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Of Mice and Men - Letter from Curley's Wife - Framework
Of Mice and Men - Letter from Curley's Wife - Framework
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Of Mice and Men - Letter from Curley's Wife - Framework


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Guide to writing a letter from Curley's Wife

Guide to writing a letter from Curley's Wife

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Of Mice and Men – A letter from Curley’s wife to her mother. What do we know about Curley’s wife’s character? • She is lonely • She is bored • She feels capable of having a better life • Is she a smart character? • She dislikes her own husband • Why did she marry Curley? • Does she like the ranch? • How do the men treat her? • Is this treatment fair? • What are her dreams? • How does she feel about her dreams? • She speaks with a strong accent • She is attractive – and she knows it • She likes music • She wants to feel loved • She has a quick temper Task: Adopt the persona of Curley’s wife and write a letter to your mother. This is an opportunity to show how much you understand the character of Curley’s wife: write as much as you can; really try to get into the character and show what is important to her. Remember your mother may or may not have stolen the letter from the movie producer. Checklist What can you tell your mother about: • Your marriage to Curley? • Your life on the ranch? • Your loneliness? • How you came to be on the ranch – would you accuse your mother? • What you think about Curley and your marriage? • How you feel as the only woman on the ranch? • What you think about the three characters you meet in Crooks’s room? • What your hopes are for the future? Important: You must use the conventions of letter-writing and set your document out like a letter. Can you remember the name of the ranch? Which town is it near? How will you begin and end your letter?
  • 2. Curley’s Wife? Ava Gardner Sophia Lauren Rita Hayworth Mae West Greta Garbo Joan Crawford Marlene Dietrich Claudette Colbert Margaret Lockwood