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Managing Projects Efficiently using SAP Business One for Professional Services


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Project Management based on SAP Business One is an affordable industry solution for small and midsize businesses of the professional services industry. The solution helps you to manage your entire business by integrating all critical business
functions, from business partner data management, opportunity management, accounting, financials, service and travel expenses entry to up-to-date project analyses. Maintenance of the set up systems is possible via the Internet.
Moreover all project team members have the option to access the project data with mobile applications.

For more information, please contact Blue Ocean Systems Pte Ltd at:
Tel: +65 63977258

We love to hear from you. Thank you.

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Managing Projects Efficiently using SAP Business One for Professional Services

  1. 1. MANAGING PROJECTS EFFICIENTLY Product in brief ProjectManagement based on SAP® Business Onethrough uniform project data from planning for Professional Servicesand management to analysis:- a comprehensive, integrated system- mobile data access ProjectManagement based on SAP- cost transparency Business One is an affordable industry solution for small and midsize businesses of the professional services industry. The solution helps you to manage your entire business by integrating all critical busi- ness functions, from business partnerAre you a decision manager of a midsize Project Controlling: Up-to-the-minute data management, opportunity man-professional services company and wish for a project analyses, such as degree of agement, accounting, financials, servicebetter transparency and a simplified informa- completion, breakeven analysis or KPI are and travel expenses entry to up-to-datetion retrieval? Do you need an IT system that available at the touch of a button and are project analyses. Maintenance of the setsupports your entire business processes? partially prepared even graphically as a up systems is possible via the Internet.Would you like to increase the efficiency of dashboard. Moreover all project team members haveprojects and automate or accelerate internal the option to access the project data withworkflows? Accounting: Recorded and approved mobile applications. services and travel expenses are invoicedThen many reasons speak for and posted directly by the accountingProjectManagement based on department through a billing wizard.SAP Business One: Mobility: The Web Client and Mobile ProjectManagement caters for the entire Client enable you to access data irrespec- workflow of small and midsize profes- tive of location and time. sional services companies: from sales, purchasing, accounting and financials to Maintenance/Service: The system in- service and project management. cludes a Support Desk that allows record- ing maintenance cases. The handling in Business Partner Master Data: Informa- the Support Desk is documented both by tion on business partners is stored only the customer and the employees of the once in the system and is available to all service team. employees. Many master data are used automatically, for example in documents. Project Calculation: ProjectManagement helps you calculating and creating project "Our productivity is so much budgets. You can also compare real costs with budgets at any time. better that we could absorb 50 % more business without staffing Project Management: The solution up. And with all the new visibility, enables an effective planning of resources and resource pools with display of the we can increase our chances of available capacity and allows tracking the seizing the most profitable op- resource costs and the used resources. portunities." Service and Travel Expenses Entry: Jason Miceli, Project-related working hours and travel CFO and Senior Network Engineer, expenses can be captured in the system CSDNET Inc. via the Internet or per smartphone.
  2. 2. "Distances play no longer a role for us. With SAP Business One our processes mesh also beyond bor- ders and project objectives can be easily achieved." David Ploog, Managing Partner, m2p Consulting GmbHEfficient Project ManagementTransparent Calculation Approval of Hours, Items or Travel ExpensesWhen planning projects, ProjectManagement The project manager can decide which of thecalculates automatically in the background recorded services, items or travel expensesthe costs of the individual resources (employ- are approved for billing to the customer.ees hours and items). This eases the quotationcosting and allows you to quickly recognize Automated Project Accountingwhether your planning is within the budget After data approval a billing wizard assistsand thus whether the project is profitable. the accountant in invoicing and posting. ProjectManagement provides many differ-Simple Resource Planning ent accounting types, e.g. accounting at due resource planning with availability displayProjectManagement enables different forms date, recurrent accounting, accounting byof planning. You can, for example, plan milestones, at cost or at fixed price. The data isresources in the Gantt chart with the drag & transferred to the financial accounting at thedrop function. The display of the available push of a button and the system generatescapacity visualizes whether a resource is an open item for the customer. After the dataavailable at the requested time. has been checked by the accounting depart- ment, the travel expenses are paid to theProject-Related Service Entry employees with the next payment run.The project team members capture their proj-ect times in hours or by specifying the exact Cost Transparency at the Push of a Buttonstart and end time. If they have neither online The data on current or planned projects, suchnor offline access to the standard system, as planned and real costs and resources, is KPI Dashboardalso employees in the backoffice can record available at any time. ProjectManagementhours for these colleagues. Material costs provides freely configurable reports in the Maintenance with the Support Deskthat incurred for a project are assigned to the requested layout at the push of a button, You can manage requests to customer prod-particular project by the project manager. including degree of completion, breakeven ucts with the Support Desk. Your custom-The current project status, completed work analysis, project totals, employees hours, ers can record, prioritize and comment thepackages as well as the subjective degree of comparison of target and actual hours, requests online and both your employees andcompletion are documented in the system remaining volume and much more. Some the customer are able to document the work-by the project team members. This means all reports, like KPI are prepared graphically and ing steps. Service level agreements (SLA) en-project team members have always access are displayed as a dashboard. able you to define also reaction and solutionto up-to-date information and the project times relating to the project. The employeesmanager can update his planning according to Mobile Client: data access capture their working times for the servicesthe needs. independent of location and time which after the approval are invoiced per You have mobile access to all master data request or based on the handling time.Project-Related Travel Expenses Entry or you can access the data via Internet orThe project team members can also capture smartphone. Many function are available inproject-related travel expenses and account the Web Client, some of these functions arefor the expenses internally. The entry is very already accessible in the Mobile Client, sucheasy because the system includes already the as time sheet entry, document view, vacationallowances according to German law. approval and support ticket handling.
