BlueSpice (for MediaWiki) - teamwork-en: Quality assurance for articles with workflows and approval management


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Create workflows and revies to work as a team on wiki articles. Use compulsary approvals for changes. And use the reminder functionality for a follow-up of outdated articles.

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BlueSpice (for MediaWiki) - teamwork-en: Quality assurance for articles with workflows and approval management

  1. 1. BlueSpice [teamwork] Quality Management with Workflows and Reviews
  2. 2.  Creating handbooks and documentations according to given proceedings  Finishing articles to a fixed deadline  Prevent parallel editing  Distribute processing steps to minimize effort for everyone  Improve quality due to dedicated contact persons  Ensuring quality with reviews  Central administration and coordination of activities in the wiki Use Cases How can you use [teamwork ]? [teamwork] is part of the documenting solution „BlueSpice docu “. Did you know?
  3. 3.  Creating workflows and workflow templates  Compulsary approvals for changes  Marking the status of review in the state bar and the version history  Overview page for all ongoing workflows with time stamp and status BlueSpice [teamwork] Workflows, reviews and more for quality assurance
  4. 4.  List of own workflows  Automatic notifications  Delegation and redelegation of tasks  Reminder functionality for a follow-up of outdated articles BlueSpice [teamwork] Workflows, reviews and more for quality assurance
  5. 5. Schematic Diagram Reviews in [teamwork] use this schema agree / agree / agree / disagree disagree disagree Initiator Reviewer X Reviewer A Reviewer B Reviewer C Create workflow Notification Review Approval  Assign reviewer  Define time period  Set preferences of the assigned reviewers by an authorised person delegate
  6. 6. Creating Workflows Define date, task and settings Define a period of time Settings for your workflow Add reviewer and tasks Change order of the reviews
  7. 7. Workflow Template Create a template for typical workflows Choose an existing template or create a new one Save template for yourself or for everybody
  8. 8. Own Workflows List of all workflows, you are part of List of own reviews with status Open reviews
  9. 9. Overview of all Reviews All workflows are listed on a special page Link to the article Status Sort, add or delete rows
  10. 10. Approvals Proof the quality of an article and set the status The eye symbol shows you, that there is a workflow Reviewer can delegate a review or agree or disagree to changes
  11. 11. red = not approved StateBar The status bar contains hints of the review status green = approved grey = there is an existing workflow for this article
  12. 12. Delegation You are on holiday? No problem, work won´t remain undone Delegate your task to a colleague while you are away or because of changes in the responsibility It´s also possible to redelegate
  13. 13. Approval Approve new articles and changes in the article First draft = New article, which needs to be approved Draft = Changes in an article in a draft version, which need to be approved Accepted = Article has been checked and approved
  14. 14. Versioning In the history all approvals are marked green Approved versions are marked in green Draft versions are marked in yellow and gives a hint that there is an approval missing With the package [visual diff] you can compare versions with markings. Did you know?
  15. 15. Notifications Define in your settings about what kind of activities you want to be informed
  16. 16. Long-term quality • Define the date for the reminder • Mark an article as „obsolete“ • See a list of all „reminders“ on a special page • Remove the „expired“ symbol Follow-up for Obsolete Articles Ensure up-to-dateness with the reminder
  17. 17. BlueSpice Staying up to date /BlueSpice.for.MediaWiki /BlueSpiceTweets /BlueSpiceVideo bluespice
  18. 18. Hallo Welt! – Medienwerkstatt GmbH Residenzstr. 2 93047 Regensburg +49 (0)941 / 660 800 Contact Your Experts for Knowledge Management and Wiki!