China Unicom presentation from BlueVia's #MWC 2012 event


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China Unicom presentation from BlueVia's #MWC 2012 event

  1. 丁丁地图 推广方案 China Unicom Wo StoreMake Your Apps Popular in China Feb 2012 ∣Barcelona
  2. Table of Contents I. China Unicom Wo Store Overview II. Wo Store Platform Feature Functions VI. Business Cooperation Mode & Process 2
  3. Mobile Internet Industry in China – Market Size Market Size Trend of China Mobile Internet Industry Between 2006-2015 Source: iResearch Inc. Market Size(100,000,000 yuan) Growth Rate(%) 2011-Market Size: 39.31 billion; Growth Rate: 97.5% 2012-Market Size: 97.62 billion; Growth Rate: 148.3% •The mobile e-commerce growth will definitely drive an explosive growth in China mobile internet industry in 2012.
  4. Mobile Internet Industry in China – User Base User Base and Penetration Rate of • The number of Chinese Chinese Citizen Internet user reached 513 million in the end of Dec., 2011, among which 55.8 million was a new growth. • The internet penetration rate reached 38.3%, with a year on year growth of 4%. Source: CNNIC User Base of China Mobile Internet in 2008-2015• The number of Chinese mobile internet users reached 338 million in 2011, with a year to year growth of 11.6%.• The mobile internet user base will grow in 2012 driven by the “1,000-yuan-smart-phone” plan. Source: iResearch Inc.
  5. 2011: Fruitful Year of Smart Phone Sales• In 2010, the sales of smart phones in Chinese market is 27.80 million, occupying a portionof 16% of the total phone sales. The number rose up to 74 million in 2011, occupying aportion of 29.6% of the total consumption of phones.•According to the data of iResearch, the low-price smart phones had an absolute salesadvantage in 4Q 2011, in which the phone under 1,500 yuan occupied a portion of 40.9%. • Since the end of 2010, telecom operators started to order smart phones at the price of around 1,000 yuan. Large manufacturers like Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo joined in soon. • China Unicom started the contract plan for smart phones around 1,000 yuan in May, 2011, and published an upgraded version in December. •It’s expected that the phones under 1,000 yuan would reach 90 million and the ones between 1,000-2,000 yuan would reach 60 million according to the market capacity in 2012.
  6. Network and Users Advantages of China Unicom WCDMA TD-SCDMA CDMA2000Carriers User 43.069 million 53.942 million 38.70 million BaseNetwork 21.3Mbps 2.4Mbps 2.8Mbps SpeedDevice More than 2,000 More than 50 More than 600Number
  7. China Unicom Footprint in Mobile Internet 2011.12 • Announce the Capability WO+ Strategy on Sharing the Mobile Internet 2011.5 Forum Device • Implement the One-Thousand- Yuan-Smart-Phones Strategy to 2010.11 Control Lower the Threshold for Users App • Launched the Official App Store- Aggregation Wo Store2009.10 High-speed • Commercial Launch of China Unicom WCDMA network Network • Introduce iPhone formally
  8. 3G Data Traffic Targets of China Unicom in 2012 Fast Growth of : Average APP Downloads per ① 3G Smart Phone User ② Fast Growth of: Average Data Usage per 3G User ③ Fast Growth of: Smart Phone Penetration in 3G Users ④ Fast Growth of: ARPU of 3G Data Traffic
  9. Wo Store Product Introduction Wo Store is China Unicom’s mobile internet portal of major products and services for users to provide application aggregation services. Content Aggregation Business Billing System Pricing & Display Model•Wo Account at present, and Wo •Open to all institutions and •Developers set the price •China Unicom:Account and Mobile Phone individuals, free test and at their own decision Developers=3:7Account will coexist in May, 2012 distribution service •Internet Portal: desk table usersThreePortals •Wap Portal: mobile phone users •Client Portal-for mobile phone usersDeveloper • for developers, supplying appsCommunity upload, technical support, sales management, development discussion and other services.
