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ERP+ by BlueScape

  1. 1. ERP+ by BlueScapesmarter . faster . profitable
  2. 2. Overview• ERP+ by BlueScape is the next generation ERP 2.0 Technology solution enabling enterprises to fully integrate business activity and capture business critical information.• Gain instant real-time visibility on key business events through alerts on process delays, costs or expense over runs, profits trends, poor performance and business risks.• Decision support tools help analyse root causes for poor performance and take corrective actions to improve process, performance and profits.
  3. 3. Business Needs and Solutions Core Solution • Financial Planning & Budgeting • Product Costing & Profitability • Accounts & Tax Compliance • Sales, Distribution & Receivables • Purchases & Payables BENEFITS • Production Planning & Process • Inventories Planning & Management • Improve Profits • Improve Productivity • Improve Performance Optional Solutions • Reduce Costs • Reduce Inventory • Reduce Cycle Time • CRM & Sales Force Automation • Supply Chain Visibility • HRM and Payroll • Plant Maintenance • Project Management • Franchise Management • Other Services
  4. 4. ERP+ by BlueScape Value Drivers• Automate business tasks to make them faster and easier.• Business owners or managers gain instant visibility and alerts on key business events, delayed activities, costs and expense over runs, profits trends, poor performance and business risk.• Plan and manage revenues, costs, budgets, and profit goals.• Automate and manage sale force more efficiently to improve sales.• Plan and manage production capacities and batch wise costs and profits• Plan and procure on time to reduce input costs• Automate sales and distribution channel activities and get visibility on sales, inventory and receivables.• Analyse and control inventory operations to reduce inventory costs.• Complete financial management; Accounts Payables, Receivables, & Cash Flow in real time.• On demand MIS and Analytic Reports.
  5. 5. Integrated Business Process, Performance and ProfitManagement ERP + Business Intelligence Feature Operational Process Planning Performance and Analytics Integration Revenue and Cost Service Budgeting Budget actual Improvement Product Costing and Variance Reports tools Profitability CRM Sales Capital Budgeting Cash Flow Planning Analytic Reports MIS Reports Production/ MRP Projects Materials Planning Master Production Performance Trends Finance Schedule Deviation Alerts Performance Planning – KPI’s Purchase Inventory Set Controls and Alerts Corrective KPI Dashboards Actions HR and Set Corrective Actions PayrollMaintenance What if Analysis Risk Alerts
  6. 6. Financial Planning &Profitability Management Overview and Features Benefits Integrated Solution for Financial Planning and Budgeting, Capital Planning, Funds Sourcing. • Reduce spreadsheet works Product Costing and COGS estimates to determine profitability. • Manage & improve revenue Easy to use Cash Flow Planning wizards to track and improve Cash Flows. • Improve Cost Control Maintain Profit and Cost Centres, track • Improve Cash Flow budgetary controls on general ledgers. • Easy Asset Tracking • Planning and Budgeting wizards • Product Costing and Profit Estimates • Get instant alerts on Risk • Set Alerts on plan actual deviations • Visualise revenue, cost and profit • Ready to use Analytics trends • Financial KPs and Dashboards • Revenue, Cost and Profit Analytics
  7. 7. Accounts andCompliance Management Overview and Features Benefits Accounting and tax compliance solution automates regular accounting tasks. Use automated workflows for transaction approvals • Reduce book keeping effort and controls. Integrated with sales, purchase, inventory and • Eliminate redundant entries production to capture respective accounting entries to reduce duplicate entries. • Centralised General Ledger Configurable tax rules and tax accounting. • Easy AP and AR tracking Automates tax returns. • Reduced Accounting Tasks • Multi branch, Multi State • Multi level chart of accounts • Get instant financial positions • User defined tax configurations • General Ledger • Easier month end closures • Payments and Receipts • Bank Reconciliation • Easier and Faster Tax Returns • VAT, GST, Service Tax and Withholding Tax • Integration with Sales, Purchase Inventory • Easy Bank Reconciliation and Production • General Ledger Reports • Eliminate manual reporting • AP and AR Reports Analytics • Tax Reports
