MDS An Integrated Approach


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Businesses depend on reliable, consistent and correct data that can be managed effectively and shared through-out the enterprise. Master Data Services provides a powerful, feature-rich platform for arriving at this destination but the successful journey to this end requires a proven integrated approach. This session will discuss how MDS fits in the overall EIM architecture within your organization including real-world strategies for integrating (cleansing, matching and loading) Master Data into MDS and for making it available organization-wide.

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  • Involves enforcing data quality at the edges of the IT ecosystem through business rules & policies
  • SoC - Separation of Concerns
  • If each transaction entering your DW is accurate, the work required to integrate it is significantly reduced
  • MDS An Integrated Approach

    1. 1. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENTwww.pragmaticworks.comChris PriceSenior BI Consultant@BluewaterSQLMDS: An Integrated Approach
    2. 2. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENTwww.pragmaticworks.comIntroChris PriceSenior BI Consultant with Pragmatic Works@BluewaterSQL
    3. 3. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENTwww.pragmaticworks.comToday’s Agenda• MDM Overview• What is Master Data Services?• Integration Options– Data Warehouse– Line of Business
    4. 4. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENTwww.pragmaticworks.comMaster Data Management (MDM)• Master Data Defined– The building blocks of your business transactionsor the dimensions which describe facts in the DW– Customers, Products, Employees, Locations, Etc.– Data that is usually created, shared andmaintained across multiple applications– Does not include transactional data (i.e. Sales)
    5. 5. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENTwww.pragmaticworks.comMaster Data Management (MDM)• Book Definition– A set of tools, policies, procedures and services to providea single consistent view of uniquely identifiable of masterdata• Data Governance– Defines ownership, access, change management, quality,disaster recovery and retention• Data Stewardship– Appointed by the data governance board, generally onesteward per entity, often the subject matter expert,responsible for the master data on a continuing basis
    6. 6. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENTwww.pragmaticworks.comThe Master Data ChallengeMARKETING SERVICESHIPPINGSALESCustomerProspectLeadCustomerProduct/Service/PricingOrderQuoteCRM ERPMktg Apps E-Commerce Site Call CenterDATASYSTEMS
    7. 7. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENTwww.pragmaticworks.comMDM in Business Intelligence• Primarily focused on dimensional data• Most DW implementations have alreadyattempted to enforce data manage master data– Repairing data after transactions occur does notimprove data quality, need to push upstream• Push MDM to data experts (data stewards/information workers)• DW should be the recipient of master data notthe master of it (SoC/Specialization)
    8. 8. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENTwww.pragmaticworks.comMDM & BI: Value Proposition• Bad data costs money• Improve data quality upstream• Reduces size, complexity, brittleness andscope of your BI Implementation• Authoritative Source of Data• Easier to implement permissions, changeapproval and auditing
    9. 9. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENTwww.pragmaticworks.comMDS Integration Options• Master Data Services– WCF/API (Real-Time)– Subscription Views– Staging Tables (Batch)
    10. 10. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENTwww.pragmaticworks.comMDS Parts & Pieces• Loading Data– stg.[Entity Name]_Leaf• (Staging Table)– stg.udp_[Entity Name]_Leaf• (Procedure to Kick-Off Batch by Batch Name)• Consuming Data– mdm.[Subscription View Name]• Leaf Members• Hierarchies & Collections
    11. 11. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENTwww.pragmaticworks.comTraditionally Speaking…
    12. 12. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENTwww.pragmaticworks.comIntegrating MDS
    13. 13. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENTwww.pragmaticworks.comLoading MDS• Step 1: Cleanse & Validate– DQS• Step 2: Match– Key Lookup– Attribute Match (i.e. Email, SSN, etc.)– Fuzzy• Step 3: Load– Stage– Batch
    14. 14. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENTwww.pragmaticworks.comSample MDS LoadCustomer ID First Name Last Name Email123456 Bill Gates bill@microsoft.comPerson ID Name Email555489 Bill Gates bill@microsoft.comUser ID First Name Last Name EmailA98765 William Gates bill@microsoft.comERPCRMWEBCustomer Key First Name Last Name Email999888777 Bill Gates bill@microsoft.comCustomer Key CustomerID System999888777 123456 ERP999888777 555489 CRM999888777 A98765 WEBCustomer (Entity)Customer Map (Entity)Cleanse & Load
    15. 15. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENTwww.pragmaticworks.comThank you!Don’t forget to fillout your evaluations!@BluewaterSQL