Using Social Email to Improve Enterprise Email Marketing Effectiveness


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If your company is looking at ways to shift budget from other marketing channels toward social media, be careful not to make either/or decisions that could adversely affect overall business success. Today's leading brands recognize that email marketing can act as an effective conduit to achieve better performance across traditional and emerging channels--especially social media. You will learn about why email is more important than ever in the growing social landscape. Walk away from this session with a better understanding of how to use email and social together to drive consumers through the customer lifecycle—from initial acquisition to a lifetime influencer.

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  • It’s not like we’re not trying things
  • Stuck in a rut
  • Looking for our voice?
  • Is social media where everyone hangs out
  • Using Social Email to Improve Enterprise Email Marketing Effectiveness

    1. 1. Ryan P. PhelanUsing Social Media to Improve Vice President, Strategic Services BlueHornetEmail Marketing Effectiveness @ryanpphelan
    2. 2. Industry Experience > Director, Email Marketing & Acquisition at Sears Holdings > Responsible for East Coast Operations at Responsys > Director, Email Marketing & Online Advertising at infoGROUP, Inc Thought Leadership > DM News: Email Gets Personal (Cover Story) > Keynote address – March 2012, EEC12 > Recent Article: Changing Consumer Perceptions of the Email Channel, Simms Jenkins - > Co-Chair of the EEC List Growth & Engagement Roundtable > Member of:Ryan PhelanVice President, Strategic Services Various Email Discussion Groups on:
    3. 3. AskQuestions!
    4. 4. Think…
    5. 5. AOL 1995 WHO remembers the good old days?
    6. 6. AOL 1995 WHO remembers the good old days?
    7. 7. Where are we today with Social Email?
    8. 8. I’m So Confused(and freaked out)
    9. 9. HomeDepot.comMinimal Placement instead ofsharing specific itemsJoin not share
    10. 10. 1-800-FlowersJoin not shareHallmark is all about happy, why notshare that?
    11. 11. A&FPlainBlandBoring
    12. 12. BananaRepublic.comCould easily share this discount
    13. 13. TargetLike not share
    14. 14. Macy’sI have never bought, I have rarelyopened
    15. 15. GillyFacebook votes are in?When did you ask me tovote?
    16. 16. Abercrombie & FitchDoes FB reviews matter?Why not website reviews?
    17. 17. Paula’s ChoiceWHOO-HOOOOO!Rationale for being on Facebook!
    18. 18. Social Media Programs> Promotion> Customer Service> Relationship
    19. 19. Goal: Let’s trysomething new!
    20. 20. Social Sharing Transactions
    21. 21. You don’t always know how excited someone is to purchase something> Great use of social “push” post purchase from website> Look to integrate this into transactional emails
    22. 22. Segmentation
    23. 23. How can you care about a customer if you don’t know them?All customers wantto be valued…allcustomers want tobe recognized
    24. 24. Automated Execution> Automated recognition of email behavior ‒ “Set it and forget it” trigger email messages ‒ Looks at email behavior so you have more time
    25. 25. Tiered system for graduated or differentiated reward> Customize the message ‒ The better the customer, the greater the reward ‒ Does not always need to be a discount ‒ Focus on engagement ‒ Try “Thank you”
    26. 26. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone…> Secret Rewards Program ‒ Want to avoid “gaming” the system ‒ Calls to action/Messaging should be relationship based ‒ Express thanks
    27. 27. Give Them Content, Not Just Discounts
    28. 28. Consumers don’t just want discounts….
    29. 29. This model is not sustainable
    30. 30. Why do you unsubscribe from emails? It’s not just our emails, it’s their entire inbox
    31. 31. Contextual Posting
    32. 32. All social media channelshave their own method –think about what you post
    33. 33. Social Media is not just Facebook & Twitter
    34. 34. Conclusion> Social Email is more than just the icon ‒ Let consumers choose what to share – include in transactional ‒ Use segmentation to increase your customers loyalty ‒ Make sure the context of what you are posting is channel specific ‒ Social Media is not just Facebook or Twitter
    35. 35. Questions?
    36. 36. Ryan PhelanVice President, Strategic Servicesryan@bluehornet.com619.295.1856 x36113Want to learn about email marketing? Follow me on Twitterand watch #emailmarketing! > @ryanpphelan @bluehornetemail