  8. 8. Sales, Distribution andReceivables Overview and Features Benefits BlueScape Sales and Distribution solution automates order to cash activities. Eliminate paper work across sales channel operations. Analyse and alert on distribution • Reduce Paper Work operations delays, receivables. • Distributor Stock Visibility • Distributor evaluation and registration • Avoid Out-of-stock situations • Sales Order • Stock Transfer • Faster and Easier Operations • Sales Invoice and Taxes • Sales Return • Improved Supply Chain Visibility • Cash and Bank Receipts • Accounts Receivables • Distributor Stock Reports • MIS and Analytic Reports • Key Performance Indicators
  9. 9. Purchases, Goods Receiptsand Account Payables Overview and Features Benefits BlueScape Purchase-to-Pay module system automates the process of material planning, requisition, procurement and payment. • Procure on time Starts from efficient material requirement planning linked with master production schedules to plan and order material inputs on time. Matching of PO, • Improve cash flow management GRN and Supplier Invoices ensure proper reconciliation of accounts payables. • Reduced procurement costs Analyse and alert on procurement delays, costs • Reduce inventory costs overruns and risks. • Improved supplier performance • Vendor evaluation and registration • Material requirement planning • Avoid stock out situations • Purchase request and approvals • Request for quotes • Improves supplier relations • Supplier quotes and comparisons • Purchase orders and delivery tracking • Faster and easier purchases • Supplier invoice and Approvals • Supplier Payments and Approvals • Improved supply chain visibility • Accounts Payable Reports • MIS and Analytic Reports • Key Performance Indicators
  10. 10. Production Planning andProcess Management Overview and Features Benefits BlueScape Plan-to-Production solutions help manufacturing companies to plan and manage capacities to achieve the best utilisation rates. Use master production scheduling methods to optimise production operations and plan the material and resource requirements in advance. Plan batchwise production costs and track cost variances. • Improved capacity utilisation Plan and track process activities and capture the • Improved Quality production data for every stage of a process. Implement in process quality control measures to • Improved visibility on Operations capture in process quality data and WIP. • Reduce WIP Stocks • Prepare Master Production Schedules based on sales plans or orders • Reduced Cycle Times • Generate monthly production plans • Production Orders or Batches • Issue Materials to Production based on orders • Capture daily production numbers • Capture batchwise production costs • Analyse standard and actual production cost variances
  11. 11. Inventory Management Overview and Features Benefits BlueScape Inventory Management solution is focused on reducing inventory costs of materials and finished goods. Captures goods receipts, issues, returns, order transactions and posts accounting entries automatically to eliminate duplicate entries and frequent reconciliations. • Reduce inventory costs Manage and measure WIP stocks and values. Multiple inventory valuation methods FIFO, LIFO, • Reduce inventory wastages Average. Configurable inventory control rules – min stock • Easy to reconcile levels, max stock levels and reorder levels. Analyse and track material movements to • Faster Stock Audits optimise inventories. • Instant Visibility on WIP • Multi Location warehouse, Multiple Item Types • Bar codes, Bins, FIFO, LIFO and Average • Goods Receipts • Sales Orders, Picking and Packing • Transfers and Returns • Stock Audits, MIS and Analytics • Inventory KPI’s
  12. 12. CRM and Sales Force Overview and Features Benefits BlueScape CRM solution offers end-to- end customer relationship activities through Contact Management, Customer Support Help Desk and tracking of customer related activities. Built on automated workflows and • Improved customer relations escalation processes to achieve faster issue resolution and visibility of activities • Improved sales force efficiency across sales, service, and support teams. • Improved visibility on CRM tasks • Customer Contacts • Sales Team Organization • Reduced service costs • Customer Support tasks • CRM Tasks • CRM Analytics • Customer Service Tasks • Sales Force Performance Reports • Incentives
  13. 13. Contact Us! BlueScape Sdn Bhd W603-603A, West Wing, Metropolitan Square, Jalan PJU 8/1, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia +60 3 7722 2015 +60 3 7722 3045