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Embedding Quotations
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Embedding Quotations

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  • 1. How to EmbedHow to EmbedQuotationsQuotationsMister Connor’s ClassMister Connor’s Class
  • 2. Each piece of quotedEach piece of quotedmaterial in a paragraphmaterial in a paragraphmust have the contextmust have the contextand background for thatand background for thatquote.quote.
  • 3. Embedding quotationsEmbedding quotationscorrectly helps quotedcorrectly helps quotedmaterial flow naturallymaterial flow naturallyinto your paragraph.into your paragraph.
  • 4. Example:While traveling on a bus, theWhile traveling on a bus, theauthor isauthor is “H“Heart-filled, head-eart-filled, head-filled with glee”.filled with glee”.
  • 5. When written properly,When written properly,the reader should notthe reader should notbe able to hear wherebe able to hear wherethe quotation marksthe quotation marksare when the sentenceare when the sentenceis read aloud.is read aloud.
  • 6. A properly embeddedA properly embeddedquotation creates anquotation creates aninvisible link from theinvisible link from thebackgroundbackgroundinformation to theinformation to thequoted material.quoted material.
  • 7. Poor example:Poor example: This isThis isshown byshown by “And he was no“And he was nobit bigger”.bit bigger”.
  • 8. The last example does notThe last example does notmake sense when read aloud.make sense when read aloud.
  • 9. Better example:Better example: TheThewriter demonstrates this inwriter demonstrates this inchapter two by saying,chapter two by saying,“And he was no bit bigger”.“And he was no bit bigger”.
  • 10. You may need to miss outYou may need to miss outwords in your quote sowords in your quote sothat the sentence isthat the sentence isgrammatically correct.grammatically correct.
  • 11. When missing words out,When missing words out,replace them with “…”replace them with “…”
  • 12. Example:Example: George saysGeorge saysranch hands “are theranch hands “are theloneliest guys in theloneliest guys in theworld… they ain’t gotworld… they ain’t gotnothing to look ahead to.”nothing to look ahead to.”
  • 13. How to create a goodHow to create a goodtransition in atransition in aquotation:quotation:
  • 14. 1) give background1) give backgroundand context for theand context for thequote - what isquote - what ishappening, who ishappening, who isspeakingspeaking
  • 15. 2) only use the most2) only use the mostimportant part of theimportant part of thequote. Don’t go onquote. Don’t go onand on and on andand on and on andon…on…
  • 16. 3) read your sentence3) read your sentencealoud - can you “hear”aloud - can you “hear”the quotation marks?the quotation marks?You shouldn’t be ableYou shouldn’t be ableto.to.