Spotting opportunites assesment brief


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Spotting opportunites assesment brief

  1. 1. Spotting opportunities Tom Evans and Alessio LaudatoAn example of commercial, tactical and topical ads
  2. 2. A commercial opportunityOrange Wednesdays Here is an example of a commercial opportunity which has been harnessed successfully by mobile telecommunications brand Text orange in conjunction with a number of cinema chains. it provides customers with the opportunity to get two cinema tickets for the price of one on Wednesday evenings each week.
  3. 3. A commercial opportunityWhat are the ideas about?Clearly wednesdays must have been the most difficult day of the week for cinema chains (including odeon) to fill their auditoriums.had odeon (for example) run a campaign to try and entice customers to their multiplexes on Wednesdays with half price tickets itwould most likely have not worked as well as this brand partnership.For some time orange customers have been able to get two cinema tickets for the price of one by texting for a special code on thisday of the week, creating brand kudos for orange and allowing customers to spend memorable moments with their partners or mateson an day of the week they might otherwise not go out.What competitive advantages might the ideas provide?On Wednesdays regular paying cinema goers may have been discouraged from a trip to the pictures out of not wanting to sit in a halfempty screen: everyone knows the experience of watching communally increases our enjoyment with the film. Orange Wednesdaysincreases the volume of people in the screens by filling them with extra bodies. Non-Orange customers who have been invited to thecinema for free are likely to view the brand in a positive light and possibly even be future brand converts. Finally the Orange customermight even get a cheap date which is likely to increase their brand loyalty.What commercial value might there be?First of all the idea is simple both to explain and it has a memorable title; mention Orange Wednesdays and people know what yourtalking about: Orange effectively now own cinema going on the cheap on Wednesdays. Secondly there is the possibility of furtherbrand synergies, indeed as people often like to combine a cinema trip with an inexpensive meal out Pizza Express now have a two forone pizza offer in conjunction with Orange Wednesdays, probably because their restaurants are equally difficult to fill mid week.Although Wednesdays are a night of the week when people would traditionally stay in, a night out on Wednesday can provide a muchappreciated bridge of leisure time in the middle of the working week.Finally this idea is likely to be popular with students and young people without a disposable income and therefore likely to find earlyconverts to the brand who potentially will remain loyal in the long term.Our Critique.This service is perhaps more likely to be popular both with people living or working in close proximity to a cinema, where nipping outon a Wednesday is less hassle and also couples, where they can save money by going out together on a Wednesday. Therefore it couldalienate people living in rural communities and singletons.
  4. 4. A tactical opportunity Here is an example of a tactical opportunity which has been released recently by Starbucks. To mark the release of free wifi in its coffee shops Starbucks has announced that people purchasing coffee from its stores can get a free weekly download from itunes via apple. The track is selected by Starbucks but like the coffee seems to represent music likely to appeal to a broad spectrum.
  5. 5. A tactical opportunityWhat are the ideas about?Starbucks has always combined the playing of music with its coffee experience. One associates a trip to Starbucks with listening tobackground music and also they have produced special albums that they play in their stores which can also be purchased. With theintroduction of wifi across their stores this is the perfect way to get the message across to the Starbucks costumer base that theStarbucks experience now includes an online experience. Also as you can take away coffee from their shops you can now also takeaway music to listen to on your ipod whilst you drink your take away coffee on the move.What competitive advantages might the ideas provide?The idea is clever because there are many people who buy Starbucks coffee sporadically; i.e. sometimes and impulsivly. These peopleare probably most likely to make a purchase on the way into work on their daily commute. It is at exactly this time that they will belistening to their ipods. If Starbucks gives them a catchy tune for their ipods when it arrives in their playlist and they hear it on the wayinto work they’ll be reminded of Starbucks with positive brand association which might prompt a visit to the coffee giant that morningor more regularly as part of the morning routine.What commercial value might there be?The commercial value is that no one else is doing this so Starbucks is the first to own a brand synergy between life-style coffee anditunes. This association may drive music lovers away from the competition and into Starbucks once they’ve realised they can get a trackthey already wanted for free . Driving costumers away from Costa’s or Cafe Nero they may become brand converts; they might stay.Finally by giving people a sample of music they might otherwise not purchase, it may persuade itunes customers to go on to downloadand pay for the entire album or other tracks by the artist potentially increasing apples itunes customers. It also has talk-ability amongstfans of the musicians they promote.Our Critique.This is a brilliant tactical idea the only pitfall of which may be that as a customer you cannot chose which track you want, Starbucksdelegates which track is free each week. If you happen not to like the artist of their choosing that week the campaign won’t work foryou.
  6. 6. A topical opportunity In June 2006 on the day of England’s World Cup clash with Sweden, Nike released this provocative and iconic graphic image in both print and press. It showed simply Rooney with a warrior like confrontational pose reminiscent of Brave-heart in battle cry with his arms outstreched painted with the cross of George.
  7. 7. A topical opportunityWhat are the ideas about?Nike as a brand is about empowerment and here is a quintessential example of how they bring this brand message into the mediaspace with maximum topical impact to catch and piggyback onto the national sentiment in the nation on a given day. Football is theUk’s most popular sport and probably rarely does the country unite with nationalistic pride and aspiration as it does when Englandplay in the world cup. The spirit of Rooney is one of struggle and prevelance against adversity (given his own background; he’s afighter) and here he is designated as a sporting leader; with the hopes of a nation on his shoulder, he embodies England proudlychallenging its adversaries and he becomes the spirit of the nation on that day.What competitive advantages might the ideas provide?The first thing is positive association for Nike on that day. This image is so iconic it shot to fame and was talked about in the media. Itattaches the Nike brand to Rooney’s fame at the moment he’s in the spotlight but most importantly connects with the consumer onan emotional register. As a nation this ad makes England feel empowered and up to face the challenge of Sweden with courage.Visually the message is; come on then!What commercial value might there be?Whenever there is a major sporting competition the sports clothing brands jostle to be associated with it and to gain advantage in themarketplace through clever sponsorship. This image is so simple yet so iconic that on the day of this match it trumps the competitionand cuts through to make NIKE front of mind throughout the nation. It also stokes the fire that burns within the pre existing fans ofthis brand.Our Critique.The danger with this ad is that if England lose the match, (I think it was a draw) the public will remember the day with negative feelingsand therefore the positive brand association they held in the build up to the match won’t continue to be held when they rememberthe day and the ad by proxy. Also because the image is so provocative it invites detractors, as indeed there were with negativepublicity in the press as one MP cited the image as vulgar and distasteful.
  8. 8. The End