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Meet the Teacher Presentation


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A presentation I share at Meet the Teacher Night to give an overview of the school year.

A presentation I share at Meet the Teacher Night to give an overview of the school year.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. M e e t t h e T e a c h e r 2 - S B
    • Thursday, September 16, 2010
  • 2. All About Me... Sarah Baptiste ✏ 11th year teaching at Otsego ✏ Previously taught Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade and 4th grade and...... ✏ VERY excited about returning to 2nd grade!!!
  • 3. About Our Class
    • ✏ There are 19 students in Class 2-SB
    • -9 girls
      • -10 boys
    • ✏ Class 2-SB’s students like to:
    • -read
    • -sing
    • -dance
    • -share ideas
    • -spend time with families
    • -play with animals
    • -learn new things!!!!
  • 4. Classroom Expectations By the end of second grade, students will: ✏ become independent learners ✏ become responsible for their work ✏ become responsible for their actions ✏ learn to work together as a team ✏ be able to apply higher order thinking skills throughout the day!!!
  • 5. Classroom Management ✏ Class reward - Marble jar ✏ Table reward - Table stars ✏ Individual reward - STAR card **All students are expected to do their personal best!!!**
  • 6. A Typical Day in 2-SB!!! ✏ Unpack/Copy homework ✏ Do Now ✏ Specials ✏ Reading Workshop ✏ Math ✏ Lunch ✏ Writing Workshop ✏ Social Studies/Science ✏ Snack ✏ Spelling/Phonics/Centers ✏ Pack up/dismissal
  • 7. Reading Workshop Through Reader’s Workshop, students will learn: ✏ how to read with fluency. ✏ tips to better comprehend and understand what is being read. ✏ strategies to use while reading different types of text. ✏ to enjoy reading different types of books!
  • 8. Writing Workshop Through Writer’s Workshop, students will learn: ✏ how to correctly use writing mechanics. ✏ how to use graphic organizers to plan their writing. ✏ how to write in paragraphs using topic and closing sentences. ✏ how to revise and edit their own work. ✏ how to write for different audiences and purposes.
  • 9. Spelling/Phonics Students will learn one new spelling principle a week and are responsible for: ✏ reviewing the principle and choosing appropriate spelling words. ✏ completing their spelling homework. ✏ being prepared for a spelling test every Friday.
  • 10. Mathematics Units: ✏ Addition ✏ Subtraction ✏ Time ✏ Money ✏ Measurement ✏ Geometry ✏ Graphing ✏ Fractions ✏ Multiplication ✏ Division *Problem of the Day *Problem Solving (how?) *Speed tests *Daily math practice
  • 11. Science Units: ✏ Physical Science: *Earth/Moon Relationships, *Weather *Water Cycle *Magnetism ✏ Living Science: *Life cycles - Butterflies ✏ Science experiments
  • 12. Social Studies Units: ✏ Communities ✏ Map Skills ✏ Landforms ✏ Government ✏ Citizenship ✏ Geography (Flat Stanley)
  • 13. Weekly Homework MONDAY Spelling - 3x each Reading Response Math TUESDAY Spelling - ABC order Worksheet Math WEDNESDAY Spelling - First 5 sentences Reading Response Math THURSDAY Spelling - Last 5 sentences Worksheet Math *Social studies and science homework will be assigned to review class concepts.* **Homework schedule is subject to change.**
  • 14. Homework Policy ✏ Homework is to be completed nightly. ✏ Please encourage your child to complete homework independently. ✏ Please check AGENDA, HOME and MATH folders on a daily basis.
  • 15. S.T.A.R. Readers Students Thrilled About Reading* ✏ Students are expected to read on a nightly basis. ✏ Monthly logs will be distributed at the beginning of each month. ✏ Monthly logs will be collected at the start of each new month. ✏ Students are responsible for getting a new log when needed. ✏ S.T.A.R. Recommendations can be done on the class eBoard.
  • 16. Scholastic Book Club ✏ Book orders distributed monthly. ✏ Beginning in October, book orders can be done online. ✏ All orders help our class to get free books!
  • 17. Class 2-SB’s eBoard ✏ Download necessary forms (permission slips, reading logs, etc.) ✏ View class pictures ✏ Review and reinforce curriculum concepts ✏ Leave an iNote ✏ Recommend books
  • 18. Additional Classroom Happenings ✏ Field trips *Sweetbriar Nature Preserve *HHH Space Shuttle *HHH Planetarium ✏ Forest Park pen pals ✏ Birthdays ✏ Mystery Reader ✏ Extra help ✏ InView test ✏ Online report card
  • 19. Online Report Card ✏ Elementary Report Card will be available online ✏ Must have Parent/Portal access to Infinite Campus ✏ Complete Household Information form if you need access
  • 20. How can YOU help? ✏ Strong parent/teacher communication ✏ Please contact me if there are any questions/concerns ✏ Please check your child’s homework and folders on a daily basis ✏ Please review taught concepts on a regular basis ✏ Please sign and return all tests (except for spelling tests) ✏ Please visit the Class 2-SB eBoard on a regular basis ✏ Return all forms in a timely manner ✏ Ask your child about his/her day!!!
  • 21. Contact Information Sarah Baptiste Otsego Elementary School 55 Otsego Avenue Dix Hills, NY 11746 (631) 592-3600 [email_address]
  • 22. Please Remember: ✏ to sign up for Parent/Teacher conferences ✏ to sign up to be a Mystery Reader ✏ to write back to your child (bus paper) ✏ to visit our Giving Tree ✏ to give me your email address ✏ to see our class parents - Mrs. Braverman, Mrs. Szivos and Mrs. Rode ✏ to complete Household Information form Looking forward to a GREAT year!!!