  10. China Unicom Wo Store Footprint  User number more than 5M  online app over 20,000  app download quantity larger than100M Dec. • WoStore credits charge district launched • Blackberry app district launched Nov. • Implement WoStore app auto-match for Symbian system • Developed app helping for sale system for business hall Oct. • Strategy cooperation with Telefonica about “app store in store” Sep. Developed SDK service functions including embeded advertisement SDK, multimode charge, copyright protection, etc Feb.Nov. 10 2010China Unicom WoStore • Internet TV app store launchedlaunched formally. successfully • User number more than 1 million
  11. Development Strategy of Wo Store in 2012• Implement WO+ Strategy Based on the Telecom Capability Sharing , to supply App Integration, ChannelIntegration, Social Platform Integration and Ads Platform Integration; Establish the Open System of ChinaUnicom in the Mobile Internet to Work Closely with all Partners in the Industry Chain to Promote the DeepIntegration and Innovative Development in this Industry. Build an O2O apps distribute system, Build the largest occupying 20% of the mobile apps portal for offline channels multiple OS and Vast Apps Channels Devices Integration Integration Social Ads Integration Integration Build an advertise Build the WO+ app aggregation platform alliance centered with for developers to gain social sharing more profits 11
  12. Application Aggregation:Vertical Search & SinS In the past year, Wo Store has cooperated with more than 1,400 developers and aggregated more than 20,000 applications. Wo Store Innovate on the Cooperation Model with Partners to Implement the Vertical Search Strategy to Aggregate more than 300,000 apps for multiple devices and operation systems and achieve broad coverage on app number and brands. To enhance the quality of applications, Wo Store started to cooperate with some overseas developers and telecom partners. In 2012, Wo Store will strengthen the connection with overseas market and to cooperate with more overseas developers. Stores of Stores of Stores of Telecom Internet Device Wostore1.0 Carriers Companies Manufacturer 应用搜索、导航、推荐 Wostore2.0
  13. Channel Aggregation: Online to Offline System Online To Offline Biz halls VIP Online Application Offline Customer content Manager Channels Manager Shopping Malls Cooperative 2D Code Experience Ads Biz Halls Promotion Promotion Embedded Rate Wo Store as a platform, on one hand aggregates rich content from developers all over the world, on the other hand distribute these apps via social channels and China Unicom channels. 2D Code Promotion: Push apps to users with easiest methods Experience Promotion: Provide direct using experience for users Ads Conversion Rate: maximize the profit of developers
  14. Social Platform Aggregation: WO+ Sharing Platform Based on social communications, this platform will support users experience on the apps and content, comments, sharing via SMS, MMS, weibo, mail, community and etc., and at the same time accumulate credits for their sharing behavior. WO+ Users Sharing Platform Share with Users Join in WO+ Social Communication Center 3 Social Sharing Models Online Communities Friends Circles Social Media 14
  15. Ads Aggregation: Wo Store Ads Engine Ads PlatformsBrands Purchase Embede Display Wo Store Ads EngineAgents Users Ads Apps Platforms published in Wo Store Wo Store Ads Platform  Platform Aggregation: Wo Store ads engine aggregate many industry ads platforms to provide one-stop purchase and distribution service for brands.  Ads Purchase: Brands could choose one or several ads platforms from Wo Store ads menu.  Ads Display: Developers could use the ads SDK,and choose one or several ads platforms to connect through Wo store ads engine.
  16. Table of Contents I. China Unicom Wo Store Overview II. Wo Store Platform Feature Functions VI. Business Cooperation Mode & Process 16
  17. Wo Store Brand & BusinessOn-Device Portal Mobile Phone PC IPTV TabletAPPContent Tools Theme Music Life Financing Game Search ReadingSupport Instant Search 3G业务平台 Message Engine Support systemSystem Mobile Network IP Network Social Network Network (2G/3G/4G) (IMS/IPTV) (Twitter/Face book) Storage Email Partnership Member Community and Revenue sharing Vendor CP/SPs Developers
  18. Four Portals of Wo Store IP TV Mobile Application
  19. Wo Store Feature Functions:SinS/Vertical Search Stores of Overseas Telecom Carriers Submit Apps for each other In-store Search Vertical Search Stores of OS Providers App Aggregation Stores of Device Manufacturers Perfect Connection Stores of with Stores Internet Companies Vertical Search Intelligent Search Platform Social Sharing Application Search Platform supports multiple devices and cross-platform search. Store in Store model attracts more than 5,000 apps and Application Search Platform covers more than200,000 apps.
