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BlueSpice (for MediaWiki) free - Overview
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BlueSpice (for MediaWiki) free - Overview


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BlueSpice is a Free Open Source Enterprise Wiki. …

BlueSpice is a Free Open Source Enterprise Wiki.
Have a look at the new BlueSpice version BlueSpice 2.22.0. In this presentation we will show you fields of application and the main functionalities og the free version. For more information please have a look at

Published in: Social Media, Technology
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  • 1. BlueSpice free The Free Open Source Enterprise Wiki
  • 2. Editing in the wiki is much too complicated! MediaWiki‘s layout doesn´t look good! Pimp your MediaWiki with Satisfy the user requirements No data migration New look , improved usability Easy editing with WYSIWYG Free basic version Better quality- and process management Comfortable administration Professional search (Facets and Search-as-you-type)
  • 3. Extend Flexibly BlueSpice enhances the functionality of MediaWiki
  • 4. Fields of Application BlueSpice is particularly suitable for company use Handbooks and Online Documentation  Instruction manuals and documentationen of technical systems  User manuals and references  IT documentation  Documentation of custom engineered configurations  Documentation of technical standards Organization and Process Documentation  Organization handbooks  Central collection of operating instructions  Central information about people, working groups and their expertise  Minutes of meetings Knowledge Management  Providing initial information effectively and directly for your colleagues  Linking company locations and departments  Spread knowledge about customers, products and processes  Collect experiences (best practices)  Central access to existing documents  Professional search in different stocks of knowledge
  • 5. Fields of Application BlueSpice is particularly suitable for company use Public Relations Special Interest Platform  Assembly point for project knowledge, expert knowhow, special sections for new technology, products, strategies and debates  Target group oriented knowledge platform (politics, culture, knowledge, entertainment, health, lifestyle...)  Work and documentation platform for supporting conferences, open workshops or BarCamps  Cooperation platforms for technology partners (joint ventures)  Make knowledge available for the press, bloggers and others disseminating information  Central knowledge base for organizations, foundations and NGOs Support and Helpdesk  Collaborative stores of solutions for service desk workers  Solution oriented documentation of malfunctions and their solutions  Comprehensive knowledge base for first, second and third level technical support
  • 6. Professional Editing Create articles easily BlueSpice provides you with  a visual editor (WYSIWG)  dialogues for easy uploading and inserting images and files  functionalities for simple inserting links and categories  features for formatting tables
  • 7. WYSIWYG Editor You never have to use the wiki code again Insert images, links, files, MagicWords and categories, use text formatting functions and create tables
  • 8. Uploading and Inserting Simply use of images and documents in the wiki Searching for images Insert images and define size, adjustment, linking and caption Did you know? Use the package [paste image] to insert images with drag & drop. Upload new images without leaving the article
  • 9. Creating Structures Links and categories are the basis of a wiki Link internal and external pages Insert existing categories or create new ones
  • 10. MagicWords Get to know how to use special wiki tags Wikicode, partially with examples, that will be added to the article Choose between tags, behaviour switches and variables Brief description with an explanation of the functionality
  • 11. Customize Your Wiki Define layout, design and usability according to your needs BlueSpice enables you to  customize skins and layout according to your corporate identity  fold in and out the main navigation  define your own user navigation (Focus)  arrange your own user dashboard  compose your special toolbox with different widgets  define your preferences
  • 12. User account with user specific pages and preferences Individually arrangable toolbox with useful links and functions Three-part navigation to fold in and out with individually composable user focus Authors with avatars as profile pictures Shoutbox for comments and messages concerning the article
  • 13. Flexible Navigation Possibility to fold in and out Choose between main navigation, individual user focus or admin navigation
  • 14. Everything at a Glance Watch an article Page specific actions Widgets that can be put together individually with functions, tools, important links and information
  • 15. The User Area on the Spot User-specific actions and functionalities Notifications and reviews at a glance Login and Logout Provides personal tasks, user-specifiy preferences and special pages
  • 16. Individual Dashboard News, statistics and more – put together relevant information and arrange the with drag and drop
  • 17. Get Information Find content and get meta information to keep an overview  Statistics and diagrams about wiki-internal actions  Professional search with autocomplete, faceted search and search-as-you-type  Notification systems for information on-demand  Information about the article at a glance
  • 18. StateBar Everything I need to know about an article Who has recently changed the article and when took the last edit place Recent changes Link to similar articles (system provided) Quality assurance: Information about responsible editors and review processes
  • 19. Get Statistics Display statistics in an graphical output by choosing the data base, period and further settings
  • 20. Quick Finding Your search query will be auto completed and first results will be shown while you are typing Search like in Google Sort and filter search results Fulltext search also in attached files Did you know? You can connect the search with Wordpress & SharePoint. Create or propose articles
  • 21. Central notifications Notifications about what is going on in the wiki Define preferences for your notifications
  • 22. RSS-Export Your news ticker for changes Did you know? With the package [bookmaker] you can create books and export them as PDF. Subscribe to reports you want to be informed about
  • 23. Processes and Quality Ensure content quality and control workflows  Checkboxes and checklists for tasks  Workflows for collaborative quality assurance  Page templates for standardised structure  Responsible editors as an expert contact  Versioning of the changes (history)
  • 24. Create Checklists Use the WYSIWYG editor to insert checkboxes or checklists Recently used lists will be shown above
  • 25. Starting Workflows On a special page you get an overview of all existing workflows Create workflows for an article with a date for start and end Did you know? Extend your workflow functionalities with the package [teamwork].
  • 26. Responsible Editors Assign responsibilites for an article The responsible editors are viewed with their profile pictures in the state bar Assign one or more responsible editors
  • 27. Versioning Keep track of all changes Compare versions and display all changes and modifications Did you know? See all changes at a glance and coloured with [visual diff] . Versions with timestamp, author and bytes
  • 28. Page Templates Pre-structuring of content helps to implement standards Choose a template when creating a new page Create new templates and administrate them on a special page
  • 29. Pleasure for Administrators We improved all administration dialogues to help you with the „gardening“  An admin dashboard informs about important changes  The permissions are structured clearly  Search for users in the user management  Adjust the skin easily with FlexiSkin
  • 30. Overview in the Admin Dashboard Portlets provide meta information about the wiki Add new portlets Change the order with drag & drop Define settings for the portlets
  • 31. Clear Permission Management Wiki-wide permissions Choose a group and define rights Inheritance of rights are marked with colour
  • 32. Comprehensive User Management Use filters to sort users and find them quickly
  • 33. Preferences For every extension You can find all the preferences for every extension in the drop-down menues here
  • 34. Flexible Design Change colours, sizes and logo Live-preview displays all changes
  • 35. Special Pages BlueSpice enhances the MediaWiki pages for the maintenance of the wiki BlueSpice special pages for wiki gardeners, e.g.Extended Statistics Did you know? Use the extension [superlist] to get meta infrmation on your wiki.
  • 36. Charged Packages Expand BlueSpice according to your needs
  • 37. BlueSpice Stay up-to-date /BlueSpice.for.MediaWiki /BlueSpiceTweets /BlueSpiceVideo bluespice
  • 38. Hallo Welt! – Medienwerkstatt GmbH Residenzstr. 2 93047 Regensburg Germany +49 (0)941 / 660 800 Your experts for Knowledge Management and Wiki!