Otter Case Study


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Learn how Seattle based OTTER are using BlueVia to add great functionality and unlock new revenue streams

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Otter Case Study

  1. 1. OTTERCase studyWhat is OTTER?Erik Wood, Founder and CEO of OTTER, is a father who witnessed his youngestdaughter come inches from being another statistic in the text and drive epidemic.This traumatic experience inspired Erik to design and build a GPS based app calledOTTER (One Touch Text Response) for smartphones that eliminates the need torespond to an incoming text or phone call when driving.
  2. 2. The OTTER storySeattle based OTTER launched their first app in April2010. OTTER silences all chimes, ringtones and buzzeswhen the user’s vehicle exceeds ten miles per hour andsends incoming texts a customisable auto reply. Unlessa Bluetooth accessory is enabled, all calls silently goto voicemail to stop you from fumbling for that ringingphone. There is also a Parental Control feature for teendrivers.In the United States alone, ‘Text and Drive’ behaviourwas the cause of 16,141 highway deaths from 2001to 2007 and over 200,000 non-fatal accidents lastyear. Effecting real change to this epidemic will needto include a comprehensive understanding of thetexting culture. At the end of the day, tangible changewill come from the end user – the delivery man, thecarpooling mum, or the teen driver – all choosing not totext and drive.
  3. 3. FeaturesOTTER provides an intuitive texting auto-reply featurefor the user. What does this have to do with roadsafety? Nothing – at least not directly. But Erik hasheard of teens and business people alike using OTTERto schedule their own “texting blackout periods” sothey can get some focused work done without feelingdisconnected from their social network.OTTER offers customised pre-set messages for:• Manual Mode: Instant, one-touch text replies• uto-Reply: Automatically replies to incoming A texts with timer option; silences notifications – no distractions!• PS Mode: Automatically replies to incoming texts G while driving; silences notifications – no distractions! (Bluetooth friendly)Plus OTTER’s Parental Control feature sets & locksOTTER’s GPS Mode on a teen’s phone via a passcode.
  4. 4. How is BlueVia helping OTTER? The BlueVia SMS API is used to send out auto response text messages to inbound text messages when the user switches on OTTER. Each one of these auto response messages takes “BlueVia represents a viable advantage of the BlueVia SMS API and efficient method for a small app developer to reach business model, generating recurring revenues for OTTER LLC. millions of new customers In addition OTTER has taken advantage of BlueVia’s seamless App previously out of reach. This publication process to begin offering pioneering conduit is a game the app in Telefonica’s Argentinian App Store. changer to app developers around the world” Importantly the BlueVia SMS business model has allowed Erik to provide the app free of charge to Erik Wood Telefonica customers, saving them the regular OTTER LLC Founder and CEO $4.99 pay per download cost. This removes a key adoption barrier for OTTER, by allowing users to try the app out without the fear of paying for something up-front they may not then use.
  5. 5. OTTER supports Android, Blackberry and Symbian Smartphones and is available from Telefonica’s Argentinian App Store. You can contact OTTER via: Twitter: @OTTERapp
  6. 6. For Press and Media Enquiries:33 (0)20 7608 2500