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Integrating the Extended Enterprise into a Single, Coordinated OperationBring All Your Companies Together as OneWhy Compan...
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Top Reasons to use SAP Business One to Support Subsidiary Operations


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Large enterprises are increasingly using SAP Business One to support their subsidiary operations. These corporations are establishing a multi-tier software strategy to extend the value of their technology investment.

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Top Reasons to use SAP Business One to Support Subsidiary Operations

  1. 1. SAP Business OneTop Reasons to Use SAP® Business Oneto Support Subsidiary OperationsEstablishing a Multitier Software Strategy toExtend the Value of Your Technology InvestmentCompanies that expand operations to penetrate Balancing Enterprise-Wide Needsnew markets and drive revenue face unique Organizations often strive to balance the software needs ofsoftware requirements. The software must their extended enterprise. For example, the headquartersmeet corporate needs for standardization and r ­ equires software that establishes uniformity, business processcontrol while enabling autonomy and respon- efficiency, and compliance while meeting its need for trans-siveness at business entities like subsidiaries, parency and visibility. So enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that institutes a standard template is important fordivisions, suppliers, and partners. When you corporate operations.choose to run the SAP® Business One applica-tion at these entities, you get the best of both Moreover, subsidiaries need to be nimble to fulfill their strategicworlds. You can quickly and affordably integrate purpose, whether it’s to grow the organization, penetrate a market, or reduce costs through global sourcing or manufactur-operations with those at corporate offices for ing. These business units still need to be efficient and in control,consistency and visibility while maintaining the but too much standardization can get in the way of innovation.freedom you need to be agile and responsive They need room for flexibility while still fitting into the overallto new market opportunities. corporate structures. That’s where a two-tier ERP strategy can help. A two-tier ERP model lets you preserve ERP investments while equipping subsidiaries with an agile business management system. Tier-one software like the SAP ERP application runs at your larger operations, while tier-two software such as the SAP Business One application runs at your smaller locations. The two software solutions are then integrated into one coordinated operation, bringing together your processes, applications, and data.
  2. 2. Integrating the Extended Enterprise into a Single, Coordinated OperationBring All Your Companies Together as OneWhy Companies Choose Fast Payback The Makings of a Multitier SoftwareSAP Business One Running SAP Business One as part of Strategy a multitier software strategy helps youSAP Business One lets you coordinate cost-effectively manage your global IT By choosing world-class applications from SAP,operations, increase visibility, and trans- i ­nvestment. The software is priced for you can meet the diverse needs of your extended enterprise. For corporate operations, the SAP® ERPform decision making while cost-effectively small businesses and features an on-­ application offers enterprise-level software thatmanaging your global IT investment. The demand deployment model for companies addresses the core business requirements of thesoftware has already been adopted by that want to avoid the capital investment most demanding midsize and large organizationstens of thousands of small businesses and resources required by an on-premise around the world in all industries and sectors. Asaround the world and runs at more than software implementation. part of SAP Business Suite software, it provides the foundation for other SAP Business Suite1,500 subsidiary locations. Here are applications and is the basis for realizing superiorsome of the top reasons why companies Connectivity with the Business business process efficiency.are choosing SAP Business One. Network You can readily connect SAP Business For subsidiary-level operations, the SAP BusinessAbility to Integrate and Standardize One with other applications across your One application offers a single, affordable solution that meets your essential software needs andOperations and Data business network. A robust integration integrates readily with other applications acrossSAP Business One is a comprehensive framework simplifies the effort to inte- the extended enterprise. It addresses all of thesolution that fully integrates with leading grate outside software systems that en- core business functions across accounting,ERP software. By centralizing and inte- able processes unique to your operations, financials, customer relationship management,grating core business functions on a such as online ticketing, customer orders, sales, service, warehousing, and operations. SAP Business One is delivered on a flexible platformcommon software infrastructure, you or event registration. Various preconfig- with worldwide coverage and is supported locallycan eliminate disparate processes and ured integration packages are also avail- by experienced resellers. It’s available in both on-multiple disjointed spreadsheets and able to quickly and affordably connect premise and on-demand deployment options sod­ atabases. It enables complete visibility SAP Business One with applications you can get started quickly with a few users andand better control to help your whole across the enterprise. It helps you a basic implementation.e­ nterprise run more efficiently. m ­ anage intercompany transactions by synchronizing data and providing for streamlined financial consolidations.“SAP Business One helps us in many specific ways, but I believe the biggest benefit of all is that it supports everything we do as a business in a unified, integrated, consistent way. It gives us a clear view of the entire company and where we are going.” Giampaolo Stella, Financial Controller, Skechers USA Italia s.r.l.
  3. 3. “With SAP Business One, a single ­nternal IT person i supports the ­ pplication and the business network a for 55 franchises – at a very low cost.” Paul van der Mark, IT Application Manager, Checkpoint Systems, EuropeBetter Business Insight Global Footprint Flexibility to Adapt to Changing NeedsSAP Business One helps you see your Companies that have a global presence With its flexible architecture, you canfi­ nancial position more clearly. The soft- must factor in a multitude of local require- customize and extend SAP Businessware provides real-time access to critical ments specific to the region of operation. One to meet unique and changing from the enterprise that you can SAP Business One helps you overcome the You can start small and add functionalitya­ nalyze with fully integrated SAP Crystal complexities of a global business model using the software development kit orReports® software. You can create com- by offering support for local languages, choose from more than 550 add-onpelling reports that provide insights into local legal compliance, and business logic. s ­ olutions as your business grows orall parts of your business. Managers can The software is available in 40 country- new challenges arise.accurately track revenues, costs, and specific versions and offers a flexiblecash flow so they can assess business platform for growth. Global Supportperformance and make decisions on the SAP Business One is sold and support-fly to improve it. This agility is crucial to Reduced Time and Effort to Expand ed through our extensive network ofmaintaining profitability. Operations a ­ uthorized local partners in more than By establishing standardized processes 40 countries. These channel partnersBuilt-In Customer Relationship and data, SAP Business One helps you combine their local business knowledge­Management Functionality reduce the time and effort required to and IT expertise to help you purchase,By providing embedded customer add subsidiaries or business units to implement, and support SAP Businessr­ elationship management functionality, your business application landscape. One. The on-demand version offers theSAP Business One helps you more easily The software can be deployed in as little same functionality as the on-premisemanage contacts and strengthen relation- as a few weeks. It features a user-friendly version but is hosted by an SAP channelships. You gain a comprehensive view of graphical interface and point-and-click partner and is accessed via a per-useryour entire customer base so you can functionalities to minimize training. subscription fee.make decisions to improve service andsales. Customer data is standardized andaccessible from across the enterprise soyou can better understand and respondto customer needs. “SAP Business One is a robust solution that takes care of our entire business and instills best practices but is also flexible enough to accommodate the specific needs of a Pan-African business such as ours with 9 subsidiaries and over 30 distributors across Africa. It is a key enabler to our future growth.” Jason Hinrichsen, Chief Financial Officer, iWayAfrica Limited
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