GoGoStat Connect Case Study


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Learn how Redmond based Schakra are using BlueVia to add great functionality and unlock new revenue streams

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GoGoStat Connect Case Study

  1. 1. GoGoStat ConnectCase studyWhat is GoGoStat Connect?GoGoStat Connect aims to make the way people communicate more balanced.Without Connect, people being contacted can only hope that others reach themin a way that’s convenient – considering their current location, availability, time ofday, who’s contacting, the mutual relationship, or even the mood they’re in.GoGoStat Connect doesn’t leave communications to chance. Instead, itputs people being reached in control of how they are contacted. Connectautomatically looks at people’s current situation and defined rules whencommunication is initiated, then connects them exactly the way they intended.
  2. 2. How it worksPeople define communication preferences in various There is no need for people to reveal information suchscenarios, taking into consideration things like work as their location or activity to hint to others about howcalendars, social networks, location and presence data they want to be contacted. Connect reads the situationto determine which situations they are in. in the background and lets people communicate accordingly, without revealing anything.People exchange a personal URL with whomeverthey wish to connect. No other contact information is GoGoStat Connect eliminates the traditional addressrequired. book updates. People only share a URL with their contacts, so there is nothing to update.When contact is initiated, GoGoStat Connectnegotiates the appropriate communication method. When trying to reach someone, it is no longer necessaryThe selected method (call, SMS, email, social network) for people to wonder what is the most appropriate wayis automatically chosen, based on how people want to to contact someone. Reaching someone with Connectbe reached in their current situation. means people are always communicating with their contacts in a way that is most convenient for everyone. People no longer have to set up things like email auto-replies and call forwarding every time they enter a situation, such as a vacation, that requires communications to be automatically organized. They just specify their communication preferences once and GoGoStat Connect does the rest.
  3. 3. Built on anextensible platformConnect is built on the GoGoStat Platform, built torun entirely in the cloud, and enabling a number ofextensibility points for this scenario. There are plug-in points available for integration with Telco BSSenvironments, and it can easily be integrated withvarious networks systems such as the IP MultiMediaSubsystem and other such network based APIs.The GoGoStat platform monitors changes in usercontexts and scenarios through tight integrationwith various social networks, presence andcommunications environments. When the variousattributes that describe a situation become true,the user automatically is entered into that situation,and therefore all the communication preferencesand rules for that particular scenario becomeactive. For example by simply driving from yourhome to the office – user context is switched fromthe ‘at home’ situation to the ‘at work’ situation.This enables the different communication rules tocome alive – without the user doing anything. Toenable this, GoGoStat Connect offers a situationbuilder which uses complex logic to determine themost likely situations in which users could findthemselves.
  4. 4. How is BlueVia helping GoGoStat Connect? Initially GoGoStat Connect has integrated the BlueVia SMS API to “I’ve personally been involved enable one of the key use cases. Where the GoGoStat Connect user being in at least three differentcontacted has defined a rule for their current Telco developer programs,situation stating they should be texted instead ofcalled, the caller would see an SMS screen pop up, but the business model wasinstead of a call being established. The BlueViaSMS API is used to deliver the message. just not there for developers. I am excited to be part of this GoGoStat Connect will evolve to use the BlueVia Advertising API, and new innovative program.” API’s coming soon on the BlueVia roadmap. Bala Balabaskaran Vice President of Products and Chief Architect“I have to say, the for Schakra, makers of the GoGoStat Platform.business model aroundBlueVia is novel and I hopethis finally turns it aroundfor the industry.”
  5. 5. GoGoStat Connect supports Windows Phone 7 today,and will be available soon on iPhone and Android.GoGoStat Connect is being demonstrated in betaat Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Generalavailability is slated for this summer in the WindowsPhone Markeplace.You can contact the makers of GoGoStat Connect via email at sales@schakra.com
  6. 6. For Press and Media Enquiries:33 DigitalBlueVia@33-digital.com+44 (0)20 7608 2500