Gaming Enthusiast Infographic


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This infographic was created as part of a user profiling activity using segmentation data.

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Gaming Enthusiast Infographic

  1. 1. A Day in the Life of a Gaming Enthusiast Introduction This graph charts out the average week day in the life of a Gaming Enthusiast (GE) . We identify some of the key content viewing and gaming patterns and preferences of this segment broken down by different parts of the day. Key Insights Viewing television content on an HDTV is the ‘primary’ entertainment activity for a GE Most of the gaming done by a GE is during the mid-day just prior or during lunch While a GE may not have a set pattern on when s/he like to shop online, they often prefer to their product research in early part of the evening, just after work Day in life (sub activity) Content viewed Device used Location Primary Activity In te rn et o di TV In bedroo m Eating Morning r internet usage Othe TV HD mme ra og pr Sleeping ra on e th V t rne te in t v er put om c De sk t op Eating Gam in Mid-day g co so n ne magazi g a in ad ames Re ter g mpu Co Working e int ng i Stream e rn e amm gr o pr T Pur ch as in g id eo op pt La le Vid eo g ames Pur cha si ng on he t et rn te in video pro gram me sk re am in g i nte rnet top Working De Afternoon compute r HD TV St TV op Lapt o ide t v e rn te in in e TV HD Gaming con so le he internet on t ng si ha rc ogramme TV pr Pu St re am in g az mag a Reading Eating La pt op Early Evening G inath fo eri rm ng ati prod uct on Pur cha si ng TV ernet radio g console min Int Ga om ro ng i op Lapt eo Sleeping id Night Liv th et rn te in e e mm ra og pr TV HD TV Late evening/ on e int ng Streami Note: Data including insights and other qualitative and quantitative cues have been masked. transformation through integration: realize the full potential of your information r t ne v