  20. Wo Store Feature Functions:Credits in-exchange ofApplications Credits exchange Quality Apps Users Developers 100% Pay 3:7 revenue shareOn Dec 1, 2011, China Unicom Credits Exchange Column was formally launched inWo Store. With vast user credit system, expanded payment methods,developers’ application would be distributed to a broader platform. WEB/WAP Portals, SMS & WAP PUSH E-channels, biz halls
  21. Wo Store Feature Functions: Vast Covering & Auto Match ofMainstream Operation Systems iPhone In Sep. 2011, Wo Store iphone App Column launched Android In Oct. 2011, Android apps auto match function launched Symbian In Nov. 2011, Symbian apps auto match function launched 沃商 店 Blackberry In Dec. 2011, Wo Store Blackberry App Column launched Windows Windows Phone Apps would be aggregated in diversified Phone modes. Wo Phone In Oct. 2011, China Unicom Wo Phone App store started to integrate with Wo Store
  22. SDK1:Embedded Advertisement 文字链 Full screen pic+URL Banner pic+TEL pic+URL FLASH(SWF) pic+TEL text+URL FLASH(SWF) text+TEL 22
  23. SDK 2: Multi-mode Payment Rating Mode Discount Mode Campaign Mode  Free of charge  Discount by usage  Mix and match  By times  Discount by subscriber type  Redeem  Monthly  Discount in special time segment  User credit system  Duration  Week discount  Buy one get one free  Volume  Holiday discount  Free trial  Package  Discount in special time  ……  By Cycle  Premium discount return  ……  ……Rectangular Chart Line Chart Pie Chart Column Chart
  24. SDK 3: Copyright Protection Copyright Protection • Copyright Protection SDK provides applications authorization interface, interacting with the server to obtain the copyright authorization. The result of the copyright authorization determines whether applications continue running Copyright Control Key Managemrnt Client SDK Server Key and Code Copyright Conservation Local Verify Verify Key and Code Inquiry Authorization Server Verify Code Authorization Generation Order Authorization Authorization Code Log IMEI Management Authorization 24
  25. Table of Contents I. China Unicom Wo Store Overview II. Wo Store Platform Feature Functions VI. Business Cooperation Mode & Process 25
  26. Bridge the App Development Industry In accordance with specific Encourage developers to platform, developers work develop exclusive through localized application applications for users of processing . both sides Strategic Partnership Bridge the mobile apps industry for the territories base on the aggregation and distribution platforms of both sides
  27. Business Cooperation Mode & Process Purchase Upload Wo account 3:7 /4:6 Revenue Share Users Developers Covering mobile Internet portal No threshold for access, Covering individuals, families and independent pricing industry users open various types of API Use of the Internet payment models
  28. Business Cooperation Mode & ProcessDev Community: industry news, Ads Platform: enable CPs to putdevelopment resources, online advertisement SDK into the appservices and generate income from the advertisers.In-app purchaseplatform: enable CopyrightCPs to sell add- Protection System:value services prevent CPs’in the app. works from being piracy. 28
  29. Highlights: Overseas Apps selling in China How to choose apps How to settle with for China? China Unicom?• For Companies • Add muti-language Registered in sdk to your app by China • Games/Utilities/mu yourself • Settle only with• For Companies sic & video • Turn to China contract entity Unregistered in preferred Unicom for help by • T+1 settlement China working with period Chinese partners • Monthly report How to Contract? How to localize your apps? 29
  30. Supports for Developers Developers Service Developers Club Developers Contests Non-distance Communication:  Purpose:Build a platform for  Wo Developers Contests:We held Contact our specialists for all developers to communicate and contests. In the first match, we supports improve the skills attracted more than 200 developers and 2,000 apps. All Around Service: We provide  Activities:Invite famous experts supports in all processes in and developers to share experience registration, test, etc in each month Work together to improve your apps:  Services:online communities, We will give developers the magazines, etc. feedback of users for apps to 400热线,专业支持 improve their experience 有问必答,响应及时  National Contests held with 沃商店客服 governments 开发者 宣传、引导、互动 座席 在线客服 7×12小时服务
  31. Case Study: How your apps will be sold in Wo StoreWo Store install app sales systems in business halls nationwide including 2D Barcodedownload method. We call it experience-marketing. Users could download apps conveniently by reading the barcodes on the walls of our business halls. 31
  32. Sell Your Apps in China with Wo Store Cooperation Process Sales Register Contract App Upload App Test Management Mail Activation Institutions How to Price? Where to Test? Sales Revenue Reports User Account Individuals Get Your Credits Why Test? When to Where to Test?Fail to Get Upload InstallationConfirmation/ Package Complete Test?Forget Password? More More More More MoreContact:Victoria WuSenior Manager of Strategic PartnershipTel: +86-21-61588872︱Cell: +86 18601721197Email: wuyy77@chinaunicom.cnWo Store Operation Center, China UnicomAdd: 30F, Building of China Unicom,No.1033 Changning Rd., Shanghai 200050, ChinaWeb:’ Community: 32
  33. Enormous Opportunities Waiting for you!
  34. i. Chinese Users behavior study: EU market VS China Marketii. Localization of APPs in Chinese Market 34