Doctor Faustus Quotations


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Doctor Faustus Quotations

  1. 1. “Ay, go, accursed spirit, to ugly hell!/ „Tis "Till swoln with cunning of a self-conceit, thou hast damned distressed Fasutus‟ His waxen wings did mount above his soul” Faustus 2.3 reach, And melting, heavens conspired his “Scarce can I name salvation, faith or overthrow." Chorus 1.1 heaven/ But fearful echoes thunder in mine ears:/ Faustus, thou art damned!” Faustus 2.3 "Oh, what a world of profit and delight, Of power, of honour, of omnipotence,“What wonders have I done, all Germany Is promised to the studious artizan!" can witness, yea, all the world… The vain Faustus 1.1pleasure of four and twenty years” Faustus 5.2 "A sound magician is a demi-god. Here, tire my brains to get a deity." Faustus 1.1 “Ah, Mephistopheles!” Faustus 5.2 "Monarch of hell, under whose black survey Great potentates do kneel with awful fear,“Christ did call the thief upon the cross” Upon whose altars thousand souls do lie, Faustus 4.1 How am I vexed with these villains charms?" Meph. 3.4“Philosophy is odious and obscure;/ Both "Though thou hast now offended like alaw and physic are for petty wits;/ Divinity man, is the basest of the three” Faustus 1.1 Do not persever in it like a devil." Old Man – 5.1 “glut the longing of my heart‟s desire” Faustus 5.1 "Oh, thou art fairer than the evenings air, Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars." “Curst be the parents that engendered Faustus 5.2me!.. Curse Lucifer,/ That hath deprivedthee of the joys of heaven.” Faustus 5.2 "Cut is the branch that might have grown fullstraight, And burned is Apollos laurel bough,“Hell calls for right… Faustus will come to That sometime grew within this learned do thee right.” Faustus 5.1 man." Chorus Epilogue “shortly he was graced with doctor‟s “Gentlemen, away,/ lest you perish with name,/ Excelling all…” Chorus Prologue me.” Faustus 5.2 “Villain, have I not bound thee to tell me anything?” Faustus 2.3“What God can hurt thee, Faustus? Thou “Sweet Mephistopheles, entreat thy lord/ art safe” Faustus 2.1 To pardon my unjust presumption” Faustus 5.1 “thou hast attained the end./ A greater subject fitteth Faustus‟ wit” Faustus 1.1
  2. 2. “Ay, and Faustus will turn to God again./To God? He loves thee not.” Faustus 2.1“Oh, what will not I do to obtain his soul.” Meph“Think‟st thou that I, who saw the face of God/ And tasted the eternal joys of heaven,/ Am not tormented with ten thousand hells/ In being deprived of everlasting bliss?” Meph 1.3“I will be thy slave and wait on thee,/ And give thee more than thou hast wit to ask” Meph. F: “And what are you that live with Lucifer?”M: “Unhappy spirits that fell with Lucifer,/ Conspired against our god with Lucifer,/ And are for ever damned with Lucifer.” 1.3 “Within the bounds of these elements,/ Where we are tortured and remain for ever./ Hell hath no limits, nor is circumscribed/ In one self place, for where we are is Hell,/ And where Hell ismust we ever be./ And when all the world dissolves,/ And every creature shall bepurified,/ All places shall be hell that is not heaven.” Meph.