Media evaluation q4


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Media A2 Evaluation
Question 4

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Media evaluation q4

  1. 1. Question 4
  2. 2. IIusedItheIdellIIIII8500IforItheI Dell XPS 8500 majorityIofImyIworkIincludingIIllI ofItheIwrittenIworkIandIblogIworkII IlsoIIIusedItheIcomputerItoIeditImyI mediaIproductIusingIaIprogramI calledIadobeIpremiereIproIwhichI isIusedIforIeditingIvideosIIIIhisI computerIisIfairlyIpowerfulIasIitI canIprocessIprogrammesIlikeIadobeI photoIshopIIwhichIweIusedIforIourIThe specs for the PC are:- posterIIandIpremiereIproIalongI withIbasicIprogrammesIlikeI •3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5-3350P processor (6M Cache, up to internetIexplorerIIIheseI 3.3 GHz) computersIalsoIprocessIotherI •Windows 7 64bit, English programmesIlikeIquarkIwellII •8GB1 Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz •2TB Serial ATA (7200RPM) Hard Drive •NVIDIA® GeForce GT 640 1GB DDR5 Graphics Card
  3. 3. USB to device I used this (or similar) cable to transfer all of my external files that I have collected through the use of camera, zoom mic, XLR camera and other devices to my computer (see slide 1) Not all of these cables have the same output on both sides for example the camera and the XLR have different sized ports Leads like this make it much easier to edit files on the computer as the alternative such as Bluetooth is unreliable and can end up with corrupt files.
  4. 4. Sony HXR - MC2000I used the Sony HXR MC2000 to capture all of the footage for mydocumentary, it is a very high quality camera with a LCD touch screen tonavigate through the various menus. These cameras have a solid statehard drive which is more appropriate for a sturdy broadcast camera . It is agenerally user friendly camera as the interface is quite easy to use. It alsorecords at 1080p which is about as good as it gets. The only real downsideto this mammoth of a camera is that it is large and heavy which makes itdifficult to travel with it on foot. We used a clip microphone when interviewing our “addicts” to ensure that our sound was not only to the highest quality but also consistent this was a large focus point for us because in the early stages of the research we watched some previous documentaries which we found the sound to be unbearable so we made sure that we did not go the same way. We also used a tripod which is a very important piece of equipment especially in a documentary as the framing is always similar using rule of thirds which is why the camera must be steady
  5. 5. Canon EOS 1100D Digital SLR We us this Canon SLR camera to capture the images for our poster , it is high quality but rather complicated to use as it has many features and functions that we did not need. We also used a tripod when we took the pictures to ensure that the image came out at a perfect angle.
  6. 6. Editing Software We used adobe photo shop to edit our image for our poster, it is a very complex program that takes practice but the results are worthwhile. We have used photo shop before so it is not so much “being thrown in the deep end”We used adobe premiere pro to edit ourdocumentary from stage one until the very end.It is also a quite complex program to use but thecontrols are relatively easy to pick up, things likefade ins etc . Premiere pro is the program weused most in comparison to any other as it tookconsiderable hours to edit the documentarypiece by piece.
  7. 7. Internet We used Internet explorer of Mozilla Firefox (my preference is Firefox) to research various things that we needed to put on our blogs. We also used the internet to use blogger which is where all of our coursework is compiled together in the form of a blog. Blogger is a very complicated site that takes many hours for simple tasks like moving images and adding links/videos/files. Blogger is good because it made it possible to keep all our work in an organized fashion, all in chronological order including videos, images and html links. We also used youtube to upload our work on to a shared account so that it could be transfered onto our blogs, these were the full documentary and the radio advert.
  8. 8. Word/Power point/ExcelWord: We use(d) Microsoft word frequently to type up all our documents and transferred them to bloggerExcel: We used excel briefly just to create accurate graphs for our audience feedback.Power point: We used MS power point to create presentations which are many steps so that the audience can take it all in