extremely important • Go for shortest names that make sense • Separate words with hyphens • List Categories, Sub Categories and Sub Sub Categories and make sure they make sense to someone other than you • Decide how you will add pages **Warning: Breeze by this and your site will suffer.
  • 12. Get Google’s Starter Guide For Optimal Benefits
  • 13. Clothing Nursery GiftsTravel Bedding Baby Boys Boys Girls Baby Girls Sleepwear Dresses Furniture Cribs Tables Decor Boys Girls Strollers One Seat Two Seats Car Seats Infant Toddler Cradle Bedding Sets Boys Girls Crib Bedding Sets Luxury Cheap Baby Showers Boys Girls Gift Baskets Boys Girls Level 1 Level 2 – The above are all on the same level
  • 14. Choose A Content Creation System • Decide what your budget is. • Build it yourself if you know how to. • Have a programmer build it. • Download and use Wordpress. • Find a suitable Content Creation system that allows you control over page names, the title tag, the description, the keywords and the alt tags. **Warning: Feelings of confusion, overwhelming thoughts indicate you need professional help.
  • 15. On Page Tips • Pages on websites have two views • One view is what you see when you browse • The other view is the coding on the page • You can see the coding when you right click and choose “view source”. **Warning: If this step is too hard, take two aspirin and try tomorrow.
  • 16. Write Your Own Meta Tags • Content management systems have forms you can fill out where you can write your own titles, descriptions and keywords (meta tags). • Wordpress - All In One SEO plugin will allow you to do that. • For sites built by a programmer or yourself, you will need to be able to write titles, descriptions, keywords so ask for that feature. **Warning: Foul language is just not appropriate for meta tags.
  • 17. Use View Source To See HTML coding
  • 18. Important HTML Tags • <title>What Your Site Is About</title> • <h1>Main Topic</h1> • <h2>Paragraph Headings</h2> • <img src=“ cowboys.jpg” alt=“Western cowboys riding horses”> • <a href=“ cowboys”/>Western Cowboys in California</a> The choices you make about what words to use in these positions are very important. Use the best words to describe what your page is about. **Warning: You won’t even know if you have done this wrong unless you ask a professional.
  • 19. Write Good Descriptions **Warning: Wasting readers time by writing poor descriptions is an internet shame.
  • 20. <meta name=“description” content=“Use pink hair ribbons for your baby girl and see the smiles you’ll get. Cute hair accessories for babies at 50% off.” /> <meta name=“keywords” content=“pink hair ribbons, baby girl ribbons, hair accessories”>
  • 21. Publish & Promote • Sign Up For Google Analytics • Sign Up For Google WebMaster Tools • Create & Submit A Sitemap – Xenu Link Sleuth • Promoting is an ongoing process that only stops if you do • It involves creating links from other websites that link to yours – commonly called backlinks **Warning: This process can take up to 5 years. Be patient.
  • 22. Get Traffic To Your Website • By building good content • Creating multiple clickable and shareable assets • Make it easy for people to share your content • Have a good backlink building strategy in place **Warning: This could also take years. Please email me immediately if it takes you less than a week. I will be at your house in minutes.
  • 23. What Is A Backlink? Anchor Text When another website mentions your website name and provides a clickable link for their visitors to get to it easily. **Warning: There are no frontlinks.
  • 24. Why Are Backlinks Important? 1. They act as a community vote for your site 2. It helps search engines 3. Ranking factor in the Google’s, Yahoo’s and Bing’s Algorithm 4. Links have value depending on the source of the link 5. The more high quality sources that link to your site, the better it is for you **Warning: Building authority is a process. Be patient.
  • 25. **Warning: Going from attract to delight is not an easy step. Just ask your spouse.
  • 26. $36 Billion Ad Dollars Spent in 2012 Making Online Businesses Irresistible
  • 27. **Warning: “Even the best SEOs are not magicians. They can't simply place a site at the top of the engines when there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of others that offer basically the same thing, and provide basically the same information. If they could, you'd see a whole lot more millionaire SEOs.” - Jill Whalen –
  • 28. Thanks For Watching! Sherry Tingley – Wishing this to be your reward for all your hard work. **Warning: Some warnings are strictly for entertainment.