  3. 3. "We felt very comfortable with local SAP Business One channel partners Aztalan and MARINGO. Plus, with a solution underpinned by SAPs reputation and qualitiy certification, we felt that our future was in safe hands." Peter Bresseleers, Founder and CEO, INDEFFKey FunctionalityBusiness Partner Master Data Travel Expenses Accounting Mobile Client detailed information on business partners integrated expense accounting smartphone technology: IPhone, Android, all projects, sales orders, activities supports multiple currencies Symbian, Windows Mobile addresses and contactsProject Creation Project Approval project data assigning project manager and team authorization concept time sheet entry defining phase structure approval process for documents applications for leave messages in case of status changes filter and search criteria project approval document management distinction between performed and invoi- document approval optionally: integration of the document cable hours Support Desk management system ELO approval of hours, items and travel expenses commission with accruals Project AccountingProject Calculation billing wizard budget based on a selected resource different accounting types: e.g. service at sophisticated project budgeting with cost, phases etc. Use-Case Scenarios planning schema recurring invoices or batch billing e.g. for budgeting based on G/L accounts maintenance invoices ProjectManagement based on SAP multiple planning versions Business One is particularly suitable for approval of planning versions Project Analysis professional services companies with the sales quotation versions approx. 250 standard reports: e.g. balance following features: layout in the corporate business design, lists, service journals, breakeven analysis, easy-to-adapt degree of completion a) Midsize Business dispatch per email including attachments all reports are easy to adapt or to expand - 10 or more employees with Crystal Reports - 10 or more projects in parallelProject Planning export to Word and Excel or PDF - heterogeneous software landscape period planning, Gantt chart drill down functionality through the or- or older business solution, capacity planning ange arrow that impedes cost transparency and resource pool planning drill down analyses requires redundant data storage displays: available capacity/excess planning calculation of work in progress with - interest to grow and/or to react MS Project and MS Outlook interface posting in SAP Business One globally configuration of dynamic dashboards withServices and Travel Expenses Entry Crystal Dashboard Design b) Subsidiary of Major data entry by the employees or in the Organization backoffice Support Desk - 10 or more employees entry with start and end time web-based - 10 or more projects in parallel optionally: view of the planned tasks entry of support tickets by the customer - heterogeneous software landscape online entry of services with Web Client assigning support team members who are or older business solution, and Mobile Client responsible for the processing that impedes cost transparency and vacation approval procedures integrated time sheet entry requires redundant data storage service level agreements (SLA) - interest to simplify data exchange upload of images and documents with the parent company
  4. 4. Quick Facts MARINGO Computers Inc. 75 Broad Street, 21st Floor New York, New York 10004-2425 USA Phone : + 1 212 752 3552 Fax: + 1 212 974 8867 Email: http://www.maringo-usa.comProjectManagement based on SAP Business One Over 10,000 users in 26 countries Available in 11 languages Certified by SAP Industry Solution: business functions for professional services, many functions also available with mobile applications User-friendly: intuitive user interface, easy-to-learn Transparent: one view on the data, project analyses at the touch of a button Cost-efficient: clear license model, fast implementation in just a few weeks, complete system runs only on one server, live update Flexible: user-defined fields, authorization concept, Crystal Reports, Crystal Dashboard Design Comprehensive: The standard functions of professional services companies are supported. Time-saving: no multiple entries, automation for example in the invoicing Future-proof The software is permanently updated and adapted to the demands in the market, for example increased mobility.SAP Business One Software of the market leader for business management solutions SAP Business One is designed specifically for the needs of small and midsize businesses. The system is permanently developed and adapted to the market needs. More than 33,000 customers worldwideMARINGO Computers develops successfully business management solutions since more than 25 years is specialized on the ERP software SAP Business One has been repeatedly awarded SAP Channel and Development Partner since 2003 is SAP Gold Partner since 2006Your Benefits: More time: automated processes relieve employees from routine tasks Less errors: The data is stored centrally in a unique software and needs to be captured Status: January 2012 only once reducing the number of errors. © 2012 MARINGO Computers GmbH. All rights reserved. SAP, SAP Business One and other SAP products and services Solid ground for decision-making: Built-in analytics allow you to ascertain profitability mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany or the need for intervention at the touch of a button. and in several other countries all over the world. All other Partners near you: The system is supported by certified partners around the world who product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. Data contained in this document provide quick, competent and cost-effective support. serves informational purposes only. National product specifica- tions may vary. These materials are subject to change without notice. These materials are provided by MARINGO Computer GmbH for informational purposes only, without any represen-More information: tation of warranty of any kind, and SAP group and MARINGO Computers GmbH shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to the materials. The only warranties for SAP group and MARINGO Computers GmbH products and services are those that are set forth in the express warranty statements ac- companying such products and services, if any. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.