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We are a next-generation market intelligence firm, specializing
in custom research, business intelligence, social media analysis, data
mining and advanced analytics.

As more consumers turn to blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other online forums to share opinions and product feedback, the need for sophisticated analysis of social media conversations increases.
While other social media reporting programs typically focus on marketing and public relations analytics, blueocean taps into real-time customer conversations to guide next generation product development and identify top customer issues.

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blueocean market intelligence social 360

  1. 1. social 360ºactivate innovation with social media listeningfacing the feedback dilemma analyze millions of conversations each day and provide actionable insights. We reach beyond standardYour customers are already talking about your products, but marketplace methods by using aare you making their voice count? The move to social media is listening framework that treatscontinues to be a top customer support trend: tools and metrics as a means“Self-sufficiency has become the name of the game. to an end, not the end of thePeople are able to create their own networks and process. The result is actionableecosystems built on social platforms where the sharing intelligence.of information between trusted ‘friends’ is paramount.” keeping it relevant“Social media is taking customer service by storm.” We understand why listening to the voice of the customer is“The ‘social support’ experience grows. Consumers now your vital objective. This led us to create our blended Socialtalk and bond directly with each other about products.” Media Listening Intelligence Program, which specifically identifies top customer experience themes in the globalAs more consumers turn to blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other conversations about our clients’ products and services. Eachonline forums to share opinions and product feedback, the week, our unique program brings actionable insights to ourneed for sophisticated analysis of social media conversations clients’ research, product development, and customer supportincreases. teams around the world.While other social media reporting programs typically focus By combining typical social media brand/campaign researchon marketing and public relations analytics, blueocean techniques with deeper content aggregation and trendtaps into real-time customer conversations to guide next analysis, we connect topics across the social media spectrumgeneration product development and identify top customer to produce a more holistic view of each issue discussed. Weissues. use data from high authority sources to show the depth and reach of the conversation, and then apply ranking criteria thatdiscovering our difference help teams prioritize and take action. By closely monitoring customer issues and feedback, we can help you impact resource allocation decisions in many ways:Most corporate social media reports simply provide numbers– mentions, sentiments and brand “health” units – to track • Identify emerging issues not captured elsewherecampaigns and general attitudes. There are many tools and • Recognize training development opportunitiesproviders/agencies that measure social media “buzz” (volume, • Guide product developmentviews, number of followers, etc). blueocean’s Social MediaListening Intelligence Program is different. We uniquely focuson identifying product quality and customer satisfaction issues making the roi connectionby mining social media conversations and summarizing topcontent themes. In the rush to implement social media monitoring programs, there is typically little emphasis on quantifying the actualWhile traditional social media measurement can be valuable impact of social media investment. That is why we track yourin many ways, it does not effectively tell the story of the return on investment to measure how social media listeningcustomer experience. We believe it is important to go beyond intelligence is impacting your bottom media analytic dashboards to provide intelligence that ismore relevant, actionable, and measurable. In some cases, “listening” early in a product cycle can also help you maintain market share by identifying potential problemsWe are not a tools company.We believe that tools aloneare insufficient. Our program “These reports are truly’ve combined the listeninguniquely combines tools, approach with editorial selection and quantifiable data. Listeningpeople, and process to mechanisms like this should be part of every product launch plan.”
  2. 2. before they get bigger. Results have shown our reports to be Taking advantage of alternating time zones, our team sharesa critical tool to alert product and support teams. Problems tasks and delivers reports quickly - within a day or twoin early test versions were solved before the product launch of searches, alerting you to early warnings and customer- directly impacting long-term company loyalty and overall problems. Our goal is to provide you with:revenue. • The right information (unbiased, actionable insights) • At the right time (tuned to the business lifecycle;setting your solution in motion quick turnaround) • From the right sources (no “noise,” just authoritativeDiscovery starts with analysis of top conversations across voices)social media channels. We dive deep into conversations tounderstand what will make the customer experience with We offer trending reports that specifically track top themesyour products better. When satisfaction is higher, so is your over time and provide meaningful recommendations, backedinvestment return. by evidence from across the entire social media spectrum. These custom trend reports present social media themesOur combined blueocean team of US-based and off-shore graphically - efficiently telling the story of key topics and theresearchers supply reports on a regular schedule (daily or numbers behind them. We also provide a text summary of theweekly, depending on the business lifecycle). We synthesize topic history. When reporting on a product performance issue,data from thousands of sources using a variety of social media we include a number of metrics to show the severity, plustools. Our program scans millions of documents daily, including recommendations on how to address customer complaints.content from blogs, news, forums, Twitter, social networks andYouTube. social listening and activation solution We believe in being at the forefront of social Our approach has five simple steps: media research. Many firms offer social media monitoring programs tuned to brand, LISTEN – Select the most important marketing, or public relations. Our focus is community conversations across all channels on product development and the customer experience. We help companies to: ANALYZE – Synthesize information into key themes to understand the who, what, where, • Identify emerging product issues before when, and why they grow • Understand areas of confusion or pain RECOMMEND – Identify improvement points opportunities that are fact-based and • Fine-tune training and online help content prioritized • Identify market gaps • Spark innovation ACTIVATE – Consult with product teams • Guide development of new products to move from insight to action • Reduce help line calls blueocean market intelligence is a next-generation market intelligence firm, specializing in custom research, business intelligence, social media analysis, and advanced modeling and analytics - all designed to capture a 360-degree perspective of consumers and customers, and deliver richer, more actionable insights. Contact us today to discuss how social listening can improve your product development and support processes: Alice Fawver | Partner - Director of Client Relations Phone: 602.441.2474 ext. 204 | Email: |