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Rick Bayless
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Rick Bayless


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  • 1. GreeningHomes…without leaving homeowners feeling Blue
  • 2. Green Building Report CardStudent Carolina WestGrade• Prerequisites A• Site A• Water A• Materials B• Indoor Air Quality F• Energy: Comfort Systems D• Energy: Building Envelope A• Energy: Appliances, Lighting, and RenewablesA
  • 3. Recent missteps in Greening:
  • 4. Case #1 “Sick from mold”Issue:A young couple suffers from overpowering moldy odor inside 1-year old Energy Star home.Cause:Lack of control over humidity in rooms and in crawl space.
  • 5. Case #2 “Mold Attack”Issue:A family is creeped-out from Mold growing on walls inside their 3-year old Green home.Cause:Lack of control over humidity in rooms and continuous fresh air venting in a damp forest.
  • 6. Case #3 “Forecast Sunny… with a chance of Suffocation”Issue:A new, tight, Solar Energy Green home leaves its occupants feeling uncomfortable inside their home as they are surrounded by a stale, stuffy mass of air.Cause:Poor fresh air ventilation set-up.
  • 7. Case #4 “The Poison House”Issue:A homeowner finds herself having to live in a tent outside due to severe respiratory irritation when she steps inside her newly-constructed Green Home.Cause:Chlorine off-gassing from unfortunate mix of: Foamed Cementitious Insulation Magnesium Oxide Board Outside humidity entering wall system Magnesium Chloride content No fresh air ventilation.
  • 8. Case #5 “Makeover madness”Issue:A mother and her daughter suffer from respiratory irritationwhile they remain inside their Green remodeled home.Cause:Odors from a lack of control over humidity in the crawl space and from the use of high VOC construction materials compelling the owner to run an ozone generator non-stop.
  • 9. Case #6 “To Air is Human”Issue:A woman cannot escape the relentless heat as she moves from room to room inside her 5-year old Green home.Cause:Cooling air was not set up to circulate from room-to-room .
  • 10. Fact !...not fiction.
  • 11. Lots of Green progress !• Materials and construction• Local sourcing• Site protection and use• Energy use• Aesthetics• Water use
  • 12. What’s still missing?• Health and comfort focus: Cooling comforts Air filtration Natural and Manufactured odors• Air management focus: Air circulation Humidity control• Maintenance focus: Maintenance program Occupant instruction
  • 13. Building, HVAC, Health and Environmental pros Allies not Aliens
  • 14. For conversation pullingHealth, Energy, Green Building issues togetherContact : Indoor Environment Connections 12339 Carroll Avenue,Rockville, MD 20852 (301)
  • 15. Building Science& HVAC
  • 16. For conversation pulling HVAC, Energy, Green Building issues togetherContact : Energy Vanguard, LLC(678) 662-4332 1924 Clairmont Rd, Suite 50, Decatur, GA
  • 17. For localconversation pullingHealth, HVAC, Energy, Green Building issues togetherContact :Rick Bayless A Healthier Home 330 Rambling Dr. Hendersonville, NC 28739 (828)
  • 18. Rick Bayless 243-5192A Healthier Home
  • 19. A Dichotomy ?
  • 21. One Visitor Comment:“Sure are an awful lot of:• petroleum-based materials• materials obtained in ways that are anything but "green“• massively energy-inefficient layouts and design• materials sourced from hundreds and thousands of miles awayBut I guess if you tack on a couple rain barrels and solar panels you can call anything green.”