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Asos final

  1. 1. ASOS Assia Mandri---Aman Bansal---Soumia El Ouadnassi---Kamal Berrada---Yichun Chen--Xiaoyao Zhang
  2. 2. HISTORY OF ASOS 2000 ASOS launched in the UK 2001 2004 ASOS IPO on the London stock exchange ASOS Business model 2007 ASOS Magazine
  3. 3. 2008 ASOS owns label which only for women then extended to men 2010 ASOS sites in USA ,German and France and other countries 2011 ASOS Maketplace 2012 ASOS offices openned the first international office in Sydney
  4. 4. DISTRIBUTION OF ASOS  Online shopping(internet and mobile site) –convient and official way to promote the fashion and allow people to go shopping on the internet  APP of ASOS :App of iTunes and Android  Promotion of ASOS : Facebook, Twitter,Youtube , Google and Instagram
  5. 5. MARKETS ASOS aims to become the leader in the online fashion world ASAP.  ASOS (which stands for "as seen on screen") caters to Web-savvy, fashionable 16- to 34-year-old men and women ASOS offers 850 brands of T-shirts, denim, dresses, footwear, lingerie, swimwear, beauty products, accessories, and jewelry through its website, and its own brand merchandise.  It has local-language sites in France, Germany, and the US and is adding more. 
  7. 7. COMPARISON:INFLUENCE IN DIFFERENT MEDIUMS Faceboo Google+ Twitter k focus likes YouTube Subscrib er/ watch 3,080,66 2 150,829 17,969 /13,496,71 4 TOPSH OP 3,677,39 5 2,080,79 9 297,546 38,328/ 8,376,156 2,022/ 6,183/ 1,853,8 65,635/ 33/269 91 NEXT 1,334,85 4 178,385 94,889 1,039/ 1,043,194 1,009/ 8,962/ 9,821/5 9,166/65 4 278 29,798 1,620/ 309,973 435/ 110,87 6/70 ASOS PRIMAR 2,422,84 K 0 23,084 Instag ram posts/f ollowe rs/foll owing / Pintere st Pins/foll owers/f ollowin g 2,289/ 63,042/ 174 662/4,60 1/45
  8. 8. KEY POINTS COMPARE TO OTHERS  1. ASOS only has online  2. ASOS has their own brand and also other brands insides, while TOPSHOP only has his own brand but has runway in fashion week.  3. From the customers comments and searching process, ASOS has almost the same status with TOPSHOP.  Competitiveness :  The largest European pure-player on online clothing retailors .  International business  Free shipping to 190 countries No foreign warehouse Top 5 most visited online fashion stores
  9. 9. ASOS Facebook Page analysis Broad analysis : Was launched in 2010. Facebook page : below par. There are no apps or online campaign running at this time. They still have an event from last year visible. Content is based around promoting products more than the brand and its story itself. Photos are below standard for a brand like ASOS.
  10. 10. DISTRIBUTION OF FANS • Has fans from World over. •Maximum number of fans from the UK and then one third of that from the US, and then Australia and Germany. •France is at number five
  11. 11. GROWTH IN LAST 6 MONTHS •ASOS grew significantly at the time of new years last year, signifying possible ad campaign launches or social buzz from a campaign, offline or online. •Most popular age group is 18 -14. Most popular city is Paris. •Growth has been pretty stagnant in the last two months.
  12. 12. Charts Brand's Comments 2% 1% 2% Brand's Posts 3% 22% Branding Branding 0% Communication (Product) Communication (promotion) Customer care 50% 25% Communicatio n (Product) Communicatio n (promotion) Customer care Infotainment Infotainment 95% 1% 5% 4% 7% 15% User's Comments User's Posts Fanship 10% Conversation Gratitude 0% Fanship 5% 15% Conversation 5% Gratitude Claim/complaint 68% Reaction Infotainment Information request corn/offense Claim/complaint 28% 34% 3% Reaction Infotainment Information request corn/offense
  13. 13. Charts Index of Active Conversation Average Engagement 49% 51% Brand's posts 95 % Brand's posts User's posts Users posts 90% Brand's posts Com. Like 8,47 158,5 Share 1,88 User's average Com. Like 1,68 1,25 Share 0
  14. 14. CHARTS Response nature to brand's posts Customer Care Index Fanship 5% 11% Conversation 17% Gratitude 6% 24% 34% 3% 20% Customer Care No answer Claim/complaint Reaction Infotainment Information request corn/offense 80%
  15. 15. ANALYSIS OF THE DATA  The facebook page is mainly intended for product communication rather than other categories. (50% of the posts concern product communication)  The users don’t really matter about the brand post content, most of them are using it to claim. In fact, only few users respond to the core content of the post.
  16. 16.  Deaf speech: Customer care sometimes appear as an automatic answer used for any category of request from the user.  Community managers are always responding to users comments with the same message, even though the name of the community manager changes.
  17. 17.  The Facebook page of Asos is the most liked page as a cloth retailer (important visibility) but is full of claims ( 68% for Fan post, and 34% for the comment of users to brand post)  which reflect a very negative image of the brand.  Only 7% of gratitude comments and post, altough there is 3 million likes. => That shows that satisfied won’t necessarly express their gratitude by posting it on the page.
  18. 18. CONCLUSIONS : THE FINDINGS Asos has an average of 35k PTA throughout.  It has ads running for the Facebook on a standard budget.  It has low content engagement with their audience.  They often respond and react to the consumer complaints and reaction on their page.  They do not run contests or campaigns on their page often.  Most of the content is product centric and 95% of it is photos. 
  19. 19. SUGGESTIONS: • Produce better photography • Add more enthusiasm to the content. • Make the content around the Brand rather the product. • Use the Facebook tabs and apps for offers, product launches and brand promotion • Keep the page buzzing with some kind of happiness around an publicity campaign or contests China is the 6th largest consumer base for ASOS. Since China don’t have Facebook, find other means to cater to them. WeChat, RenRen and Weibo.
  20. 20. Thank you for listening.